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    parent Quotes

    When I look in the mirror I see my parents' sacrifices being honored. I see the love from which I was created and the power of the human spirit.
    — Zulay Henao
    True love that lasts forever... yes, I do believe in it. My parents have been married for 40 years and my grandparents were married for 70 years. I come from a long line of true loves.
    — Zooey Deschanel
    tags: believe  forever  true  parent  year 
    I wanted to be a child actor so bad that every day I'd beg my parents if I could audition, but my mom said, 'Not until you can drive yourself to auditions.'
    — Zooey Deschanel
    tags: children  child  bad  parent 
    My parents are supportive of anything I want to do, as long as it's not bad.
    — Zoey Deutch
    tags: bad  parent 
    What we love, we protect. This story will delight children and parents alike, who care for what they love.
    — Zoe Weil
    tags: children  child  care  stories  parent 
    My parents have always been very open.
    — Zoe Lister-Jones
    tags: parent 
    I grew up in a financially insecure place because I knew that my parents were following their dreams which has pros and cons. It was actually my mom who encouraged me to go to acting school because I was really afraid to put all my eggs in that basket.
    — Zoe Lister-Jones
    tags: school  dreams  parent  afraid 
    The thing that my parents have always taught me is that beauty comes from the inside, and also that beauty stems from health.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    tags: beauty  health  parent 
    I'm lucky having parents that have been in show business for a while and they don't care about the shiny stuff so much. They raised me in that way - to stay grounded, not to chase the shiny pretty things. I stay in the moment, because when you do that the hype goes away.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    tags: moment  care  business  parent 
    My parents [father Lenny Kravitz and Bonet] did exactly what they wanted and didn't let anyone tell them not to. Now, as women, we need to continue to do that. Especially in the age of social media, when everyone has an opinion and it's so easy to be influenced.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    tags: women  age  opinion  media  parent 
    My style is very inspired by both my parents, so we all have the same taste.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    tags: parent 
    I always wrote. My parents are writers. It just seemed like something people did.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: people  parent 
    There are people a lot smarter than me investigating nature versus nurture who would have a lot to say about that, but I think it's an enormous privilege to be born into a family where my parents had enough time to read to me and listen to my stories and foster my imagination. It's a privilege to have time to investigate your imagination. And not to have, like, an amount of stress on you as a kid that prevents you from maturing creatively.
    — Zoe Kazan
    I was 14, when I wanted to be an actor. My parents were basically like, "This is a very hard life, and you have to be really serious about it, and show us that you're serious about it. You can't drop out of school." They strongly encouraged me not to act professionally until I finished college, which I didn't. And I think they should have been horrified! It's a really hard life. I'd be really scared if I had a child who wanted to be an actor.
    — Zoe Kazan
    There are certain people in whom you can detect the seeds of madness - seeds that have remained dormant only because the people in question have lived relatively comfortable, middle class lives. They function perfectly well in the world, but you can imagine, given a nasty parent, or a prolonged bout of unemployment, how their potential for craziness might have been realized.
    — Zoë Heller
    I think parents today are looking for meaningful things for their kid. It's about feeding them something with meaning.
    — Ziggy Marley
    tags: meaning  parent  kids 
    It's very important that we instill some respect for the parents. In America especially, the kids are unruly, screaming at mommy and daddy, running the show.
    — Ziggy Marley
    Growing up, music was an important part of my childhood. I see it being just as important in my children and all children's growth and development, and in a parent's connection with their children.
    — Ziggy Marley
    Whereas children can learn from their interactions with their parents how to get along in one sort of social hierarchy-that of the family-it is from their interactions with peers that they can best learn how to survive among equals in a wide range of social situations.
    — Zick Rubin
    tags: children  child  learn  parent 
    Friends serve central functions for children that parents do not, and they play a critical role in shaping children's social skills and their sense of identity. . . . The difference between a child with close friendships and a child who wants to make friends but is unable to can be the difference between a child who is happy and a child who is distressed in one large area of life.
