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    money Quotes

    [Yahya Khan] thought of nothing but acquiring beautiful cars, building beautiful homes, making friends with bankers, and sending money abroad.
    — Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
    I learned in school that money isn't everything. It's happiness that counts. So momma sent me to a different school.
    — Zsa Zsa Gabor
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    In Burma, economic engagement enriches the regime, as the economy is controlled by the regime. Economic engagement benefits this elite, not ordinary people. The money is spent on the military, stolen by the elite.
    — Zoya Phan
    We kept the old male ideas of success: power and money. We need new ones!
    — Zosia Mamet
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    In making a movie, you're part of a big machine. Even in a small movie there are still so many people involved in the process, and it costs so much money to make.
    — Zooey Deschanel
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    Growing up in Hollywood meant there were a lot of film stars' kids at my school - but no conspicuous wealth. It wasn't cool to show off that you had money.
    — Zooey Deschanel
    tags: star  film  school  money  wealth  kids 
    I've always been really picky about roles and make a point of reminding myself that it's not about the money - because, obviously, there's a lot of money to be made in this business if you're willing to do anything.
    — Zooey Deschanel
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    The first album I bought with my own money was 'A Hard Day's Night.'
    — Zooey Deschanel
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    The public doesn't have to be hostile to the rich. "Robbing the rich to help the poor' will only drive the rich away to other countries along with their money. As a matter of fact, their wealth should be respected. All wealth in China belongs to the country.
    — Zong Qinghou
    tags: help  poor  facts  money  wealth 
    Okay, here is the uplifting part: Your life isn't and has never been about you....about what you accomplish, how successful you are or are not, how much money you make, what sort of position you ascend to,...or how much good you do for others or the world at large. Your life, like mine, and like everyone else's has always been about one thing: love.
    — Zoketsu Norman Fischer
    I know the responsibility that entails from telling a story. The one thing I despise the most is when I go to a movie and I see a whole bunch of lazy actors making me waste my time and money.
    — Zoe Saldana
    Where people really base their principles has nothing to do with the color of someone's skin, it has to do with money and their class.
    — Zoe Saldana
    tags: people  money 
    Trust me: Studios, investors, filmmakers, they will shift because they just follow the money trail.
    — Zoe Saldana
    tags: trust  money 
    The Grocery Manufacturers Association is behind the bills which have been trying to pre-empt states' labeling laws in the Senate. And they have a lot of money and power in Washington. So it's a classic David versus Goliath story, where corporate lobbying outweighs consumers' rights.
    — Zoe Lister-Jones
    tags: power  law  right  stories  money 
    I went to a school in Miami that seemed like a private country club. The whole cheerleader, football player, clique-y thing there was terrifying. Those people were so scary. They're the scariest kinds of people because they are idolized by their peers. They have everything, they have money, and they're just mean-spirited. It's crazy.
    — Zoe Kravitz
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    Television's getting better because people are investing more money and time and respect into it. But the secret weapon of television is that, because it's a slow burn, you get to meditate on things and develop them. As opposed to film, where you have an allotted amount of time and hopefully you can wrap it up in there.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    tags: time  secret  people  respect  film  money 
    I'm obsessed with Juice Press - they're everywhere. I spend so much money at that place it's crazy.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    tags: crazy  money 
    If I was born into a household with anxiety about money, I wouldn't have had as much freedom to be in my own world. So it's impossible for me to divorce the privilege of my childhood from the other things.
    — Zoe Kazan
    Success to me does not mean money.
    — Ziggy Marley
    tags: success  money 
    The political system is not for the people. The people are secondary to the economy. It's about what generates money, not about what benefits the people.
    — Ziggy Marley
    tags: people  political  money 
    URGE is a grassroots charity. We organized to get some incubators to give to the hospital for the kids. We donate money to orphanages.
    — Ziggy Marley
    tags: charity  money  kids 
    Money is a tool that can either fix or damage your life. Use it wisely.
    — Ziad K. Abdelnour
    tags: money 
    Don't spend money on things... spend money on experiences. You'll enjoy life a lot more!
    — Ziad K. Abdelnour
    tags: experience  money 
    Make your money on the buy, not the sell; this is true in any investment whether it's real estate, business, or the stock market
    — Ziad K. Abdelnour
    tags: true  real  business  money  stock 
    Until I reached my late teens, there was not enough money for luxuries - a holiday, a car, or a computer. I learned how to program a computer, in fact, by reading a book. I used to write down programs in a notebook and a few years later when we were able to buy a computer, I typed in my programs to see if they worked. They did. I was lucky.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    tags: facts  teen  reading  book  write  money  computer  year 
    Be realistic and truthful - and tell Hong Kong businessmen honestly that they should go for long-term investments since it is unlikely money can be made in the short haul.
    — Zhu Rongji
    tags: money 
    Working in Hollywood, it's clear the more money you have, the more technology you can get. So you can build a whole Japanese set. Only in Hollywood!
    — Zhang Ziyi
    tags: technology  money 
    I used to ask myself why American universities are financed through endowments. Now I know: During the early days of America, the state was poor and when citizens wanted to set something up, they needed to collect money themselves. Historically, this was different in Europe. There used to be a strong state, a monarch or a king. He provided money.
    — Zhang Xin
    It is worthwhile to engage in something that is close to one's heart. I had a scholarship. So if I donate money to give brilliant Chinese students an opportunity to study abroad, then this embodies everything I believe in: education, globalization, social mobility. I am an example of social mobility.
    — Zhang Xin
    Money does not make you look expensive, it's taste.
    — Zendaya
    tags: money 
    My older sister is a working mom. She's busy. She chooses to spend money on her children. But she should be able to afford a good shoe for herself.
    — Zendaya
    tags: children  child  money 
    [T]ax cuts are not just something that all taxpayers deserve, but also the best way to curb government spending. It is the best kind of tax reform. If the money never reaches the table, Congress can't gobble it up.
    — Zell Miller
    I can't read or sleep. Without hope or youth or money I sit constantly wishing I were dead.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    tags: youth  sleep  read  hope  money 
    Ill health is an important factor that forces the poor to remain poor. If they make a little bit of money, one episode of illness can wipe them out.
    — Zafrullah Chowdhury
    tags: health  illness  poor  money 
    Our third partner [with Neal Dodson] was this other guy called Corey [Moosa], and he came in with good ideas and also some access to money, and so we joined forces and drew up a business plan and got financing for the beginnings of the company. We had no idea what we were doing really. We just started looking through material and started producing our own stuff.
    — Zachary Quinto
    tags: ideas  business  money  company 
    If I had all the money in the world, I'd be like, "Great, let's just keep doing it!" I, unfortunately, have not won the lottery or found the magic genie lamp.
    — Zachary Levi
    tags: world  magic  money 
    I thought I was going to be a theater actor. I moved to New York after college and did some plays and worked a lot. Once the realities of living as a theatrical actor hit me, I realized I wanted to start making a little bit of money and not have to bartend and work in theater.
    — Zachary Knighton
    Nobody really wanted to do that one European tour. For one, it was budgeted to lose money. They would've made something, but I would've lost a lot of money.
    — Zachary Cole Smith
    tags: lost  money 
    It's pretty easy to lose money on tour - most bands do on their first couple of tours. We're more established, but I think it was just poorly booked. It was a mess from the get-go.
    — Zachary Cole Smith
    tags: money 
    There is no accountability in soft money. None.
    — Zach Wamp
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