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    patriotism Quotes

    We forget that there is much more patriotism in having the audacity to differ from the majority than in running before the crowd; we forget that in the resistance of the minority some of the biggest things in our own history have been accomplished, and the man who looks on the Stars and Stripes and doesn't hold a right to say nay to his neighbor, even if the neighbor is of the larger party, has forgotten the history of his country.
    tags: men star right running patriotism majority
    — Woodrow Wilson
    I am all kinds of a democrat, so far as I can discover but the root of the whole business is this, that I believe in the patriotism and energy and initiative of the average man.
    tags: men believe energy patriotism business
    — Woodrow Wilson
    There is no happiness without patriotism.
    tags: happiness patriotism
    — Wladyslaw Sikorski
    Actual patriotism has to do with loving a place enough to try and improve it.
    tags: loving patriotism
    — Win Butler
    Patriotism at the expense of another nation is as wicked as racism at the expense of another race. . . Let us resolve to be patriots always, nationalists never. Let us love our country, but pledge allegiance to the earth and to the flora and fauna and human life that it supports - one planet indivisible, with clean air,... soil and water; with liberty, justice and peace for all.
    tags: justice peace human earth racism patriotism liberty race patriot
    — William Sloane Coffin
    Patriotism varies, from a noble devotion to a moral lunacy.
    tags: patriotism morals noble
    — William Ralph Inge
    No patriotism is genuine that is merely partisan or provincial.
    tags: patriotism
    — William Rainey Harper
    Patriotism is the last refuge of the sculptor.
    tags: patriotism
    — William Plomer
    The army of Grant and the army of Lee are together. They are one now in faith, in hope, in fraternity, in purpose, and in an invincible patriotism. And, therefore, the country is in no danger. In justice strong, in peace secure, and in devotion to the flag all one.
    tags: justice peace strong danger faith patriotism hope
    — William McKinley
    Patriotism is an indispensable weapon in the defense of civilization against barbarism.
    tags: civilization patriotism
    — William Kristol
    If terror groups are to be defeated, it is national governments that will have to do so. In nations like India, governments will have to call on the patriotism of citizens to fight the terrorists. In a nation like Pakistan, the government will have to be persuaded to deal with those in their midst who are complicit.
    tags: fight government patriotism india
    — William Kristol
    The essence of patriotism lies in a willingness to sacrifice for one's country, just as true greatness finds expression, not in blessings enjoyed, but in good bestowed.
    tags: lies sacrifice greatness blessing true patriotism
    — William Jennings Bryan
    Patriotism is a mystery-intangible, invisible, and yet eternal.
    tags: patriotism
    — William Jennings Bryan
    It gives me the greatest pleasure to say, as I do from the bottom of my heart, that never in the history of the country, in any crisis and under any conditions, have our Jewish fellow citizens failed to live up to the highest standards of citizenship and patriotism.
    tags: heart live pleasure patriotism standard
    — William Howard Taft
    I have learned, by some experience, that virtue and patriotism, vice and selfishness, are found in all parties, and that they differ less in their motives than in the policies they pursue.
    — William H. Seward
    My patriotism is of the kind which is outraged by the notion that the United States never was a great nation until in a petty three months' campaign it knocked to pieces a poor, decrepit, bankrupt old state like Spain. To hold such an opinion as that is to abandon all American standards, to put shame and scorn on all that our ancestors tried to build up here, and to go over to the standards of which Spain is a representative.
    tags: shame poor opinion patriotism american standard
    — William Graham Sumner
    If love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses.
    tags: lost patriotism
    — William Blum
    Obama has been attacked repeatedly for not wearing a flag pin, with Republicans claiming that his patriotism is in question. It's all a bit silly.
    tags: questions patriotism
    — Will Thomas
    I shall accord to myself the honor of inscribing myself as an applicant for the American citizenship which according to law I can obtain only after five years residence in this country. And I shall yield to no one of my future countrymen in patriotism. I consider America now my real home.
    tags: future law real america patriotism american year honor
    — Wilhelm Steinitz
    We are here a nation, composed of the most heterogeneous elements-Protestants and Catholics, English, French, German, Irish, Scotch, every one, let it be remembered, with his traditions, with his prejudices. In each of these conflicting antagonistic elements, however, there is a common spot of patriotism, and the only true policy is that which reaches that common patriotism and makes it vibrate in all toward common ends and common aspirations.
    tags: true prejudice patriotism
    — Wilfrid Laurier
    Patriotism does not oblige us to acquiesce in the destruction of liberty. Patriotism obliges us to question it, at least.
