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    lost Quotes

    The only lost cause is one we give up on before we enter the struggle.
    — Vaclav Havel
    tags: lost  struggle 
    The worst thing is that we live in a contaminated moral environment. We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something different from what we thought. Concepts such as love, friendship, compassion, humility or forgiveness lost their depth and dimension.
    — Vaclav Havel
    Whether all is really lost or not depends entirely on whether or not I am lost.
    — Vaclav Havel
    tags: lost 
    We are the first atheistic and global, all-embracing civilization. You cannot tell whether you are sitting at an airport in Hong Kong or in a hotel in Alaska. Everything is instrumentalized, subjected to a short-term purpose. It is quite possible that in such a situation any sense of a deeper meaning gets lost.
    — Vaclav Havel
    I came to London. It had become the center of my world and I had worked hard to come to it. And I was lost.
    — V. S. Naipaul
    tags: world  lost 
    It was a good place for getting lost in, a city no one ever knew, a city explored from the neutral heart outward, until after many years, it defined itself into a jumble of clearings separated by stretches of the unknown, through which the narrowest of paths had been cut.
    — V. S. Naipaul
    tags: heart  lost  path  year 
    In the beginning, before the arrival of the white men, I had considered myself neutral. I had wanted neither side to win, neither the army nor the rebels. As it turned out, both sides lost.
    — V. S. Naipaul
    tags: men  lost 
    For the version of this CD released in Japan, a translation of the English lyrics is included, but there are lots of places where meanings are lost in the process of translation.
    — Utada Hikaru
    tags: meaning  process  lost  lyrics 
    Worrying gets you nowhere. If you turn up worrying about how you're going to perform, you've already lost. Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself.
    — Usain Bolt
    tags: lost  care 
    There's no such thing as a lost cause, or a dead end. Through persistence, attitude, and creativity, there's always an escape route.
    — Urijah Faber
    But I have a conscience and a religious faith, and I know that our liberties were not won without suffering, and may be lost again through our cowardice. I intend to do my duty to my country.
    — Upton Sinclair
    I accused a woman of doing something behind my back when I knew that she hadn't, just to see if she loved me. One of a man's secret weapons in dealing with women is knowing the day you stop reacting to my bullshit is the day I feel like I've lost you, even if I'm creating a problem just so we can argue about it.
    — Tyrese Gibson
    tags: secret  women  problem  lost  knowing 
    I had had an extroverted personality with a lot of friends, but when I lost the weight and grew so tall, I withdrew within myself.
    — Tyra Banks
    When I was a young girl, I lost a lot of weight over one summer - involuntarily - and was just really depressed and sad. There was nothing I could do to gain weight. I would look in the mirror and call myself disgusting every day.
    — Tyra Banks
    tags: young  sad  lost  girls  summer 
    I literally cannot even. I can't even. I am unable to even. I have lost my ability to even. I am so unable to even.
    — Tyler Oakley
    tags: lost 
    I used to want to kill myself because I had lost so much of who I knew I was because of all the other invalidation from people. It sends you spiraling where you're like, Wait, I know I have this quality, I know what my integrity is - until you're being fed all this false information about yourself. You start to wonder why. You don't feel good about yourself because you no longer believe in yourself.
    — Tyler Blackburn
    Once you accept the power of spine in the creative act, you will become much more efficient in your creativity. You will still get lost on occasion, but having a spine will anchor you.
    — Twyla Tharp
    My homie lost his family and snapped, shot up half the block to bring them back.
    — Tupac Shakur
    tags: lost 
    England, Australia, Israel, a few staunch, important allies internationally. But we have lost a lot of international support.
    — Tucker Carlson
    tags: lost  england 
    We believe deep down that we've lost something precious and are seeking it outside ourselves, never realizing that we are carrying it within us wherever we go.
    — Tsoknyi Rinpoche
    tags: believe  lost 
    What we gave, we have; What we spent, we had; What we left, we lost.
    — Tryon Edwards
    tags: lost 
    As a territory, American Samoa has no representation in the U.S. Senate, and we Samoans lost a respected and powerful ally with the passing of Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye.
    — Troy Polamalu
    tags: powerful  lost  american 
    I stood up to the liberal elite when they came to our state (Alabama) and tried to eliminate the death penalty, we won, they lost.
    — Troy King
    tags: death  lost 
    Alcohol does kill brain cells, because you've lost it.
    — Triple H
    tags: lost  brain  alcohol 
    I suppose sometimes it takes getting lost to enjoy the joy of being found
    — Tricia Goyer
    tags: joy  lost 
    [My mother ] will write me an email, and it'll be Shanah Tovah. And the next day it'll be something else, Baruch Hashem Adonai. And I - I'm lost half of the time, but that was the world that I grew up in.
    — Trevor Noah
    tags: time  world  lost  write  mother 
    Poor Kate,"said Constance,"she's lost her marbles.
    — Trenton Lee Stewart
    tags: lost  poor 
    I actually enjoyed getting lost in Japan's backroads, finding myself in a wasabi farm.
    — Travis Rice
    tags: lost 
    Everybody has lost somebody that they care about, or hopefully you havent, but thats part of life.
    — Tracy Spiridakos
    tags: lost  care 
    The problem is fundamental... It is as if a secret committee, now lost to history, has made a study of children and, having figured out what the greatest number were least disposed to declared that all of them should do it.
    — Tracy Kidder
    We like to hunt and golf and drive around lost, and scratch and spit, and a whole lot of other disgusting stuff.
    — Tracy Byrd
    tags: lost  golf 
    It's good to have an idea about what you want to do with your life before just doing things. If you have goals and dreams, it doesn't really matter if you achieve them, but if you have them it's much easier to not get lost. It's easier to make decisions.
    — Tove Styrke
    tags: decision  lost  achieve  goal  dreams  ideas 
    A very long time ago, Grandmother had wanted to tell about all the things they did, but no one had bothered to ask. And now she had lost the urge.
    — Tove Jansson
    tags: time  lost 
    I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is two weeks.
    — Totie Fields
    tags: lost 
    Lost is the time that you don't spend for love.
    — Torquato Tasso
    tags: time  lost 
    Perhaps if only once you did enjoy The thousandth part of all the happiness A heart beloved enjoys, returning love, Repentant, you would surely sighing say, "All time is truly lost and gone Which is not spent in serving love."
    — Torquato Tasso
    tags: happiness  time  heart  lost  gone 
    Its always when you think that youve lost a little of the baby weight that someone steps in grabs a handful of a now sans baby soft belly and asks the inevitable When are you due?
    — Tori Spelling
    tags: lost 
    In my new life, no room for a lost boy.
    — Tori Amos
    tags: lost  boys 
    Those of you who are strong need to be there for those who have lost someone today. We have to be here for each other right now.
    — Tori Amos
    tags: lost  right  strong 
    Truthfully I don't remember much about anything after the Olympics 'cause I, I lost everything.
    — Tonya Harding
    tags: lost 
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