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    marriage Quotes

    Traditional marriage between a man and a woman has been a cornerstone of our society for generations. If we are going to change that, it ought to be done by the will of the people.
    — Steve Chabot
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    I had a friend who, after 25 years of marriage, found himself trying to date again, and it was completely different. Everything had changed, and he had to reacquaint himself. It was funny even talking to him about it. For someone who has been out of the loop, it's a different world.
    — Steve Carell
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    Gay marriage within mainline denominations is gaining traction. Skewed pastors and even the government can't trump the Bible on this issue. Pastors: stand!
    — Steve Camp
    A hundred percent of marriages end in divorce, disappearance or death.
    — Steve Aylett
    tags: death  marriage  divorce 
    When in our minds we pre-live our marriage, we help to determine the kind of person that we would like to be when that event arrives. As we pre-live our success, we develop the abilities necessary to bring it about. And with the information and direction given us in the Holy Scriptures we can even pre-live that important period that lies beyond the boundaries of this life.
    — Sterling W Sill
    tags: people  lies  help  holy  mind  success  marriage 
    Cult: simply an extension of the idea that everyone's supreme aim in life is self- fulfillment and happiness and that one is entitled to wreck marriage, children and certainly one's health and sanity in pursuit of this.
    — Stephen Spender
    The concerts you enjoy together/ Neighbors you annoy together/ Children you destroy together,/ That keep marriage in tact.
    — Stephen Sondheim
    Defendants' essential contention is that bans on same-sex marriage promote the welfare of children, by encouraging good parenting in stable opposite-sex families.... Defendants have presented no evidence of any such effect. Indeed, they cannot even explain the manner in which, as they predict, children of opposite-sex couples will be harmed. Their other contentions are equally without merit.
    — Stephen Reinhardt
    Marriage is not one point of view: it's a constant back and forth over different perspectives - a healthy marriage, anyway.
    — Stephen Marche
    Marriage is an an inherently contradictory state. It involves the fusion of two people into one thing. And it's also love, and it's a lot of work, and it's got glory in its drudgery.
    — Stephen Marche
    tags: people  work  marriage 
    Whenever I read a book about a marriage, I always feel I'm being lied to.
    — Stephen Marche
    tags: book  read  marriage 
    Marriage is this black box which is the key to all social and political problems; the family is the unit.
    — Stephen Marche
    tags: key  political  marriage  black 
    The research points pretty clearly to the rise of companionate marriage, and I just think it's going to keep being popular, for the very simple reason that it's basically the only way to afford a family life in the 21st-century in advanced economies. It's one of the major reasons for the spike in income inequality. Surgeons used to marry their secretaries. Now they marry other surgeons.
    — Stephen Marche
    tags: marriage  research  marry 
    Women become breadwinners, men become caregivers. That's the birth of intimate marriage.
    — Stephen Marche
    tags: men  women  birth  marriage 
    I've always been clear, I support the traditional definition of marriage.
    — Stephen Harper
    The Liberals may blather about protecting cultural minorities, but the fact is that undermining the traditional definition of marriage is an assault on multiculturalism and the practices in those communities.
    — Stephen Harper
    I have no difficulty with the recognition of civil unions for non-traditional relationships but I believe in law we should protect the traditional definition of marriage.
    — Stephen Harper
    It will come as no surprise to anybody to know that I support the traditional definition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, as expressed in our traditional common law.
    — Stephen Harper
    tags: men  women  law  marriage  definition 
    I also have a degree in marriage, family and child counseling - I'm a therapist.
    — Stephen Furst
    tags: children  child  marriage 
    I'm very happy with the outcome of the vote ... I totally, totally support equal marriage in law. I don't want anybody in society feeling second best. I don't believe that being gay is a sin.
    — Stephen Crabb
    tags: society  believe  law  gay  sin  marriage 
    There once was a man name Barack, Whose re-election came as a shock. He raised the taxes I pay, And then turned marriage gay. And now he's coming after your glock.
    — Stephen Colbert
    tags: men  gay  marriage  tax 
    In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." Sorry, Darwin-huggers, but it's not "In the beginning, a monkey evolutioned gay marriage.