    — Zick Rubin
    The mathematical tilt remains basic to my epistemological perspective, my howling plea in the still of night for epistemic humility. Mathematics gave me that as, also, did the difficulty I had in talking to my parents. How proofs are conceived is unfathomable. Clearly, there are certain conditions in which the revelation takes place.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    I had a tough childhood, yes. I was born in rural Bangladesh to parents who had had no education beyond high school. We moved to the UK where I grew up in poverty, in some of the worst conditions in a developed economy, before moving to the projects - heaven - and I went to unremarkable schools before going to university. My father was a bus conductor first and then a waiter, and my mother a seamstress.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    To use what has a boundary to pursue what is limitless is dangerous; with this knowledge, if we still go after knowledge, we will run into trouble. Do not do what is good in order to gain praise. If you do what is bad be sure to avoid the punishment. Follow the Middle Course, for this is the way to keep yourself together, to sustain your life, to care for your parents and to live for many years.
    — Zhuangzi
    tags: live  care  bad  praise  parent  year  punishment 
    I have an idea I want to test, for combining old peoples homes and orphanages. Old people are lonely without children, children are lonely without parents. Why not bring them together?
    — Zhou Xun
    tags: children  people  child  ideas  parent 
    My parents sent me to a dance class, so it was a road chosen by them, not me. But I enjoyed it so much I knew I would become a performer.
    — Zhang Ziyi
    tags: dance  parent 
    I've always dressed myself, even when I was younger. My parents didn't pick out my clothes or anything. They let me do that, which I think is an important thing because it allows for kids to experiment and figure out what they like, even at a young age.
    — Zendaya
    tags: young  age  parent  kids 
    I was actually supposed to be a basketball player, not an actress. My parents had me playing basketball on competitive teams when I was in kindergarten. Even though my heart belongs to the arts, I'm a tomboy at heart, too.
    — Zendaya
    tags: heart  parent 
    Our parents are obviously proud, but they're still trying to get used to the fact that we're in a band. I have a feeling my mom would actually like One Direction if I wasn't in it!
    — Zayn Malik
    tags: facts  parent 
    I had phenomenal parents. They kept me very grounded, and I lived a normal life.
    — Zachery Ty Bryan
    tags: parent 
    Parents need to teach their children principles of respect and acceptance.
    — Zachary Quinto
    Because these kids get away from their parents, and they binge drink until they are sick. Dozens of them are going to the hospital, and some of them dying. This is a problem, a big problem that needs to be addressed, and we need accurate information.
    — Zach Wamp
    tags: problem  dying  parent  kids 
    The sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effect on the content of my character.
    — Zach Wahls
    tags: character  sexual  parent 
    The Ice Nation is a pretty brutal place. They breed war heroes. The relationship between mother and child, in that world, is a little bit different than it is in our own society. But, no one really likes being a disappointment to their parents and their family.
    — Zach McGowan
    I once fisted two babies and then used the corpses as boxing gloves to fight off the grieving parents.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: fight  parent 
    So, yeah, I mean, there is something universal about that feeling - that 20-something, what the hell am I going to do with my life, I'm lost and my parents are freaking me out, and what's the point? Every generation has a way of making that unique, but there are certain universals of that feeling.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: hell  lost  parent 
    I've never had much sympathy for orphans, I mean, when I was their age I would have killed to have no parents to make me clean my room and stuff
    — Zach Braff
    tags: age  parent 
    I have a great relationship with my parents. I have not been on lithium.
    — Zach Braff
    During the sixties, all the risk-type sports were very popular, because everybody was rebelling against their parents, or rebelling against the whole system. But those days are over. This is the day of conservatism.
    — Yvon Chouinard
    tags: parent 
    I'm not a role model. I say parents should parent and monitor their kids.
    — Yul Vazquez
    tags: parent  kids 
    Your parents will die before you do, so you'd better make your own life decisions. Your own choices are always good if you know yourself - especially in art, because whenever you do something new, everyone will be against you.
    — Yoshitaka Amano
    tags: choice  decision  die  parent 
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