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Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility; and yet it is a noble and glorious challenge - a challenge which calls for the courage to dream, the courage to believe, the courage to dare, the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve - to achieve the highest excellencies and the fullest greatness of man. Dare we ask for more in life?
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— Kwame Nkrumah
Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.
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— Khalil Gibran
From a sensitive woman's heart springs the happiness of mankind, and from the kindness of her noble spirit comes mankind's affection.
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— Khalil Gibran
He who requires urging to do a noble act will never accomplish it.
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— Khalil Gibran
They have exiled me now from their society and I am pleased, because humanity does not exile except the one whose noble spirit rebels against despotism and oppression. He who does not prefer exile to slavery is not free by any measure of freedom
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— Khalil Gibran
The late King's great service for the Muslim world and his noble deeds of charity and assistance for the poor of humanity will be long remembered with reverence.
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— Khaleda Zia
The noble entitlement bespeaks an élan, a certain type of relationship with your partner. It means formidable technique not displayed lightly. The excitement comes from elegance.
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— Kevin McKenzie
That is a noble idea, though I think it far to generous," Jupiter said. "Once a decade should be sufficient." "I would rather be too generous than not in such cases." "As you wish." [One day, Atticus was amazed to discover that when Jupiter said, "As you wish," what he really meant was "I love you."]
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— Kevin Hearne
There's nothing more noble than a father and mother making an opportunity for their child, knowing that their life is gonna be hard. There's something incredibly heroic about that.
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— Kevin Costner
... they are structures that we build every time we engage in a thought that's just a little bit higher than a thought we had a moment before, or an activity that's just a little bit more noble than the activity we engaged in a moment before.
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— Ken Wilber
Humans can be noble. The question is: Will we put forth what is necessary?
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— Keith Raniere
Noble spirits are heterodox.
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— Kedar Joshi
Ego is vital but not noble.
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— Kedar Joshi
Every noble action is selfish. Some selfish actions are nobler than others. But they are all selfish. And as such there can be no action purely noble anyway. Even the nobility in God's great philosophical intentions is bounded by his vanity.
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— Kedar Joshi
I'm sorry my existence is not very noble or sublime.
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— Keanu Reeves
Perhaps it is our obligation to be noble before it is our obligation to be happy.
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— Kathleen McGowan
Friendship's an abstract of this noble flame, 'Tis love refin'd, and purged from all its dross, 'Tis next to angel's love, if not the same, As strong in passion is, though not so gross.
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— Katherine Philips
I have often heard it said that the Irish are too ready to forgive. It is a noble failing.
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— Katharine Tynan
Nothing fine and noble will ever perish from the earth as long as there are hearts to remember.
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— Kate Seredy
Gratitude and Contentment is the greatest worker of miracles. It transforms water into wine, grains of sand into pearls, raindrops into balsam, poverty into wealth, the smallest into the greatest, the most common to the most noble, earth into paradise.
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— Kaspar Hauser
If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all; then we shall experience no petty, limited, selfish joy, but our happiness will belong to millions, our deeds will live on quietly but perpetually at work, and over our ashes will be shed the hot tears of noble people.
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— Karl Marx
Greatness of mind becomes an object of love only when the power at work in it itself has a noble character
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— Karl Jaspers
Nature educates us into beauty and inwardness and is a source of the most noble pleasure.
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— Karl Blossfeldt
Of what use are pedigrees, or to be thought of noble blood, or the display of family portraits, O Ponticus?
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— Juvenal
I think entertainment is a perfectly noble occupation.
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— Justin Adams
Robin Goodfellow, for all his pranks and mischief, was the sweetest, most noble person I'd ever known, and I'd missed him terribly.
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— Julie Kagawa
Be a Gardener. Dig a ditch. Toil and sweat. And turn the earth upside down. And seek the deepness. And water plants in time. Continue this labor. And make sweet floods to run, and noble and abundant fruits to spring. Take this food and drink, and carry it to God as your true worship.
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— Julian of Norwich
Sometimes it is quite surprising, the emotional intensity of it. I was in NY one day, in Barnes and Noble, and I could see this woman following me around and after a bit I stopped and said 'Hello' and she just looked at me and said: "PLEASE LET EDITH BE HAPPY!"
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— Julian Fellowes
Reality is an aspect of property. It must be seized. And investigative journalism is the noble art of seizing reality back from the powerful.
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— Julian Assange
the less you respect, the less respectable you are; the less you honor, the less in you is to be honored. There are those 'whom not to know argues one's self unknown,' so if you have no reverence in a world where there is so much that is noble and venerable, then there will be something terrible lacking in your own character.
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— Julia McNair Wright
What! nothing grand and noble to be admired, obeyed, copied? Ah, the lack is not without you, but within you!
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— Julia McNair Wright
A permanent state of transition is man's most noble condition.
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— Juan Ramon Jimenez
There is a way of losing that is finding. When soul overmasters sense. When the noble and divine self overcomes the lower self. When duty and honor and love immortal things bid the mortal perish. It is only when a man supremely gives that he supremely finds
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— Joshua Chamberlain
The inspiration of a noble cause involving human interests wide and far, enables men to do things they did not dream themselves capable of before, and which they were not capable of alone. The consciousness of belonging, vitally, to something beyond individuality; of being part of a personality that reaches we know not where, in space and time, greatens the heart to the limit of the souls ideal, and builds out the supreme character.
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— Joshua Chamberlain
The inspiration of a noble cause enables men to do things they did not dream themselves capable of before
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— Joshua Chamberlain
We know not of the future, and cannot plan for it much. But we can hold our spirits and our bodies so pure and high, we may cherish such thoughts and ideals, and dream such dreams of lofty purpose, that we can determine and know what manner of men we will be whenever and wherever the hour stricks that calls to noble action..., No man becomes suddenly different from his habit and cherished thought.
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— Joshua Chamberlain
The power of noble deeds is to be preserved and passed on to the future.
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— Joshua Chamberlain
But we can hold our spirits and our bodies so pure and high, we may cherish such thoughts and such ideals, and dream such dreams of lofty purpose, that we can determine and know what manner of men we will be, whenever and wherever the hour strikes and calls to noble action.
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— Joshua
Cynicism is kind of like folding your arms and stepping back and commenting on things, like the old guys in 'The Muppets,' just throwing out comments all the time, whereas there are other people on the ground really trying to affect things and improve their lives and the lives of other people. I think it's noble and I think it's cool.
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— Josh Radnor
My heart and my love is in the country because something feels pure and noble and good there, but at the same time, obedience draws me to cities, which are full of cultures that are interesting and fun. I always swore I hated New York. Since having this revelation that cities are where people are, where the need is, I'm growing to love New York.
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— Josh Garrels