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There are no medicines to bring a dead thing back to life.
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— Kristin Cashore
It made Fire so angry, the thought of such a medicine, a violence done to herself to stop her from creating anything like herself. And what was the purpose of these eyes, this impossible face, the softness and the curves of this body, the strength of this mind; what was the point, if none of the men who desired her were to give her any babies, and all it ever brought her was grief? What was the purpose of a woman monster?
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— Kristin Cashore
I think once an athlete always an athlete and once you have a competitive nature about you, in general, it's hard to let go. Whether you're going to take it into medicine or take it into sport, the competitive drive never really leaves.
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— Kristin Armstrong
Organized medicine quickly adopted the stance that his alleged "cures" fell into three categories: those who never had cancer in the first place; those who were cured by prior radiation and surgery; and those who died. When Healing Becomes a Crime
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— Kenny Ausubel
You see, when medicine works, it is blessed science, and when it fails, it is witchcraft. - Polidori
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— Kenneth Oppel
Theodore Dalrymple is a brilliant observer of both medicine and society, and his book wittily engages with two versions of the current nonsense: orthodox medicine on drug addiction, and romantic poets on the wisdom you supposedly enjoy from getting high.
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— Kenneth Minogue
I wasn't sued out of medicine, I wasn't arbitrated out of the profession.
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— Ken Jeong
Medicine really matured me as a person because, as a physician, you're obviously dealing with life and death issues, issues much more serious than what we're talking about in entertainment. You can't get more serious than life and death. And if you can handle that, you can handle anything.
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— Ken Jeong
The unconscious mind is way bigger than the conscious mind. Using tools to access its wisdom and self-organizing features is powerful medicine.
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— Kelly Carlin-McCall
The involuntary character of psychiatric treatment is at odds with the spirit and ethics of medicine itself.
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— Kate Millett
I studied at a grammar school and later at the University of Vienna in the Faculty of Medicine.
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— Karl von Frisch
I look upon statistics as the handmaid of medicine, but on that very account I hold that it befits medicine to treat her handmaid with proper respect, and not to prostitute her services for controversial or personal purposes.
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— Karl Pearson
Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases.
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— Karl Marx
I began the study of medicine, impelled by a desire for knowledge of facts and of man. The resolution to do disciplined work tied me to both laboratory and clinic for a long time to come.
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— Karl Jaspers
Love is a medicine for the sickness of the world; a prescription often given, too rarely taken....
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— Karl A. Menninger
Plant medicines work beyond the physical response; sometimes, it's your spirit or emotion that needs healing, and plant medicines can address that also.
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— Karen Rose
Often, people take herbal medicines for a physical response, but what they find is that the body also responds in an emotional way to the plant medicine that they're taking.
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— Karen Rose
Plant medicine does not just improve symptoms; it approaches healing the whole of the body - as opposed to Western medicine, which may just approach the symptom.
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— Karen Rose
Basketball is an endurance sport, and you have to learn to control your breath; that's the essence of yoga, too. So, I consciously began using yoga techniques in my practice and playing. I think yoga helped reduce the number and severity of injuries I suffered. As preventative medicine, it's unequaled.
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— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
If not for the success that medicine has made, I might be part of a much different story right now.
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— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar music isn't just music- its medicine.
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— Kanye West
Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine.
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— Kanye West
Farewells have reasons. If you can sense the reality, time is the medicine.
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— Kangin
This album - Pain Medicine - is diverse enough and healing enough to help people get through real life sh*t whether it be through laughing at a dude because he's wack in the bed or it be through a record like when crying is easy where you explore what isn't in life that will make you happy. Real recognize real.
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— K.Michelle
Through this album, Pain Medicine, I want single mothers to understand that pain is only weakness leaving the body and every blow that they may encounter on an everyday basis is only a bump in the road. Fighter's fight and winners win.
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— K.Michelle
My album Pain Medicine might not make all of America feel better, but for single mothers and women who have been hurt as well as women who seek personal life fulfillment it will make them feel as if they have someone they can relate too. The obstacles and issues that I have gone through in my life are more then one could imagine so if I can make it they can also make it through anything.
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— K.Michelle
Homoeopathic treatment is my first choice not only for me but also for my family. Homoeopathy should be developed as full- fledged alternative system of medicine. More research and more development are essential to make Homoeopathy more popular and useful Homoeopath treats their patients in more compassionate way. Homoeopathy is second largest system of medicine being practiced in India.
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— K. R. Narayanan
Today we have big, crude instruments guided by intelligent surgeons, and we have little, stupid molecules of drugs that get dumped into the body, diffuse around and interfere with things as best they can. At present, medicine is unable to heal anything.
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— K. Eric Drexler
A time will come, when fields will be manured with a solution of glass (silicate of potash), with the ashes of burnt straw, and with the salts of phosphoric acid, prepared in chemical manufactories, exactly as at present medicines are given for fever and goitre.
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— Justus von Liebig
Only about seventy years ago was chemistry, like a grain of seed from a ripe fruit, separated from the other physical sciences. With Black, Cavendish and Priestley, its new era began. Medicine, pharmacy, and the useful arts, had prepared the soil upon which this seed was to germinate and to flourish.
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— Justus von Liebig
Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart.
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— Julie Marie Berman
America is losing faith in modern medicine, and for good reason.
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— Julian Whitaker
The 'drugs or surgery only approach that modern medicine uses to treat today's diseases is archaic.
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— Julian Whitaker
Writing is medicine. It is an appropriate antidote to injury. It is an appropriate companion for any difficult change.
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— Julia Cameron
Love is the greatest medicine. I ask to be healing medicine for others. I ask my heart to expand its boundaries and to love others as they wish to be loved. I ask my heart to expand its boundaries and open to my being loved as I wish to be loved.
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— Julia Cameron
Insomnia is an indication, not a chaos. Its like ache. Youre not going to provide a patient ache medicine without figuring out whats reasoning the pain.
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— Judith Owen
The Bible is no ordinary book. The words are like medicine to your soul, and it has the power to change your life!
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— Joyce Meyer
Theres not a lot of good humor in medicine, but theres a lot of medicine in good humor.
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— Josh Billings
The best medicine I know for rheumatism is to thank the Lord that it ain't gout.
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— Josh Billings
There is not a whole lot of fun in medicine but there is a whole lot of medicine in fun.
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— Josh Billings