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    oneself Quotes

    Some important ideas from the book of early Christians which is called Philokalia: From Spiritual Directions of Diadochus of Photiki The acme of faith is... immersion of the mind in God. The acme of freedom from wealth is to desire to be possessionless even as others desire to possess. The acme of humbleness is to forget unfalteringly good deeds of oneself. The acme of love is to enhance your friendly attitude to those who insult and revile you.
    — Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov
    The acme of humbleness is to forget unfalteringly good deeds of oneself.
    — Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov
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    Art has to be severe. It cannot be commercial. It cannot be for the producer or even for the public. It has to be for oneself.
    — Vittorio De Sica
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    In a time when everybody is talking about finding oneself, how do you find yourself? I wanted to do it as literally as possible. How do I prove that I'm concentrating on myself? I prove it by doing something physical. I can bite myself. I can burn the hair off my chest. The goal? Yes, I have a body. I have this thing that people call the self. Maybe I can change the self.
    — Vito Acconci
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    all the small squalors of the body, known only to oneself, insignificant in youth, easily dismissed, in old age became dominant and entered into fulfilment of the tyranny they had always threatened.
    — Vita Sackville-West
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    For a driver to be driven by somebody else is an ordeal, for there are only three types of drivers: the too fast, the timid and oneself.
    — Virginia Graham
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    Suicide is unspeakable, and to speak it is somehow to bring it into a human, imaginable sphere, even if only in the moment of speaking. The need to tell is both a need to tell oneself and a need to be heard.... Telling and being heard are the first steps toward reconnection.
    — Victoria Alexander
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    To be enlightened is to know oneself and not run away.
    — Veronique Vienne
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    Healing fails to occur because it is much easier to injure another than to heal oneself.
    — Vernon Howard
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    All human suffering springs from unbridled desire. Unless one extricates oneself from the clutch of greed, one will not free himself from the fetters of sorrow.
    — Velupillai Prabhakaran
    According to Ayurvedic principles, by understanding oneself, by identifying one's own constitution, and by recognizing sources of doshic aggravation, one can not only follow the proper guidelines to cleanse, purify, and prevent disease, but also uplift oneself into a realm of awareness previously unknown.
    — Vasant Lad
    Humility is not thinking meanly of oneself, but rather it means not thinking of oneself at all.
    — Vance Havner
    I think its important for one to take a certain distance from oneself.
    — Vaclav Havel
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    The attempt to devote oneself to literature alone is a most deceptive thing, and ... often, paradoxically, it is literature that suffers for it.
    — Vaclav Havel
    In the old days people never bothered about what others did, so long as they were free to do what they liked themselves. Today, one cannot sneeze without being corrected, let alone enjoy oneself. That's what politics have done to our society
    — Tunku Abdul Rahman
    We were looking at weather and our relationships with weather. It goes to a few other places, and I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't go into it, but it's about a willingness to expose oneself a little bit more and share something openly and honestly. It's more than just landing tricks. Moving forward, this is just another stepping stone.
    — Travis Rice
    ...Attempts at imitation would put the emphasis where it didn't belong. The goal was to improve the lives of others, not oneself.
    — Tracy Kidder
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    One has to discover everything for oneself. And get over it all alone.
    — Tove Jansson
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    There is a time and a place for things. Sometimes one needs to put a filter on oneself. That can be a good thing.
    — Tori Amos
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    The quality of one's life is directly related to the quality of questions one asks oneself.
    — Tony Robbins
    Love, it seems to me, is that condition in which one is most contentedly oneself.
    — Tony Judt
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    One shouldnt ask oneself how a person flies or why, but simply start flying.
    — Tomas Eloy Martinez
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    One has the responsibility to oneself, to the writer, director and the people who put up the money, to put out the best of what one has experienced and understood about the human condition as it relates to the role one has been hired to portray.
    — Tom Skerritt
    The goal of this generation's pioneers should be to restrict procreation and limit consumption. They should also take every opportunity to make themselves happy, realizing that the key to self-generated happiness (the only reliable kind) is the refusal to take oneself too seriously.
    — Tom Robbins
    Spending on oneself does not boost wellbeing. However, spending money on others does - and it appears to be as important to people's happiness as the total amount of money they make.
    — Tom Rath
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    A man who denies his past is a man who truly denies himself a future, for he refuses to know himself, and to deny knowledge of oneself is to stumble through life as handicapped as the blind mute.
    — Tobsha Learner
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    Weakness for wealth and for collecting and owning things of different kinds; the urge for physical (sensuous) enjoyment; the longing for honour, which is the root of envy; the desire to conquer and be the deciding factor; pride in the glory of power; the urge to adorn oneself and to be liked; the craving for praise; concern and anxiety for physical well-being. All these are of the world; they combine deceitfully to hold us in heavy bonds.
    — Tito Colliander
    Ironman distance triathlons are a true test of oneself as a whole. Each race is a test of physical, mental and spiritual toughness that I haven't found in any other type of racing. At the end of the day, challenging myself on all levels is what it's about for me.
    — Timothy O'Donnell
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    To think the world therefore a general Bedlam, or place of madmen, and oneself a physician, is the most necessary point of present wisdom: an important imagination, and the way to happiness.
    — Thomas Traherne
    To include freedom in the very definition of democracy is to define a process not by its actual characteristics as a process but by its hoped for results. This is not only intellectually invalid, it is, in practical terms, blinding oneself in advance to some of the unwanted consequences of the process.
    — Thomas Sowell
    May we give as the Savior gave. To give of oneself is a holy gift. We give as a remembrance of all the Savior has given.
    — Thomas S. Monson
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    Altruism itself depends on a recognition of the reality of other persons, and on the equivalent capacity to regard oneself as merely one individual among many.
    — Thomas Nagel
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    Speaking as a phenomenologist, it seems to me that a considerable portion of mind wandering actually is "mental avoidance behaviour", an attempt to cope with adverse internal stimuli or to protect oneself from a deeper processing of information that threatens self-esteem.
    — Thomas Metzinger
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    One of the interesting characteristics of the Ego Tunnel is that it creates (as Finnish philosopher Antti Revonsuo called it) a robust "out-of-the brain experience", a highly realistic experience of not operating on internal models, but of effortlessly being in direct and immediate contact with the external world - and oneself.
    — Thomas Metzinger
    The notion of a conscious model of oneself as an individual entity actively trying to establish epistemic relations to the world and to oneself, I think, comes very close to what we traditionally mean by notions like "subjectivity".
    — Thomas Metzinger
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    There is only one real misfortune: to forfeit one's own good opinion of oneself. Lose your complacency, once betray your own self-contempt and the world will unhesitatingly endorse it.
    — Thomas Mann
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    If one completes the journey to one's own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else.
    — Thomas Keating
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    Friendship involves many things but, above all the power of going outside oneself and appreciating what is noble and loving in another.
    — Thomas Huxley
    Life is too short to occupy oneself with the slaying of the slain more than once.
    — Thomas Huxley
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    What becomes fascinating is the way the culture industry doesn't deny it and doesn't try to mitigate it, but tries to sell its products as a way of liberating oneself.
    — Thomas Frank
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