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Things that happen along the way determine the final result. I think the pain and suffering I went through in the past... lead me here today.
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— Lee Dong-wook
We find worth in jobs, money, & performance so we can hide how worthless we feel inside. Acknowledge the pain to be healed.
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— LeCrae
Suppressing your hurts is like not tending to a bullet wound. Eventually you will bleed out. Dont numb pain, express it.
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— LeCrae
Maybe my pain was my motivation.
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— LeBron James
There's no way to explain, but all the pleasure is worth all the pain.
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— LeAnn Rimes
Janis Joplin is definitely one of my biggest influences. She taught me how to feel music, and I don't think there's anyone like her that could bring such pain and emotion to a song.
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— LeAnn Rimes
The one thing I find the least romantic is taking a horse and carriage ride. I can't express enough how unhappy these horses are and how much pain and suffering they go through each day. Please do not ride [in horse-drawn carriages]. Take a beautiful walk together with your loved ones instead of bringing more pain to these beautiful animals.
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— Lea Michele
I'm not using drugs to get high like many people think. I know I made a big mistake when I started using this sh-. It's a very difficult thing to explain. My liver is not functioning and I'm throwing up all the time and shitting my pants. The pain is more than you can handle. It's the worst pain in the world. Dope sick hurts the entire body.
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— Layne Staley
I don't think any drug that can cause brain damage, failing kidneys, hardening arteries, pain, and suffering should be made available.
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— Layne Staley
I learned dancing because I loved dancing. It took away the pain, it took away everything, I was happy when I was dancing. I got a lot of respect when I was dancing: people respected my art, they didn't only respect my body.
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— Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
Art-the meaning of the pattern of our common actions in reality. The cloth-of-gold that hides behind the sackcloth of reality, forced out by the pain of human memory.
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— Lawrence Durrell
There is no pain compared to that of loving a woman who makes her body accessible to one and yet who is incapable of delivering her true self - because she does not know where to find it.
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— Lawrence Durrell
And, as long as you can make yourself go on choosing the pain over the relief, you can keep going.
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— Lawrence Block
The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it.
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— Laurie Holden
I didn't really understand that Vipassana is a relatively new form of Buddhism that was based on the storage of pain. So the idea is that every time you don't scream, that's your Buddhist side.
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— Laurie Anderson
The history of a soldier's wound beguiles the pain of it.
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— Laurence Sterne
Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other; and he only who knows how to accommodate himself to their returns, and can wisely extract the good from the evil, knows how to live.
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— Laurence Sterne
I am persuaded ... that both man and woman bear pain or sorrow, (and, for aught I know, pleasure too) best in a horizontal position.
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— Laurence Sterne
When the heart flies out before the understanding, it saves the judgment a world of pains.
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— Laurence Sterne
Mistrust is the fuel for so much mental pain, so many mental disorders. I am not talking here about the suspicions we sometimes have of one another, the distant but lurking sense that perhaps our lover lies to us, our best friend whispers behind our back. I am talking about a belief that betrayal inundates the atoms of the universe, is so woven into the workings of the world that every step is treacherous, and that below the rich mud lies a mine.
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— Lauren Slater
Positive action generates positive thinking, not the other way around. Positive action is a choice, one that can be challenging, especially for people who've experienced much suffering and pain in their lives - but it's still a choice.
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— Lauren Mackler
Had God created Love to make pain feel even worse?
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— Lauren Kate
I've already had to wait so long." "How long?" Luce asked. "Not so long that I've forgotten that you're worth everything. Every sacrifice. Every pain.
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— Lauren Kate
She felt free of everything that weighted her down on Earth. Free of danger, free of any pain she'd ever felt. Free of gravity.And so in love.
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— Lauren Kate
Childhood is such a delicate tissue; what they had done this morning could snag somewhere in the little ones, make a dull, small pain that will circle back again and again, and hurt them in small ways for the rest of their lives.
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— Lauren Groff
Even still, we run. We have not reached our average of 57.92 years without knowing that you run through it, and it hurts and you run through it some more, and if it hurts worse, you run through it even more, and when you finish, you will have broken through. In the end, when you are done, and stretching, and your heartbeat slows, and your sweat dries, if you've run through the hard part, you will remember no pain.
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— Lauren Groff
Sometimes we push ourselves. We take a workout and we use it as a way to crack open our shell, let the pain rush in and push out the stagnant wounds of the heart. Sometimes a workout sets you free.
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— Lauren Fleshman
A party in the orange grove. The pain on Linden's face is immediate. I am unwavering. He has cost me more pain than I will ever be able to repay.
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— Lauren DeStefano
There is warmth shooting through my broken body where there should be pain, and I put my arms around the back of his neck and I hold on to him. I hold on because you never know in this place when something good will be taken away.
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— Lauren DeStefano
What most women live in, is fear of the next contraction, or they're reliving the pain of the one they just had. And nature really builds in these breaks, if you can be in the present and not feel the pain and not sort of anticipate the pain to come.
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— Lauren Bowles
Even in the most grieving of losses, or whatever sort of pain you're sitting in, we can bear it.
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— Lauren Bowles
Everything is mediated. Everything is influenced by its maker. And happily, right? I'm so happy everyone leaves fingerprints on things whether they like it or not. Fingerprints solve crimes. They're profound. They're your best and worst friend and you were born with them and you can't get away from them without a lot of pain and sandpaper.
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— Laurel Nakadate
All moments of joy include an element of happiness. But not all moments of happiness include joy. Happiness often comes from drive reduction-avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure for pleasure's sake. The essence of joy, on the other hand, is spirit.
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— Laurel Mellin
A personal offense is like a scratch on a phonograph record. I couldn't move my thoughts beyond my pain. It kept repeating, as if I were stuck within its grooves. There was only one way to play beyond it. I had to forgive them, so my heart could take its form again.
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— Laurel Lea
Self-esteem must be earned! When you dare to dream, dare to follow that dream, dare to suffer through the pain, sacrifice, self-doubts, and friction from the world, you will genuinely impress yourself.
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— Laura Schlessinger
There is no such thing in life as no pain and no disappointment.
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— Laura Schlessinger
Too many people make the past their identity and spend the rest of their lives accumulating sympathy for their past pain.
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— Laura Schlessinger
Never become too busy for your brother or your sister. For when your parents die, it is your hearts alone that will realize how the joys and pains of family have shaped your lives.
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— Laura Ramirez
Love is like a lighthouse, a beacon in the dark. When you lose the path that lights your way, you feel that you have died, but I assure you, you have not. You are reaching out for help or you would not have found this page. So red these quotations, allow yourself to feel your pain and cry out your loss and anguish. As you let it go, you will find the strength and courage to put your relationship in perspective and move on.
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— Laura Ramirez
Deeply in love with you, I feel the keen pain of your absence.
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— Laura Ramirez