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I want to light the lights of patriotism.
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— Lech Walesa
When the great Tao is forgotten, goodness and piety appear. When the body's intelligence declines, cleverness and knowledge step forth. When there is no peace in the family, filial piety begins. When the country falls into chaos, patriotism is born.
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— Laozi
Unfortunately, religion, like patriotism, is easy to misuse for political purposes.
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— Kjell Magne Bondevik
American patriotism is generally something that amuses Europeans, I suppose because children look idiotic saluting the flag and because the constitution contains so many cracks through which the lawyers may creep.
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— Katharine Whitehorn
Religion, morality, and patriotism are feelings that are manifested only when they are outraged.
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— Karl Kraus
I defy anyone now to tell me about patriotism and what America stands for, while we've elected a man who ran on everything that's anathema to what people say that America stands for.
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— Jumaane Williams
Patriotism is the intelligent appreciation that one's own welfare is inseparably connected with the general welfare and that to prosper personally one must intelligently do his utmost to maintain the general prosperity.
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— Julius Sterling Morton
And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind is closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and do it gladly so.
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— Julius Caesar
The greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving dishonorably, foolishly, viciously.
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— Julian Barnes
At the bottom of all patriotism there is war: that is why I am no patriot.
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— Jules Renard
Patriotism should be sought for and will be found in right living. No man can be a good Latter-day Saint and not be true to the best interests and general welfare of his country.
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— Joseph Smith, Jr.
Patriotism is a passion which induces hot youth to rush forth to get shot and half shot, while sober, conservative age waves the flag and corrals the contracts.
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— Joseph Smith, Jr.
The flavor of patriotism depends upon its habitat.
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— Joseph Smith, Jr.
Let it be our endeavour, let it be our task, to keep alight the torch of imperial patriotism, to hold fast the affection and the confidence of our kinsmen across the seas; so that in every vicissitude of fortune the British Empire may present an unbroken front to all her foes, and may carry on even to distant ages the glorious traditions of the British flag.
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— Joseph Chamberlain
For a writer only one form of patriotism exists: his attitude toward language.
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— Joseph Brodsky
As to the state, from my point of view, the measure of a writer's patriotism is not oaths from a high platform, but how he writes in the language of the people among whom he lives .
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— Joseph Brodsky
Today one might be tempted to say that patriotism is the last refuge of the tribal religion dedicated to the worship of German, French, English and Russian Gods of Battles. Surely such a religion has nothing in common with the religion which counsels for the disciple non-resistance, unstinted forgiveness, and the elimination of all rancor?
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— Joseph Alexander Leighton
I wish to show those who deny us Patriotism that we know how to die for our country and convictions.
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— Jose Rizal
In my opinion, patriotism is liberty.
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— Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
There are others who aim at popularity under the disguise of patriotism
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— Jonathan Mayhew
Pop stars exist in a different space, one not necessarily tied to a patriotism. So Rihanna is everyone's. She doesn't just belong to America, even though she's a creation of America.
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— Jonas Carpignano
I love songs about horses, railroads, land, Judgment Day, family, hard times, whiskey, courtship, marriage, adultery, separation, murder, war, prison, rambling, damnation, home, salvation, death, pride, humor, piety, rebellion, patriotism, larceny, determination, tragedy, rowdiness, heartbreak and love. And Mother. And God.
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— Johnny Cash
My films are always concerned with family, friendship, honor, and patriotism.
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— John Woo
My heart beats red, white, and blue.And with patriotism it achesGenerally, I believe in democracy, freedom and civil rightsBut in particular, cupcakes
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— John Walter Bratton
In all her history, from the formation of the federal government until the hour of secession, no year stands out more prominently than the year 1858 as evidencing the national patriotism of Virginia.
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— John Sergeant Wise
Of the two great political parties which have divided the opinions and feelings of our country, the candid and the just will now admit that both have contributed splendid talents, spotless integrity, ardent patriotism, and disinterested sacrifices to the formation and administration of this Government, and that both have required a liberal indulgence for a portion of human infirmity and error.
— John Quincy Adams
My patriotism and my conscience required me to support it and to engage in the debate over whether and how to fight it.
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— John McCain
I didn't decide to run for president to start a national crusade for the political reforms I believed in, or to run a campaign as if it were some grand act of patriotism. In truth, I wanted to be president because it had become my ambition to be president.
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— John McCain
Populism is folkish, patriotism is not. One can be a patriot and a cosmopolitan. But a populist is inevitably a nationalist of sorts. Patriotism, too, is less racist than is populism. A patriot will not exclude a person of another nationality from the community where they have lived side by side and whom he has known for many years, but a populist will always remain suspicious of someone who does not seem to belong to his tribe.
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— John Lukacs
The greatest threat to mankind comes from the renunciation of individual scruple in favor of institutional denominators. . . . Real heroism lies, as it always will, not in conformity or even patriotism, but in acts of solitary moral courage. Which, come to think of it, is what we used to admire in our Christian savior
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— John le Carre
I was brought up in southwestern Ontario where we were taught that Canadian patriotism should not withstand anything more than a five-dollar-a-month wage differential. Anything more than that and you went to Detroit.
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— John Kenneth Galbraith
Whistleblowing constitutes a nice test case for the evaluation of loyalty. Loyalty also appears at the intersection of many major philosophical debates: general ones such as those between consequentialism and deontology, reason and feeling, virtue and principle, as well as more specific ones such as nationalism and patriotism, morality and obedience, particularism and universalism.
— John Kleinig
One of the real dangers of loyalty is that it may become associated with certain types of group-think, chauvinism, jingoism, and thus become socially destructive in ways that many other virtues are not likely to be when they are corrupted. Nationalism and patriotism are especially prone to misguided excess.
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— John Kleinig
Patriotism is not necessarily defined as blind devotion to a president's particular agenda - and that to dispute a presidential policy is not necessarily anti-American.
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— John Irving
Priests are no more necessary to religion than politicians are to patriotism.
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— John Haynes Holmes
Educators must resist the quest for certainty. If there were certainty there would be no scientific advancement. So it is with morals and patriotism.
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— John Goodlad
My family, before the divorce, moved several times, and after that we moved a whole bunch more times, and so I don't have an anchor to a single place. Probably as a result of that, I'm a little more attenuated to when people do feel close identification to place, whether they say it out aloud or not. I think that there's a sort of local patriotism that is deeper than national patriotism.
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— John Darnielle
Of all earthly blessings, I place Liberty in the first rank, and of course, consider the obligation to defend and preserve it, as the most sacred of all our civil and social duties... It is not in the power of any single, or few individuals to preserve liberty. It can only be effected by the people themselves; by their intelligence, virtue, courage, and patriotism.
— John C. Calhoun
Protection and patriotism are reciprocal.
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— John C. Calhoun
There is no patriotic obligation to help advance the career of a politician who is otherwise pursuing interests that are fundamentally antithetical to your values. That's not the call of patriotism.
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— John Bolton