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    I meet people who use the term "plant spirit" as a matter of course. Initially I thought they were all rather woo-woo, but as I met more brilliant, accomplished plant spirit thought leaders, my thoughts started to shift to, "What am I missing here?"
    — Zoe Helene
    The people who are teaching religion and not teaching love are missing the message.
    — Ziggy Marley
    tags: people  teaching  missing 
    I think that when people download the record they're kind of missing out on part of the experience, because it's really meant to be an immersive experience.
    — Zachary Cole Smith
    Every time I see a child walking down the street I like to trip them. While they look for their missing teeth, I personally remind them that no matter how hard they try I will always be better than them.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: children  time  child  missing 
    I think people should know more of Africa in terms of its joie de vivre, its feeling for life. In spite of the images that one knows about Africa - the economic poverty, the corruption - there's a joy to living and a happiness in community, living together, in community life, which may be missing here in America.
    — Youssou N'Dour
    I was on a Japanese designers' pedestal - considered a maestro. My design was getting closer to a couturier's work, and I felt like I was missing something.
    — Yohji Yamamoto
    tags: work  designer  missing 
    The thing that I've always been slightly frustrated with, was that the idea of a CD is kind of confined to a material possession that you can put on a shelf. And the idea of music, for me, is always about both the communication and the sharing of content. And so the interactive part is missing.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    A couple of things are missing from Indigenous affairs. We tend to go and process, we tend to spend a lot of money for very limited outcomes, and we have got to change that.
    — Yitzhak Rabin
    tags: process  money  missing 
    America is a melting pot of immigrants. So actually, if you took all of the immigrants outside of America, you'd be missing a lot of flavor, starting with the food, with the culture, with the dance, with everything.
    — Wyclef Jean
    tags: food  culture  america  dance  missing 
    But I just felt at one point that I was on a hamster wheel, you know? Just doing movie after movie and thinking so much about career related things and I think missing out on hanging with my friends and family as much I needed to.
    — Woody Harrelson
    This is to show the world that I can paint like Titian. [A big drawing of a rectangle] Only technical details are missing.
    — Wolfgang Pauli
    tags: world  missing 
    Well, yeah! Now they're considered golden oldies, which is awesome. I was watching Little Women recently, and I didn't want to get up for fear of missing something. And Heathers is like my own Rocky Horror Picture Show; I recite the lines when it's on. It may seem odd, but I think it's because they're really good movies.
    — Winona Ryder
    tags: fear  women  horror  movie  missing 
    I've come to the conclusion that athletes, when they say they miss the crowd, are not missing the sound of the crowd. What they're missing is the feeling inside that makes the crowd roar. It's not the roar of the crowd, it's the silence inside.
    — William Shatner
    tags: silence  missing 
    Once you have hierarchy you need rules to protect and administer it, and then you need law and the enforcement of the rules, and you end up with some kind of chain of command or system of order that destroys relationship rather than promotes it. Hierarchy imposes laws and rules and you end up missing the wonder of relationship that we intended for you.
    — William P. Young
    Today's minor irritations may become tomorrow's treasured memories. We often don't know what we are missing, until it's missing.
    — William P. Young
    tags: memory  missing  tomorrow 
    Respectable men and women content with the good and easy living are missing some of the most important things in life. Unless you give yourself to some great cause you haven't even begun to live.
    — William P. Merrill
    tags: men  women  living  live  missing 
    I take the point of view that missing an important trade is a much more serious error than making a bad trade.
    — William Eckhardt
    tags: bad  missing 
    A cosmic mystery of immense proportions, once seemingly on the verge of solution, has deepened and left astronomers and astrophysicists more baffled than ever. The crux ... is that the vast majority of the mass of the universe seems to be missing.
    — William Broad
    Well, one of the things we felt was missing from the greater conversation is that transgender people have been living and working in America for years...People may think it's a "new" thing; it's not...So we wanted to show not just the political side, which is what you see with Caitlyn Jenner. And not the other side with Laverne Cox, who's great.
    — Whoopi Goldberg
    Did you know children are dying because of AIDS. Missing the medicines that prevent transmission from mother to child. Missing the protection from parents teachers and role models that can teach them about the danger, and keep them safe from sexual exploitation. Children are missing your support. Unite for children. Unite against AIDS.
