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    metaphor Quotes

    The visual does seem to me the most thoroughly grasped and recorded among my impressions; sight seems to be my principal sense organ, and "seeing" supplies the key metaphors for reporting the perception.
    tags: perception key metaphor
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    The point of view foreigners will have of the film The Conquest isn't the same as the French public. What will interest American and international audiences is the love story between Nicolas and Cecelia that's a metaphor of today's occidental couple, namely the women in the shadows who carry their husbands into the spotlight, but the man is so absorbed with work so the woman leaves him for another man.
    tags: men work women metaphor film stories american
    — Xavier Durringer
    So-called austerity, the stoic injunction, is the path towards universal destruction. It is the old, the fatal, competitive path. Pull in your belt is a slogan closely related to gird up your loins, or the guns-butter metaphor.
    tags: metaphor destruction path
    — Wyndham Lewis
    It is impossible to build sound constitutional doctrine upon a mistaken understanding of Constitutional history... The establishment clause has been expressly freighted with Jefferson's misleading metaphor for nearly forty years... There is simply no historical foundation for the proposition that the framers intended to build a wall of separation... The recent court decisions are in no way based on either the language or intent of the framers.
    — William Rehnquist
    The 'wall of separation between church and state' is a metaphor based on bad history, a metaphor which has proved useless as a guide to judging. It should be frankly and explicitly abandoned.
    tags: bad metaphor church
    — William Rehnquist
    Because you continue to inhabit and believe your metaphors, you cannot see what is true.
    tags: believe true metaphor
    — William P. Young
    I'm interested in machines that make you aware of the process of seeing and aware of what you do when you construct the world by looking. This is interesting in itself, but more as a broad-based metaphor for how we understand the world.
    tags: world process seeing metaphor machine
    — William Kentridge
    I love metaphor the way some people love junk food.
    tags: people food metaphor
    — William H. Macy
    Let the snake wait under his weed and the writing be of words, slow and quick, sharp to strike, quiet to wait, sleepless. - through metaphor to reconcile the people and the stones. Compose. (No ideas but in things) Invent! Saxifrage is my flower that splits the rocks.
    tags: people metaphor flowers writing ideas
    — William Carlos Williams
    When I first started painting candyland imagery, I was looking for the best possible metaphor for everything that is pleasure, desire and insatiability.
    tags: desires pleasure metaphor painting
    — Will Cotton
    Economically, legally, and politically powerless throughout much of western history, women have been linked to nature and the unknowable through metaphors of the body while the masculine has signified culture and mental activity.
    tags: nature women culture mental body metaphor
    — Whitney Chadwick
    As we search for a less extractive and polluting economic order, so that we may fit agriculture into the economy of a sustainable culture, community becomes the locus and metaphor for both agriculture and culture.
    tags: culture community metaphor economics
    — Wes Jackson
    Well they are very frightening for me because their stupidity is so flat. You look into the eyes of a chicken and you lose yourself in a completely flat, frightening stupidity. They are like a great metaphor for me... I kind of love chicken, but they frighten me more than any other animal.
    tags: animals eyes stupidity metaphor
    — Werner Herzog
    The dog who doesn't bark is about a silence that speaks; it is a good metaphor for the Pariah voice, the dog's voice, that we can sometimes hear only when it does not speak.
    tags: silence metaphor dog
    — Wendy Doniger
    This force is unlimited. It is always moving and always flowing. The ancient Hawaiians, the Kahunas, used the metaphor of the flow of a running stream to represent the divine force.
    tags: divine metaphor running
    — Wayne Dyer
    If you take a glass of water and separate it from its source - the ocean - then pour the water away from its source and ask it to sustain life, it flitters away. It just evaporates. It can't sustain life. That's a metaphor for us when we separate ourselves from our source and believe that God is separate from us.
    tags: believe ocean metaphor water god
    — Wayne Dyer
    Neotony is a metaphor for the quality of life - the gift - that keeps the fortunate of whatever age focused on all the marvelous undiscovered things to come.
    tags: age metaphor gift quality
    — Warren G. Bennis
    I hate to use this as a metaphor, but making movies is kind of like going to war. It's not - but the stamina required and what it takes to tell a story that is this big in scope, you need a general that will bring out the best in you.
    tags: hate metaphor movie war stories
    — Walton Goggins
    Let me take up your metaphor. Friendship is a vase, which, when it is flawed by heat or violence or accident, may as well be broken at once; it can never be trusted after. The more graceful and ornamental it was, the more clearly do we discern the hopelessness of restoring it to its former state. Coarse stones, if they are fractured, may be cemented again; precious stones, never.
