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    men Quotes

    Homosexuality in Russia is a crime and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with the other men. There is a three year waiting list.
    — Yakov Smirnoff
    Men and women are immigrants in each other's worlds.
    — Yakov Smirnoff
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    I found out that when you get married the man becomes the head of the house. And the woman becomes the neck, and she turns the head any way she wants to.
    — Yakov Smirnoff
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    According as a man acts and walks in the path of life, so he becomes. He that does good becomes good; he that does evil becomes evil. By pure actions he becomes pure; by evil actions he becomes evil.
    — Yajnavalkya
    tags: evil  men  action  path 
    Any man who is not a communist at the age of 20 is a fool.
    — Yair Lapid
    tags: men  age  fools 
    The people are the foundation of the nation. Our only chance for a lasting peace on earth: the release of the strength of the common man.
    — Y. C. James Yen
    tags: chance  men  peace  people  strength 
    Men of all social stations live together: they are equal in their desires, yet vary in their methods; they are equal in their passions, yet different in their intelligence; that is their nature-given vitality.
    — Xunzi
    tags: desires  men  live  passion 
    Pride and excess bring disaster for man.
    — Xunzi
    tags: men  pride 
    The petty man is eager to make boasts, yet desires that others should believe in him. He enthusiastically engages in deception, yet wants others to have affection for him. He conducts himself like an animal, yet wants others to think well of him.
    — Xunzi
    The noble person uses things; the lesser man is used by things.
    — Xunzi
    tags: men  people  noble 
    When a man sees something desirable, he must reflect on the fact that with time it could come to involve what is detestable. When he sees something that is beneficial, he should reflect that sooner or later it, too, could come to involve harm.
    — Xunzi
    tags: time  men  facts 
    The nature of man is evil; what is good in him is artificial.
    — Xunzi
    tags: nature  men 
    There are successful scholars, public-spirited scholars, upright scholars, cautious scholars, and those who are merely petty men.
    — Xunzi
    tags: men  successful 
    The doubts of an honest man contain more moral truth than the profession of faith of people under a worldly yoke.
    — Ximenes Doudan
    Live with a man forty years. Share his house, his meals, speak on every subject. Then tie him up and hold him over the volcano's edge, and on that day, you will finally meet the man.
    — Xiang Yu
    tags: men  live  shares  year 
    All men begin their learning with Homer.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  learning 
    In the beginning the gods did not at all reveal all things clearly to mortals, but by searching men in the course of time find them out better.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: time  men  searching  god 
    Men always makes gods in their own image.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  god 
    Pure truth no man has seen, nor ever shall know.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: truth  men 
    If God had not made brown honey, men would think figs much sweeter than they do.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  god  honey 
    Ethiopians imagine their gods as black and snub-nosed; Thracians blue-eyed and red-haired. But if horses or lions had hands, or could draw and fashion works as men do, horses would draw the gods shaped like horses and lions like lions, making the gods resemble themselves.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: fashion  men  work  god  black  imagine 
    If oxen and lions had hands and could paint with their hands and produce works of art, as men do, horses would paint the forms of the gods likes horses and oxen like oxen. Each would represent them with bodies according to the bodies of each. So the Ethiopians make their gods black and snub-nosed; the Thracians give theirs red hair and blue eyes.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  work  body  eyes  god  black 
    God is one, greatest of gods and men, not like mortals in body or thought.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  thoughts  body  god 
    No man knows distinctly anything, and no man ever will.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men 
    Even if a man should chance to speak the most complete truth, yet he himself does not know it; all things are wrapped in appearances
    — Xenophanes
    tags: chance  truth  men 
    The clear and perfect truth no man has seen, nor will there be anyone who knows about the gods and what I say about all things...; for, however perfect what he says may be, yet he does not know it; all things are matters of opinion.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: truth  men  opinion  god 
    The Ethiops say that their gods are flat-nosed and black, While the Thracians say that theirs have blue eyes and red hair. "If oxen and horses and lions had hands and were able to draw with their hands and do the same things as men, horses would draw the shapes of gods to look like horses and oxen would draw them to look like oxen, and each would make the gods' bodies have the same shape as they themselves had.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  body  eyes  god  black 
    The Gods did not reveal, from the beginning, all things to us, but in the course of time through seeking we may learn & know things better. But as for certain truth no man knows it, nor shall he know it, neither of the Gods nor yet of all things that I speak. For even if by chance he were to utter The Final Truth, he would himself not know it: for all is but a woven web of guesses.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: chance  time  truth  men  god  learn 
    It takes a wise man to recognize a wise man.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  wise 
    God is one, supreme among gods and men, and not like mortals in body or in mind.The whole [of god] sees, the whole perceives, the whole hears. But without effort he sets in motion all things by mind and thought.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  thoughts  body  god  mind 
    ...for our wisdom is better than the strength of men or of horses. ... nor is it right to prefer strength to excellent wisdom. For if there should be in the city [any athlete whose skill] is honoured more than strength ... the city would not on that account be any better governed.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  right  wisdom  strength 
    I have only hated men at those moments when I realized that I was doing all the giving and they the taking. At least when I was a prostitute, it was all honest and upfront.
    — Xaviera Hollander
    tags: men  moment  giving 
    During a carnival, men put masks over their masks.
    — Xavier Forneret
    tags: men 
    For the taking of revenge, a man locks himself up alone and thinks. His stomach must be empty for his head to be full. Vengeance comes a little from the heart and a lot from the mind; one must take oneself apart from the noise of men and of things, even from what resembles them; only the voices of bells and of thunder are allowed. Let the room in which you meditate be dark, narrow and warm.
    — Xavier Forneret
    tags: men  heart  dark  alone  oneself  revenge 
    The point of view foreigners will have of the film The Conquest isn't the same as the French public. What will interest American and international audiences is the love story between Nicolas and Cecelia that's a metaphor of today's occidental couple, namely the women in the shadows who carry their husbands into the spotlight, but the man is so absorbed with work so the woman leaves him for another man.
    — Xavier Durringer
    tags: men  work  women  metaphor  film  stories  american 
    Women have to define themselves in the eyes of men. They have to fight for their rights, especially in a society that will pretend that there is no fight or no battle, that it's a cliché, that feminists are reactionary, all these things.
    — Xavier Dolan
    tags: men  women  society  fight  right  eyes  battle 
    Imagination, realm of enchantment!- which the most beneficent of beings bestowed upon man to console him for reality- I must quit you now.
    — Xavier de Maistre
    tags: men  imagination 
    Many a revolution started with the actions of a few. Only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. A few hanging together can lead a nation to change.
    — Wynton Marsalis
    Whenever you face a man who's playing your instrument, there's a competition.
    — Wynton Marsalis
    tags: men  competition 
    Jazz is not just 'Well, man, this is what I feel like playing.' It's a very structured thing that comes down from a tradition and requires a lot of thought and study.
    — Wynton Marsalis
    tags: men  thoughts 
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