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Some find Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran's poetry preachy and moralizing, but I find it plenty enlightening-it's hard to object to the melodic, cosmic of mysticism of a line like "That which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space.'
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— Khalil
Zen is not, in my view, philosophy or mysticism. It is simply a practice of readjustment of nervous activity. That is, it restores the distorted nervous system to its normal functioning.
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— Katsuki Sekida
Honor is the mysticism of legality
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Wit is the appearance, the external flash of imagination. Thus its divinity, and the witty character of mysticism.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
All social life is essentially practical. All mysterious which lead theory to mysticism find their rational solution in human practice and in the comprehension of the practice.
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— Karl Marx
Worshiping the Devil is no more insane than worshiping God...It is precisely at the moment when positivism is at its high-water mark that mysticism stirs into life and the follies of occultism begin.
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— Joris-Karl Huysmans
I guess I will say, going back to the Judaism questions, there are mental reflexes or patterns that I think of as Jewish in my own feelings about mysticism and theology.Franz Kafka is someone I very much revere. If I believed in holy texts I'd go to him as a touchstone. Not that I read Kafka all the time at this point. In a way, this is what I most want to talk about and it's the hardest to talk about.
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— Jonathan Raymond
As the biocentric view suggests, the garden prospers when control is balanced by equal measures of humility and benevolence. A balance is struck. Control, servitude, respect, imagination, pragmatism, an ecological conscience, compliance, and a certain measure of mysticism and altruism, all meld together to provide nurturance.
— Jim Nollman
I love mysticism - it's such fun.
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— Jerry Hall
There is little mysticism without an element of transcendence, and conversely, there is no transcendence without a certain degree of egocentrism. It may be that the genesis of these experiences is to be sought in the unique situation of the very young child in relation to adults. The theory of the filial origin of the religious sense seems to us singularly convincing in this connection.
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— Jean Piaget
I don't think it's like eastern mysticism, which leaves the person whole. It's really another form of cancer, television.
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— James Purdy
Through the discovery of Buchner, Biology was relieved of another fragment of mysticism. The splitting up of sugar into CO2 and alcohol is no more the effect of a 'vital principle' than the splitting up of cane sugar by invertase. The history of this problem is instructive, as it warns us against considering problems as beyond our reach because they have not yet found their solution.
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— Jacques Loeb
Maybe it wasn't anything remotely to do with religion, mysticism or metaphilosophy after all; maybe it was more banal; maybe it was just...accounting.
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— Iain Banks
Mysticism is for all, not just for a few special people.
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— Henri Nouwen
Religion is to mysticism what popularization is to science
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— Henri Bergson
for ... austere and gracious allegory, as for so much of its mysticism and its chivalry, its ardours and its endurances, the world is in debt to Spain.
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— Helen Waddell
The language of [Catholic] mysticism - its repeated attempts to lay consciousness itself bare and speak all the intensely opposing yet interconnected parts of it that cannot be spoken.
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— Helen Oyeyemi
Environmental policies are driven by a kind of emotional spiritualism that threatens the very foundation of our society. There is increasing evidence of a government-sponsored religion in America. This religion, a cloudy mixture of new-age mysticism, Native American folklore, and primitive Earth worship, is being promoted and enforced by the Clinton administration in violation of our rights and freedoms.
— Helen Chenoweth-Hage
Love is the essence of all religion, mysticism, and philosophy, and for the one who has learned this, love fulfills the purpose of religion, ethics, and philosophy, and the lover is raised above all diversities of faiths and beliefs.
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— Hazrat Inayat Khan
Sufism is not a religion or a philosophy, it is neither deism nor atheism, nor is it a moral, nor a special kind of mysticism, being free from the usual religious sectarianism. If ever it could be called a religion, it would only be as a religion of love, harmony, and beauty.
— Hazrat Inayat Khan
We are at home here. Alienation is unnecessary. Contact with reality at a deep level is part of the Christian's life. He enters into reality, rather than escaping from it. The flight from reality is a mark of Eastern and classical mysticism, not of Christianity.
— Hans Rookmaaker
When all the mysticism is stripped away, the people who comprise the government (the legislators, administrators, judges, and policemen), are guided by human interests, desires, beliefs, notions, and prejudices, just like other people. They have neither superhuman wisdom nor extraordinary virtue.
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— Hans F. Sennholz
The fact that modern physics, the manifestation of an extreme specialization of the rational mind, is now making contact with mysticism, the essence of religion and manifestation of an extreme specialization of the intuitive mind, shows very beautifully the unity and complementary nature of the rational and intuitive modes of consciousness; of the yang and the yin.
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— Fritjof Capra
Mystics understand the roots of the Tao but not its branches; scientists understand its branches but not its roots. Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science; but man needs both.
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— Fritjof Capra
There are four principal pathways that lead to enlightement: The yoga of love, the yoga of service, the yoga of knowledge, and the yoga of mysticism.
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— Frederick Lenz
Zen is the fastest method I know of, aside from mysticism, of dissolving the fixations people have about spiritual practice and themselves.
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— Frederick Lenz
When I play sports, when I dance, when I teach mysticism, I cannot explain, even to myself, how I do what I do.
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— Frederick Lenz
I teach Zen, tantric mysticism, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, Tibetan mysticism, occultism and psychic development. I also teach poetry and literature, film and many other different things.
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— Frederick Lenz
As a dialectical teacher, I have had many lives where I have taught Zen and Tibetan Buddhism and mysticism. I teach in many different modalites. But the theme that unites them - is love.
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— Frederick Lenz
You can increase your capacity to absorb the mystical kundalini. I have 3 or 4 students who are on the path of mysticism, they can absorb more of it.
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— Frederick Lenz
In mysticism, there's more of a sense of adventure, of camaraderie.
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— Frederick Lenz
Mysticism cuts through bullshit, and it takes you right there to the experience. Everything in your life is eventually set up as a pragmatic energy flow into the light.
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— Frederick Lenz
Mysticism is the study of power, its use, and its abuse. At every moment you are getting stronger or you are growing weaker. At every moment your attention field is increasing or decreasing.
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— Frederick Lenz
In mysticism we reorder those awarenesses. We combine and recombine them endlessly. We assemble them so we can experience aspects of the universe that most people will never know.
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— Frederick Lenz
In mysticism we deal with dreaming and the fields of perception.
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— Frederick Lenz
The school of awareness is the school of mysticism. Mysticism is the experience of eternity, of that which lies beyond the physical phenomenal experience.
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— Frederick Lenz
Mysticism is the hidden way. It is the most difficult to discuss, because it involves the exploration of perceptual states which are difficult to describe in words.
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— Frederick Lenz
Mysticism is an eclectic mixture of various forms of self-discovery that's primarily experimental.
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— Frederick Lenz
Mysticism is the acceptance that everything cannot be logically explained.
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— Frederick Lenz
If you really want to channel all of your energy towards higher mysticism, you should realize that sex does drain a certain amount of your occult energy.
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— Frederick Lenz