    — Whoopi Goldberg
    I don't know why people would be interested in what I do. Maybe they feel how I feel. Maybe it's because we're all missing something, and I just happen to wear that on my sleeve.
    — Wesley Eisold
    tags: people  missing 
    I must say, the people who started this whole Masterclass series have been very helpful and very intelligent to point out certain things and also give me some guidance, "isn't there something missing, shouldn't we address this or that?" so it's not completely alone out of the blue. It's very well thought through.
    — Werner Herzog
    New grief, when it came, you could feel filling the air. It took up all the room there was. The place itself, the whole place, became a reminder of the absence of the hurt or the dead or the missing one. I don't believe that grief passes away. It has its time and place forever. More time is added to it; it becomes a story within a story. But grief and griever alike endure.
    — Wendell Berry
    The essential message of my life is that all of us have the capacity to attract to ourselves what seems to be missing in our lives. Whether it's a healing, a relationship, a promotion, or whatever form of abundance you want to manifest in your life, you have much more power to be able to manifest it than you might think.
    — Wayne Dyer
    We manifest from Spirit. When Spirit begins to rule in our lives, we can literally manifest or attract to us everything that we perceive to be missing. That's really the essence of it.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: live  rules  spirit  missing 
    What you feel is wrong or missing in your relationships is an indication that something is amiss within you.
    — Wayne Dyer
    What you think about expands. If your thoughts are centered on what's missing, then what's missing, by definition, will have to expand.
    — Wayne Dyer
    The biggest mistake we make is asking the source to understand scarcity - something that is not! People pray: "Please give me more..." Or, "Please heal me." If you do this, you'll only attract more scarcity into your life. You can't think about what's missing in your life, what you don't like, or what "they" want for you.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: people  mistakes  missing 
    One of the reasons most people are not good at solving problems and manifesting or attracting into their life what they want is because their thoughts are always on what's wrong and on what's missing and on the problem.
    — Wayne Dyer
    We spend a big hunk of our lifetimes contemplating what we can't have, what we don't want and what's missing in our lives. What we have to learn is to put our attention and focus on contemplating what it is we would like to attract, and not on what is missing.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: live  focus  attention  learn  missing 
    Missing Persons was based in Los Angeles.
    — Warren Cuccurullo
    tags: missing 
    People who are tremendously concerned about their identification, their individuality, their self-expression, or their sense of humor, always seem to be missing the very things they pursue.
    — Walter Lippmann
    There is no tragedy in missing a putt, no matter how short. All have erred in this respect.
    — Walter Hagen
    tags: respect  tragedy  missing 
    If you worry about the ones you missed, you are going to keep missing them.
    — Walter Hagen
    tags: worries  missing 
    We're suggesting that [kids are] missing something if they don't read but, actually, we're condemning kids to a lesser life. If you had a sick patient, you would not try to entice them to take their medicine. You would tell them, "Take this or you're going to die.' We need to tell kids flat out: reading is not optional.
    — Walter Dean Myers
    tags: medicine  die  reading  read  kids  missing 
    I find myself now preaching about the golden age of manned spaceflight, because something went on there, within us, that we're missing. When we went to the Moon, it was not only just standing on a new plateau for all mankind. We changed the way everybody in the world thought of themselves, you know. It was a change that went on inside of us. And we're losing that.
    — Walter Cunningham
    tags: world  thoughts  age  mankind  moon  missing 
    For Quality: Stamp out fires, automate, computerize, M.B.O., install merit pay, rank people, best efforts, zero defects. WRONG!!!! Missing ingredient: profound knowledge.
    — W. Edwards Deming
    tags: people  fire  missing 
    I think it looked like I was a little more aggressive than I was, ... I swing at bad pitches anyway, but I was swinging at even more bad pitches and missing. It looked worse. But I was thinking about [the milestone], no doubt about it.
    — Vladimir Guerrero
    tags: doubt  bad  thinking  missing 
    One thing that is wrongly hyped is social media For many media organizations, they think it of it as distribution, and yes it's good for that. What's missing is the power of social media for engagement with the audience and for newsgathering.
    — Vivian Schiller
    tags: power  media  missing 
    I don't like to sleep. I'm missing something when I'm sleeping.
    — Vince McMahon
    tags: sleep  missing 
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