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    miniature Quotes

    The schools of the country are its future in miniature.
    tags: future school miniature
    — Tehyi Hsieh
    Look at the bark of a redwood, and you see moss. If you peer beneath the bits and pieces of the moss, you'll see toads, small insects, a whole host of life that prospers in that miniature environment. A lumberman will look at a forest and see so many board feet of lumber. I see a living city.
    tags: living environment miniature
    — Sylvia Earle
    Chess is a miniature version of life. To be successful, you need to be disciplined, assess resources, consider responsible choices and adjust when circumstances change.
    tags: choice successful chess miniature
    — Susan Polgar
    All my life I have been passionately interested in monomaniacs of any kind, people carried away by a single idea. The more one limits oneself, the closer one is to the infinite; these people, as unworldly as they seem, burrow like termites into their own particular material to construct, in miniature, a strange and utterly individual image of the world.
    tags: people world oneself ideas miniature
    — Stefan Zweig
    I guess you could say there are two Slashes. There's the crazy, rock-and-roll Slash, he's wild. And then there's the real Slash- he collects miniature soaps and treats his hookers real nice.
    tags: crazy wild real miniature
    — Slash
    You're beautiful because when you were born, undiscovered planets lined up to peep over the rim of your cradle and lay gifts of gravity and light at your miniature feet
    tags: beautiful gift miniature
    — Simon Armitage
    Throughout the Zelda series I've always tried to make players feel like they are in a kind of miniature garden. So, this time also, my challenge was how to make people feel comfortable and sometimes very scared at the same time. That is the big challenge.
    tags: time people challenge miniature garden
    — Shigeru Miyamoto
    My price is five dollars for a miniature on ivory, and I have engaged three or four at that price. My price for profiles is one dollar, and everybody is willing to engage me at that price
    tags: miniature
    — Samuel Morse
    I've never seen anywhere in the world as beautiful as Kashmir. It has something to do with the fact that the valley is very small and the mountains are very big, so you have this miniature countryside surrounded by the Himalayas, and it's just spectacular. And it's true, the people are very beautiful too.
    tags: people world beautiful true facts miniature
    — Salman Rushdie
    The miniatures of the Mughal period are really the pinnacle of Indian artistic achievement. And not a single one of those paintings is done by an individual artist.
    tags: achievement artist painting miniature
    — Salman Rushdie
    Remembering that man is indeed the microcosm, the universe in miniature, the Divine Dance of the future should be able to convey with its slightest gestures some significance of the universe.
    tags: men future divine universe dance miniature
    — Ruth St. Denis
    I feel connected to every song on this record [ 'Modern Vampires Of The City' ], but yeah I think there's something special about 'Young Lion'. It's pretty different from any song that we've had before because the vocals are kind of between two different very simple instrumental piano melodies and it's almost like something that we call a vignette, it's sort of like a miniature.
    tags: young song vampire miniature
    — Rostam Batmanglij
    It looks like a miniature hippopotamus with badly-fitting panty hose all over.
    tags: miniature
    — Roger Caras
    A motorcycle functions entirely in accordance with the laws of reason, and a study of the art of motorcycle maintenance is really a miniature study of the art of rationality itself.
    tags: law miniature
    — Robert M. Pirsig
    Corporation: a miniature totalitarian state governed by a hierarchy of unelected officials who take a dim view of individualism, free speech, equality and eggheads. The backbone of all Western democracies.
    tags: equality speech democracy miniature
    — Rick Bayan
    I think the boarding schools are like miniature versions of "Lord of the Flies."
    tags: school miniature
    — Reid Hoffman
    If you meditate regularly, even when you don't feel like it, you will make great gains, for it will allow you to see how your thoughts impose limits on you. Your resistances to meditation are your mental prisons in miniature.
    tags: thoughts mental prison meditation miniature
    — Ram Dass
    I adore physical miniatures and try to use them as much as I can and have a bit of a fetish about that.
    tags: miniature
    — Peter Jackson
    I'm an east coaster, you know, I'm brought up in Toronto where it's very much like, kind of a miniature New York in that there's a subway and you're surrounded by people a lot and, you know, you bump into people and you have interactions and you communicate and la la la.
    tags: people miniature
    — Paulo Costanzo
    For instance, the Persian Gulf War was a miniature world war. It took place in a small geographical area. In this sense it was a local war. But it was one that made use of all the power normally reserved for global war.
    tags: power world war miniature
    — Paul Virilio
    Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushroom species in nature, our ancestors and modern scientists have identified several dozen that have a unique combination of talents that improve our health.
