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I've learned in most areas of my life, to bounce heated choices off other people. Co-workers, my agent, my wife, a sponsor, etc. A majority of the time, that keeps me on the right side of things.
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— Kurt Sutter
We only hear success stories. You don't hear about the hundreds and hundreds - the overwhelming majority that don't go anywhere. This is a more realistic portrayal of what happens in startups.
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— Kumail Nanjiani
I avoid the carwash when I think it might rain anytime in the near future, which means I drive around the majority of the time in a pollen and bird poop covered car. This presents a stand off between Neat Freakshow and Practical Pennypincher, and Neat Freak usually triumphs. And then it rains.
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— Kristin Armstrong
A very few lonely pioneers make their way to high places never before visited . . . they create the living conditions of mankind and the majority are living on their work.
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— Kristian Birkeland
I find that the vast majority of people who are judging are just fearful or insecure.
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— Kristen Bell
I don't see a huge difference between the African condition and the black American condition. The only real difference is that black Americans live in the richest country on Earth surrounded by a majority white population and are almost entirely disconnected from their original culture and their God-given identity.
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— Kola Boof
My musical style was developed basically by listening to music. The music I like helped to mold my style. I used to listen to the majority of down south music when I was a shorty coming up.
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— King Louie
Without peace and without the overwhelming majority of people that believe in peace defending it, working for it, believing in it, security can never really be a reality.
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— King Hussein I
We respect opposition to any position or policy. But we believe that the opinion that should prevail and be respected is that of the majority.
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— King Hussein I
It's just disgusting that in this society, the majority of students in art school are women, but they amount to less than 30% of what is shown in museums. That has not changed radically.
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— Kiki Smith
On a scale of the United States, the Hollywood influence on what comes out, that's not the majority views of across the country. What we read in Us Weekly or People magazine, or Entertainment Tonight, it's not what the majority of the country is thinking.
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— Kid Rock
In America, we're kind of lazy. But in New York, it's one of those places where you see the majority of people hustling. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.
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— Kid Cudi
I'm fascinated by politicians, because I suspect the huge majority of them go into it full of ideas and for the best possible reasons but end up being hijacked.
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— Kevin Whately
You can't win a majority mandate unless you get back 60 per cent of the votes between the ages of 18 and 35. It's a fact.
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— Kevin O'Leary
Trudeau motivated people between the ages of 18 to 35 to vote, and 82 per cent of them voted for him. That changed Canadian politics forever. If they stay motivated, and believe me, they are, no party can ever get a majority mandate again without winning at least 60 per cent of those voters. There hasn't been a Conservative candidate in 15 years that ever got on a campus anywhere here in any Canadian university and wasn't thrown stones at.
— Kevin O'Leary
If I don't deliver a majority mandate in 2019, fire me.
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— Kevin O'Leary
People always think women meet us in the hotel lobby, but it's the opposite. The majority of the time, you go out to eat with your teammates, then rest for the next day's game. It's not a vacation - most guys view the road as a business trip.
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— Kevin Durant
America was founded on majority rule, not supermajority rule. Somehow, over the years, this has morphed into supermajority rule, and that changes things.
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— Kent Conrad
It is man's intrinsic and irreducible self-responsibility to humanize himself, to exercise his entire range of rational and moral resources to raise his mode of being and seeing and acting above not just that of animals, but also above that of the majority of subhuman (never to be self-realized) humans who will never draw themselves into a self-punishing position of focal self-diagnosis and self-accountability.
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— Kenny Smith
As always, the illusion of self-transcendence is far more facile and available than self-transcendence itself: in the vast majority of cases what human consciousness opens up to is merely a more encompassing form of finitude (another captivating illusion or delusion).
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— Kenny Smith
I want to share with the American people that President Bush and the Republican majority in just 4 years have borrowed $1.05 trillion from foreign nations. That is selling our country to other nations because of the spending that is going on.
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— Kendrick Meek
I had to come from something, come from a place that was negative and positive but the majority of it is a negative place.
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— Kendrick Lamar
Shakespeare is God, of course. I have studied his plays for the vast majority of my sentient life. When I was a kid, my parents found an old copy of the LP recording of Richard Burton in John Gielgud's Broadway production of Hamlet and they gave it to me for my birthday. I listened to it till the grooves wore thin and I was off and running.
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— Ken Ludwig
You had a majority of Americans saying that [Donald Trump] would take the country in the right direction or I think he would make real change, real change.
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— Kellyanne Conway
We want a Republican majority in the house and the senate, there's no question.
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— Kellyanne Conway
The excuse of divided government is over: they have the House and the Senate as well; they have the state legislatures; they have a majority of the governors. And that's exciting. But for me, I think the lesson also is all the opportunities out there for women, increasingly in politics and media and public policy and government affairs - all the things we do here in Washington - that we still have to make choices, there are limits.
— Kellyanne Conway
We need a whole bunch of books about people of color, kids on the spectrum, etc. It's strange that we have a population of school children that is majority nonwhite but their books are majority white.
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— Kekla Magoon
It is a logical absurdity to equate democracy with freedom in the way that mainstream political philosophers and commentators typically do. A system where individuals and minorities are at the mercy of unconstrained majorities hardly constitutes freedom in any meaningful sense.
— Keith Preston
Whatever flaws or personal failings afflict them, it remains the case that the overwhelming majority of priests and politicians are honourable and honest - seeking to live out their beliefs and serve society.
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— Keith O'Brien
I've been winning with 70 percent of the vote, and if you look at my district, you know it's a majority Christian district, and yet we've still been winning with high margins, so I don't feel like I've had any disadvantages for being a minority.
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— Keith Ellison
I like to spend time with my family. The majority of my time is spent in London, but I do like to escape and spend time with them in my hometown of Brighton on the south coast.
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— Katie Price
I don't know the vast majority of you personally, and it may sound kind of corny, but I really feel as if we've become friends through the years. And you've been with me during a lot of good times and some very difficult ones. I can't tell you how grateful I am.
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— Katie Couric
Starting a business isn't for everyone, and it's not what you should do if you aren't sure what else to do. It requires thick skin and the willingness to carry a great deal of stress, sometimes alone. It's more often a life of failure than a life of success, and the majority of successes came after a long road of disappointment, and often shame.
— Kathryn Minshew
I was spending a lot of time in Mumbai after I met my husband, who is Indian, and while parts of the city were prospering like crazy, I couldn't quite make out how the new wealth had changed the prospects of the majority of city residents who lived in slums. So after a few years I stopped wondering and started reporting.
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— Katherine Boo
Do you see any majority, anywhere, in this imperfect and irreligious world, admitting that the minority is precious? That any minority is precious?
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— Katharine Fullerton Gerould
Obviously, for the majority of parents and certainly me you gain a million worlds when you have a child. Certainly, it's the thing that's changed my life and made me unbelievably happy.
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— Kate Winslet
I grew up in Florida riding horses, so for the majority of my life I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit.
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— Kate Upton
It's an interesting sign of the times that models are being booked for jobs and covers because of their following on a social media platform, I walked in the Balmain show for Olivier Rousteing. If you rounded up all the numbers of the majority of his line-up, there would be upwards of 10, 15 million followers.
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— Karlie Kloss
I don't understand "animal people" who say they are not environmentalists. Do they not realize that the vast majority of animals live in the environment?
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— Karen Dawn
[The] majority of the girls working there had major emotional problems. And not cries-too-much emotional problems; more like stabs-her-boyfriend-with-a-steak-knife-then-falls-into-a-corner-and-starts-whispering-to-herself emotional problems.
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— Justin Halpern