    — Stephen Colbert
    tags: gay  god  marriage  heaven  sorry 
    In the beginning, a monkey evolutioned gay marriage.
    — Stephen Colbert
    tags: gay  marriage 
    The entire future of marriage rests with Justice Anthony Kennedy, the man who declared in Citizens United that corporations are people with constitutional rights. I just hope he doesn't do anything rash, like declare that homosexuals are people with constitutional rights.
    — Stephen Colbert
    tags: justice  men  people  future  right  hope  marriage 
    Friendships are different from all other relationships. Unlike acquaintanceship, friendship is based on love. Unlike lovers and married couples, it is free of jealousy. Unlike children and parents, it knows neither criticism nor resentment. Friendship has no status in law. Business partnerships are based on a contract. So is marriage. Parents are bound by law. But friendships are freely entered into, freely given, and freely exercised.
    — Stephen Ambrose
    I don't know what it takes to make marriage work, but I'm going to keep trying until I get it right. I haven't given up on love or marriage.
    — Stephanie Mills
    tags: work  right  marriage 
    In industrial countries where male privilege is still firmly entrenched - in Spain, Italy, Japan, and South Korea, for example - women are delaying marriage longer than in America, and often resisting childbearing as well. They are less likely than American women to say that marriage is a good deal.
    — Stephanie Coontz
    A significant minority of senior women I've interviewed say, 'Love the companionship, glad to live with him, but I spent my first marriage picking up after a man and I'm not going to do that anymore.
    — Stephanie Coontz
    tags: men  women  live  marriage 
    The worst problems for children stem from parental conflict, before, during, and after divorce or within marriage.
    — Stephanie Coontz
    I think that divorce is a vital escape hatch for people stuck in marriage and it is not a sentence of doom either for adults or children. The community should develop better support systems for saving or restoring potentially healthy marriages.But we should also help people who decide to divorce have healthier partings.
    — Stephanie Coontz
    Singlehood is not longer a state to be overcome as soon as possible. It has its own rewards. Marriage is not the gateway to adulthood anymore. For most people it's the dessert - desirable, but no longer the main course.
    — Stephanie Coontz
    tags: people  marriage 
    When parents are educated about how not to involve children in their conflicts and co-parent amicably, a lot of the ill effects of divorce can be alleviated. Divorce is always painful. But kids in a high-conflict marriage or low-conflict but contemptuous ones are often better off in the long run when the parent can disengage.
    — Stephanie Coontz
    According to DC's HIV/AIDS office, three percent of the local population has HIV or AIDS... The DC City Council, perhaps on the theory that serving up another glass of wine is the way to help a drunk, is scheduled to vote on December 1 to legalize same sex marriage in America's capital city.
    — Star Parker
    tags: help  sex  america  marriage 
    It's always fascinating to me, one, when they like to throw President [Bill] Clinton's behavior in Secretary [Hillary] Clinton's face, I've never seen anything like it before in my entire career, of watching a woman have to defend the behavior of her husband, because she chose to make her marriage work. That is just outrageous.
    — Star Jones
    [Hillary Clinton chose to make her marriage work. That is just outrageous.]It speaks of the sexism and the misogyny in this election [2016].
    — Star Jones
    tags: work  marriage 
    In every house of marriage there's room for an interpreter.
    — Stanley Kunitz
    tags: marriage 
    Luck is one of the most important things in the world and really has a role to play in everything, and in marriage, I've been lucky enough to be married to the same girl for all these years.
    — Stan Lee
    tags: world  girls  luck  marriage  year 
    For a few thousand years, women had no history. Marriage was our calling, and meekness our virtue. Over the last century, in stuttering succession, we have gained a voice, a vote, a room, a playing field of our own. Decorously or defiantly, we now approach what surely qualifies as the final frontier.
    — Stacy Schiff
    tags: women  virtue  marriage  year 
    I'm not really interested in thinking about marriage or kids at all.
    — Stacy Keibler
    tags: thinking  marriage  kids 
    Marriage is a garden that I'm constantly growing in.
    — Stacey King
    tags: marriage  garden 
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