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    microsoft Quotes

    When you think about the guys who started Twitter, and the Google guys, and the Facebook guys and the Napster guys, and the Microsoft guys, and the Dell guys and the Instagram guys, it's all guys. The girls, they're being left behind.
    tags: girls microsoft
    — will.i.am
    If Bill Gates left Microsoft we wouldn't allow Donald Trump to run it.
    tags: microsoft
    — will.i.am
    I look at Bill Clinton, the way I look at Bill Gates. As long as my Microsoft stock is going up, I don't care what Bill Gates does in the privacy of his own home.
    tags: care microsoft stock
    — Will Smith
    In the Mac vs. PC ads, Apple bills itself as the antidote to Microsoft. To love Apple wasn't to sell out. It was to buy in. Most people use PCs, but Apple has the mindshare.
    tags: people microsoft sell
    — Wesley Morris
    The older I get, the more I see how much motivations matter. The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don't really love music or art the way we do. We won because we personally love music.
    tags: people music microsoft
    — Walter Isaacson
    I have my own theory about why decline happens at companies like IBM or Microsoft. The company does a great job, innovates and becomes a monopoly or close to it in some field, and then the quality of the product becomes less important. The company starts valuing the great salesmen, because they're the ones who can move the needle on revenues, not the product engineers and designers. So the salespeople end up running the company.
    tags: job running designer microsoft company quality
    — Walter Isaacson
    What are the five products you want to focus on? Get rid of the rest, because they're dragging you down. They're turning you into Microsoft. They're causing you to turn out products that are adequate but not great.
    tags: focus microsoft
    — Walter Isaacson
    Microsoft stepping in is the symptom, not the disease.
    tags: microsoft
    — Walter Bender
    In my view, it's irreverence, foolish confidence and naivety combined with persistence, open mindedness and a continual ability to learn that created Facebook, Google, Yahoo, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Juniper, AOL, Sun Microsystems and others.
    — Vinod Khosla
    There are some things that money can't buy: peace of mind, for starters, and lean muscle mass. Neither the Queen of England nor the founder of Microsoft can put in an order for either one.
    tags: peace mind money microsoft england
    — Victoria Moran
    There was nothing in the deal with Justice that would change Microsoft's business practices in any way.
    tags: justice business microsoft
    — Tom Reilly
    Google, Microsoft and Yahoo should be developing new technologies to bypass government sensors and barriers to the Internet; but instead, they agreed to guard the gates themselves.
    — Tom Lantos
    I think Microsoft will have to change. I think that the business of Microsoft, the company of Microsoft, is going to continue to succeed. But I think the business model of Microsoft is going to have to change.
    tags: business microsoft company
    — Tim O'Reilly
    I think that Microsoft will increasingly feel margin pressure from Linux as well as people saying: well actually the applications that really matter to me are not on my PC. And so they're going to be able to extract less of a monopoly rent, so to speak.
    tags: people microsoft
    — Tim O'Reilly
    I don't really think anything Microsoft does puts pressure on Apple.
    tags: microsoft
    — Tim Cook
    Linux people do what they do because they hate Microsoft.
    tags: people hate microsoft
    — Theo de Raadt
    So, what you can do in Microsoft Word is what Bill Gates has decided. What you can do in Oracle Database is what Larry Ellison and his crew have decided.
    tags: microsoft
    — Ted Nelson
    When I heard about the Microsoft Kinect, though, I felt an urgency rising in me. A game you played without touching any machinery? A chance to wave your hands around, Minority-Report style, and move things around on a screen? This sounded like almost too much fun, with gadget-y pizzazz that sounded astonishing.
    tags: chance fun games microsoft
    — Susan Orlean
    When time permits, I try to see interesting people in the cities I visit. In Seattle, I met Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, who is shy in personality but flamboyant in his philanthropy.
    tags: time people personality microsoft
    — Steven Pinker
    You can make something big when young that will carry you through life. Look at all the big startups like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They were all started by very young people who stumbled on something of unseen value. You'll know it when you hit a home run.