    tags: friendship violence broken metaphor
    — Walter Savage Landor
    Men command fewer words than they have ideas to express, and language, as Jean Paul said, is a dictionary of faded metaphors.
    tags: men language metaphor ideas
    — Walter Lippmann
    Some say Hollywood movies that are made about boxing are just metaphors for other things, I think I've made one that's actually about boxing and not a metaphor.
    tags: metaphor movie
    — Walter Hill
    The deep places in our lives - places of resistance and embrace - are reached only by stories, by images, metaphors and phrases that line out the world differently, apart from our fear and hurt.
    tags: fear live world hurt metaphor stories
    — Walter Brueggemann
    For what is the program of the bourgeois parties? A bad poem on springtime, filled to bursting with metaphors.
    tags: bad metaphor poem
    — Walter Benjamin
    Reality is a cliché from which we escape by metaphor.
    tags: reality metaphor
    — Wallace Stevens
    Metaphor creates a new reality from which the original appears to be unreal.
    tags: reality metaphor
    — Wallace Stevens
    A good title should be like a good metaphor. It should intrigue without being too baffling or too obvious.
    tags: metaphor
    — Walker Percy
    Love can't be a metaphor anymore. If you try to make literature out of it, it doesn't work.
    tags: work metaphor literature
    — Vivian Gornick
    Just as once upon a time you could make the experience of religion or nature a great metaphor, so now it is with love. It's just not the kind of thing you can put at the center of a work of literature and have it really reveal us to ourselves.
    tags: time nature work experience metaphor literature
    — Vivian Gornick
    In a pond koi can reach lengths of eighteen inches. Amazingly, when placed in a lake, koi can grow to three feet long. The metaphor is obvious. You are limited by how you see the world.
    tags: world metaphor
    — Vince Poscente
    I wanted to define the vocabulary of a wedding both visually and intellectually. The book is about more than weddings or wedding dresses. It's a metaphor for women's lives, their creativity.
    tags: live metaphor book creativity
    — Vera Wang
    Cities have often been compared to language: you can read a city, it's said, as you read a book. But the metaphor can be inverted. The journeys we make during the reading of a book trace out, in some way, the private spaces we inhabit. There are texts that will always be our dead-end streets; fragments that will be bridges; words that will be like the scaffolding that protects fragile constructions.
    tags: journey space metaphor reading book read
    — Valeria Luiselli
    Metaphor is the lifeblood of all art.
    tags: metaphor
    — Twyla Tharp
    Analogies and metaphors have often proved pivotal in expanding our thoughts both within and without science, and so one should not discourage the attempt to synthesize apparent opposites. However, citizens of the New Age often forget that, when they involve science, analogies should be tempered by experiment and calculation.
    tags: thoughts age metaphor
    — Tony Rothman
    Often people talk about how they feel 'stuck' in a situation. You're never stuck! You may be a little frustrated, you may not have clear answers, but you're not stuck. The minute you represent the situation to yourself as being stuck, though, that's exactly how you'll feel. We must be very careful about the metaphors we allow ourselves to use.
    tags: people metaphor
    — Tony Robbins
    What we know for sure is that metaphor is the raw uranium of poetry, and that an urge to say that one thing is like something else is one of the earliest markers of the poetic spirit, the nascent poet.
    tags: metaphor poetry poet spirit
    — Tony Hoagland
    The days of the digitals are numbered. The metaphor is built into them like a self-destruct mechanism.
    tags: metaphor
    — Tom Stoppard
    If you're looking for a spiritual allegory in the style of C.S. Lewis, I guess you could piece something together with Lorne Michaels as a symbol for God and my struggles with hair removal as a metaphor for virtue
    tags: virtue struggle metaphor god spiritual
    — Tina Fey
    From the beginning [of the film The Darkest Hour], [aliens] it's a metaphor for the foreigners and from the beginning of the movie, American boys feel themselves like aliens here or they feel like Russians are aliens. There's misunderstanding or miscommunication. Then when the real aliens appear, together they have to fight to survive.
    tags: fight metaphor real boys movie film american
    — Timur Bekmambetov
    Science is all metaphor.
    tags: metaphor
    — Timothy Leary
    The ocean is a supreme metaphor for change. I expect the unexpected but am never fully prepared.
    tags: ocean metaphor
    — Tim Winton
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