    tags: health nature talent scientist miniature
    — Paul Stamets
    Maybe it's understandable what a history of failures America's foreign policy has been. We are, after all, a country full of people who came to America to get away from foreigners. Any prolonged examination of the U.S. government reveals foreign policy to be America's miniature schnauzer - a noisy but small and useless part of the national household.
    tags: failure people government america miniature
    — P. J. O'Rourke
    I love kids with a passion I usually reserve for hot cheese, miniature chairs, and Prince concerts, but I feel no stress to reproduce simply because of a fear of withering eggs.
    tags: fear stress passion kids miniature
    — Olivia Wilde
    The Divine does not like to be shut up in a building. The Divine likes to be out in the open. It is right here in this very body. Each one of us is a miniature universe, a living shrine.
    tags: living body right divine universe miniature
    — Morihei Ueshiba
    I didn't have familiarity with children. I'm learning day after day, with her [daughter]. And what impresses me the most is that she, Deva, is an individual person. But in miniature, she seems to be a special effect.
    tags: children people child learning miniature
    — Monica Bellucci
    I'd rather create a miniature painting than a Taj Mahal of a book.
    tags: book painting miniature
    — Mohsin Hamid
    Time and space are absolute. Diseases are evil spirits that inhabit the body. Parallel lines never meet. The earth is the center of the universe. Children are miniature adults. At one time in history each of these beliefs was generally held to be true. Each, however, gave way to different ideas and even different world views.
    tags: belief children evil time world adult earth true body space child universe spirit ideas miniature
    — Michael Lewis
    I smoked and looked down at the bottom of Pittsburgh for a little while, watching the kids playing tiny baseball, the distant figures of dogs snatching at a little passing car, a miniature housewife on her back porch shaking out a snippet of red rug, and I made a sudden, frightened vow never to become that small, and to devote myself to getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
    tags: dog kids baseball miniature
    — Michael Chabon
    [Drawing] and making things was all we ever did. My brother and I built the entire New York World's Fair of 1939 in miniature out of wax. The floor of our room was covered with little waxen buildings. Nobody else could come in.
    tags: world miniature
    — Maurice Sendak
    I like to photograph miniature constructed scenes - I'll buy a very sad cake decoration like a plastic computer for a dreary office birthday party and construct a wildly colorful scene to put on its screen, or do a series of dollhouse chairs frozen in ice cubes.
    tags: sad computer miniature
    — Matthea Harvey
    Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.
    tags: machine miniature
    — Matt Groening
    That's how I try to think of education - a school is a miniature society where children learn to function in a real world.
    tags: children society world child real education school learn miniature
    — Marva Collins
    Man is the summit, the crown of nature's development, and must comprehend everything that has preceded him, even as the fruit includes within itself all the earlier developed parts of the plant. In a word, Man must represent the whole world in miniature.
    tags: nature men world development miniature
    — Lorenz Oken
    The primary function of art is not to imitate or represent or interpret, but to create a living thing; it is the reduction of all life to a perfectly composed and dynamic miniature - a microcosm where there is perfect balance of emotion and intellect, stress and strain resolving itself, form rhythmically poised in three dimensions.
    tags: living emotion stress balance miniature
    — Lawren Harris
    We ended up moving out to Texas. We live outside of Austin. We've got a couple horses, we've got three miniature donkeys, we've got four dogs. Miniature donkeys are very warm, loving animals
    tags: animals live loving dog miniature
    — Kyle Chandler
    Chess is a more highly symbolic game, but the aggressions are therefore even more frankly represented in the play. It probably began as a war game; that is, the representation of a miniature battle between the forces of two kingdoms
    tags: battle war chess games miniature
    — Karl A. Menninger
    The first of the request prayers in the daily Amidah is a fractal. It replicates in miniature the structure of the Amidah as a whole.
    tags: prayer miniature
    — Jonathan Sacks
    People have a real love of looking at small worlds - something inside them is innately attracted to that 'miniature' realm.
    tags: people world real miniature
    — John Lasseter
    I did what we call dry for wet effects, some of the miniatures work and two animation sequences.
    tags: work miniature
    — John Hench
    A dojo [pracice hall] is a miniature cosmos where we make contact with ourselves - our fears, anxieties, reactions, and habits. It is an arena of confined conflict where we confront an opponent who is not an opponent but rather a partner engaged in helping us understand ourselves more fully.
    tags: fear anxiety conflict miniature
    — Joe Hyams
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