    tags: people young value microsoft
    — Steve Wozniak
    I thought Microsoft did a lot of things that were good and right building parts of the browser into the operating system. Then I thought it out and came up with reasons why it was a monopoly
    tags: thoughts right microsoft
    — Steve Wozniak
    When burned on a CD, the human genome is smaller than Microsoft Office.
    tags: human microsoft
    — Steve Jurvetson
    At Microsoft I had many years of experience and history and seeing connections. With my direct reports, the job at Microsoft was to delegate and then be able to properly review, but not to micromanage. To have a way of connecting and integrating without getting in the way.
    tags: experience seeing job microsoft year
    — Steve Ballmer
    The world is changing, but so is Microsoft.
    tags: world microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    I want to make sure (a user) can't get through ... an online experience without hitting a Microsoft ad.
    tags: experience microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    I'd like to own Microsoft shares until I either give something to charity or I die.
    tags: charity die microsoft shares
    — Steve Ballmer
    Throughout our history, Microsoft has won by making big, bold bets. I believe that now is not the time to scale back the scope of our ambition or the scale of our investment. While our opportunities are greater than ever, we also face new competitors, faster-moving markets and new customer demands.
    — Steve Ballmer
    I loved every minute of my time at Microsoft, but I had always envisioned having another phase of life just because I thought that would be interesting. It had never been my plan to work until I literally didn't want to do anything and then hang it up.
    tags: time work thoughts microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    I think it would be absolutely reckless and irresponsible for anyone to try and break up Microsoft.
    tags: microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    Our goal in making these changes is to enable Microsoft to achieve greater agility in managing the incredible growth ahead and executing our software-based services strategy.
    tags: growth service strategy achieve goal microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    At Microsoft, we're investing heavily in security because we want customers to be able to trust their computing experiences, so they can realize the full benefits of the interconnected world we live in.
    tags: live world trust experience microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    This is a great opportunity for Don, and I wish him success. I am incredibly proud of the work and vision culminating in Xbox One. I'm particularly excited about how Xbox pushes forward our devices and services transformation by bringing together the best of Microsoft.
    — Steve Ballmer
    "There's no CEO for the government." But if you were CEO for a day at the government, would you have tools and reports and wherewithal to look at government the way a business would look at its lines of business, its spending, its revenue? I've actually been working, first by myself and then with a group of people, on then on and off, and now much more on, almost since the I time left Microsoft.
    tags: time people government business microsoft
    — Steve Ballmer
    I'm a shareholder in Microsoft Corp. of some size, and while I don't work for the place anymore, I think a lot about that investment, how - as an outsider - might I add value or not add value? Do I believe that things are headed in a good direction? So I wouldn't say I spend the majority of my time on that, but I spend some time on that as well.
    tags: time work believe value microsoft majority
    — Steve Ballmer
    I have approximately 70 messages on Xbox Live right now and half of them are, 'I'm going to kill you' and 'I'm going to find you and destroy you' and I haven't worked (at Microsoft) in two years. Even to this day people who don't know I left Microsoft still come after me.
    tags: people live right microsoft year
    — Stephen Toulouse
    Microsoft is no longer thought of as the company where the smartest people want to work.
    tags: people work thoughts microsoft company
    — Stephen Manes
    Microsoft Mobile Oy is a legal construct that was created to facilitate the merger. It is not a brand that will be seen by consumers. The Nokia brand is available to Microsoft to use for its mobile phones products for a period of time, but Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones. Work is underway to select the go forward smartphone brand.
    tags: time work microsoft
    — Stephen Elop
    Building on our successful partnership, we can now bring together the best of Microsoft's software engineering with the best of Nokia's product engineering, award-winning design, and global sales, marketing and manufacturing.
    tags: successful marketing microsoft
    — Stephen Elop
    Any religion whose messiah's name isn't recognized by Microsoft Word can't be that much of a threat.
    tags: microsoft
    — Stephen Colbert
    I'd like to own Intel... I'd like to own Microsoft... I'd love to have Warner Bros in my hip pocket.
    tags: microsoft
    — Stan Lee
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