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The mists of nostalgia color memory.
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— Ken Tucker
World War II is smothered in sentimentality and nostalgia. What's interesting about Vietnam is that sentimentality is just not there, so you're given kind of a clean access to it in one way. It's also a war that represents a failure for the United States. Many people came back feeling like they never wanted to talk about it again. And so we developed a national amnesia.
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— Ken Burns
I think - I don't know, maybe it's nostalgia. But the choice, losing the choice to be able to use film is going to be - it's gone. It's going to be gone.
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— Keanu Reeves
At times, my nostalgia for our family life as it used to be-for our own imperfect, cherished, irretrievable past-is nearly overwhelming.
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— Katrina Kenison
Journeys end in lovers' meeting.' ... But the real journey - the journey of adventure itself - is frequently another matter: often gray, often loverless, often demanding from the secret soul of the adventurer spirit and inspiration, lest the blood turn cold in sick dismay, and the brain cloud under its weight of nostalgia.
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— Katherine Cecil Thurston
Certain scents can evoke so much feeling, nostalgia, and trigger beautiful memories.
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— Kat Von D
My real desire is to see people live in the modus of our time, to participate in the contemporary world, to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals, meaningless kitsch, and that we be conscious and sensorially attuned to this world in this moment that we are alive.
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— Karim Rashid
I'm not the sort to wallow in nostalgia about the good old days.
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— Kabir Bedi
Though why should we expect age to mellow us? If it isn't life's business to reward merit, why should it be life's business to give us warm comfortable feelings towards its end? What possible evolutionary purpose could nostalgia serve?
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— Julian Barnes
Sharp nostalgia, infinite and terrible, for what I already possess.
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— Juan Ramon Jimenez
The urban man is an uprooted tree, he can put out leaves, flowers and grow fruit but what a nostalgia his leaf, flower, and fruit will always have for mother earth!
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— Juan Ramon Jimenez
I kicked college nostalgia in my late 20s. As much as I loved college and treasure the memories, I no longer want to go back.
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— Josh Radnor
No nostalgia runs deeper than that for something one has never known and now cannot obtain.
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— Joseph Epstein
After having exhausted all the arguments on behalf of evil, one utters the creed's dictums with nostalgia rather than with fervor.
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— Joseph Brodsky
Comics? Honestly, that's more a matter of nostalgia for me. I think most of that energy has gone to my love of literature and my love of film.
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— Jonathan Lethem
People look back on those days through a thick veil of nostalgia, but life was hard if you were anything other than a rich, powerful white male
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— Jon Hamm
I think that all human systems require continuous renewal. They rigidify. They get stuff in the joints. They forget what they cared about. The forces against it are nostalgia and the enormous appeal of having things the way they always have been, appeals to a supposedly happy past. But we've got to move on.
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— John W. Gardner
There is definitely a nostalgia, and I am very sentimental, so I don't begrudge people for having sentimental feelings towards vinyl.
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— John Vanderslice
This was nostalgia in the literal Greek sense: the pain of not being able to return to one's home and family.
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— John Thorn
Nostalgia isn't a business model
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— John Naughton
Nostalgia combines regularly with manifest respectability to give credence to old error as opposed to new truth.
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— John Kenneth Galbraith
Love with its paraphernalia of sexuality, jealousy, nostalgia and exaltation was easier to reognize than friendship, which seemed to have (excepting athletic equipment) no paraphernalia at all.
— John Cheever
There's a lot of landscape I never would have described if I hadn't been homesick. The impulse was nostalgia.
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— Joan Didion
My dread is for my show to be a nostalgia act. So the key to it is how do we keep it fresh?
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— Joan Baez
A lot of people do that kind of nostalgia stuff believing that they were very happy in their teenage years, but that's probably just an illusion.
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— Jo Brand
There will be a Led Zeppelin as long as there's a Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant. This isn't a nostalgia band playing the hits forever. If anything ever happened and somebody left - which I really can't see happening - I don't think we'd bother to carry on. The magic for me is as it is now.
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— Jimmy Page
History is the art of making an argument about the past by telling a story accountable to evidence. In the writing of history, a story without an argument fades into antiquarianism; an argument without a story risks pedantry. Writing history requires empathy, inquiry, and debate. It requires forswearing condescension, cant, and nostalgia. The past isn't quaint. Much of it, in fact, is bleak.
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— Jill Lepore
The end of anything is not fun because there's a nostalgia to it and everything else. Even the end of a bad relationship can feel so, so, so sad.
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— Jessica Capshaw
Nostalgia is also a trait of the organizations that I call lodges - everything from corporate cultures to religious sects. Their bonding power often exceeds loyalty to family or country because they create intimacy through shared ideals and beliefs, ceremonies, stories, and legends, and depend on it for their survival. The message is clear: Don't question what we're doing. Just appreciate how long we've been doing it.
— Jennifer James
He remembered his mentor, Lou Kline, telling him in the nineties that rock and roll had peaked at Monterey Pop. They'd been in Lou's house in LA with its waterfalls, the pretty girls Lou always had, his car collection out front, and Bennie had looked into his idol's famous face and thought, You're finished. Nostalgia was the end - everyone knew that.
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— Jennifer Egan
If someone wants to run a campaign about '90s nostalgia, it's not going to be very successful.
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— Jeb Bush
My life is very exciting now. Nostalgia for what? It's like climbing a staircase. I'm on the top of the staircase, I look behind and see the steps. That's where I was. We're here right now. Tomorrow, we'll be someplace else. So why nostalgia?
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— Jeanne Moreau
I am a woman with absolutely no sense of nostalgia.
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— Jeanne Moreau
Nostalgia is when you want things to stay the same. I know so many people staying in the same place.
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— Jeanne Moreau
When the real is no longer what it used to be, nostalgia assumes its full meaning.
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— Jean Baudrillard
We are all hostages, and we are all terrorists. This circuit has replaced that other one of masters and slaves, the dominating and the dominated, the exploiters and the exploited. It is worse than the one it replaces, but at least it liberates us from liberal nostalgia and the ruses of history.
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— Jean Baudrillard
Everyone is entitled to his own nostalgia.
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— James Wolcott
Since the attack on the United States on September 11 2001, and the US retaliation in Afghanistan and Iraq, there must be few people who have not felt a twinge of nostalgia for the cold war.
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— James Buchan
It is to have a compulsive, repetitive, and nostalgic desire for the archive, an irrepressible desire to return to the origin, a homesickness, a nostalgia for the return to the most archaic place of absolute commencement
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— Jacques Derrida
Nostalgia is one of the legitimate and certainly one of the most enduring of human emotions; but the politics of nostalgia is at best distracting, at worst pernicious.
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— Irving Kristol