    — Wendy Kaminer
    Be assured that, although men of eminent genius have been guilty of all other vices, none worthy of more than a secondary name has ever been a gamester. Either an excess of avarice or a deficiency of what, in physics, is called excitability, is the cause of it; neither of which can exist in the same bosom with genius, with patriotism, or with virtue.
    tags: men virtue patriotism genius physics
    — Walter Savage Landor
    It is not the reporter's job to be a patriot or to presume to determine where patriotism lies. His job is to relate the facts.
    tags: lies job facts patriotism patriot
    — Walter Cronkite
    We know that no one should tell a woman she has to bear an unwanted child. We know that religious beliefs cannot define patriotism.
    tags: belief children women child religious patriotism
    — Walter Cronkite
    Patriotism is considered to be an emotion a person ought to feel. But why? Why is it nobler to love your own country than to love someone else's?
    tags: people emotion patriotism
    — Wallace Shawn
    Patriotism takes the place of religion in France. In the service of la patrie, the doing of one's duty is elevated into the sphere of exalted emotion.
    tags: emotion service patriotism
    — W. C. Brownell
    Russia is an ancient country with historical, profound traditions and a very powerful moral foundation. And this foundation is a love for the Motherland and patriotism. Patriotism in the best sense of that word. Incidentally, I think that to a certain extent, to a significant extent, this is also attributable to the American people.
    — Vladimir Putin
    Unfortunately, our history has abundant examples of patriotism being used to hurt those who express views in disagreement with that of the majority.
    tags: hurt patriotism example majority
    — Vic Snyder
    Saving petrol is saving India's money. This is a sense of patriotism. The country can be energy-independent by energy conservation. I appeal to the other ministers also to do this.
    tags: energy patriotism india money
    — Veerappa Moily
    If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon's but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.
    — Ulysses S. Grant
    Let your holidays be associated with great public events, and they may be the life of patriotism as well as a source of relaxation and personal employment.
    tags: personal patriotism
    — Tryon Edwards
    I'm kind of perverse in that I think pessimism is helpful. My pessimism is my own kind of patriotism. My dissent.
    tags: patriotism
    — Tracy Letts
    If military movies were automatically successful we'd make nothing but military movies. But seriously, patriotism is one thing that all Americans have in common.
    — Tommy Lee Jones
    I think English film is very embarrassed by patriotism, generally.
    tags: film patriotism
    — Tom Hooper
    In "The King's Speech," patriotism is utterly contained within a historical moment, the third of September, 1939, where the aggressor is clear, the fight is clear, it hasn't become complicated over time.
    tags: time moment fight patriotism historical
    — Tom Hooper
    America has lost an icon. Ronald Reagan's leadership will inspire Americans for generations to come. His patriotism and devotion to our country will never be forgotten.
    tags: lost america patriotism leadership inspire american
    — Tom Daschle
    Some versions of patriotism come close to the tribal, which we all want to surpass, and some don't.
    tags: patriotism
    — Todd Gitlin
    The mobilisation which Bush has been able to perform since 11 September 2001 has to be fought - at least by Americans - in the name of a wise, honourable and democratic patriotism.
    tags: patriotism wise american
    — Todd Gitlin
    There is a fuzzy but real distinction that can and I believe should be made, between patriotism, which is attachment to a way of life, and nationalism, which is the insistence that your way of life deserves to rule over other ways of life.
    tags: believe real rules patriotism
    — Todd Gitlin
    So as far as leadership and patriotism goes, I think it's really important that those things have to take place. And I think he's the best Democratic candidate we've had since Bill Clinton. And that's coming from a Democrat.
    tags: patriotism leadership
    — Toby Keith
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