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    lost Quotes

    Walking on willow tree roads by a river dappled with peach blossoms, I look for spring light, but am everywhere lost. Birds fly up and scatter floating catkins. A ponderous wave of flowers sags the branches.
    — Wang Wei
    tags: lost  flowers 
    How could sufferings be relieved through purification? To know the Path is to get lost at the ford. Indeed, sickness comes from worldly love And poverty begins with the pursuit of greed.
    — Wang Wei
    tags: poverty  suffering  lost  greed  path 
    Each climber loses one finger or toe once in a while. This is a small but important reason for Polish climbers success. Western climbers haven't lost as many fingers or toes.
    — Wanda Rutkiewicz
    tags: lost  success 
    Most complaints, you know, aren't won or lost on their own merits, but rather on larger issues-politics and the position of the planets.
    — Walter Wykes
    tags: lost 
    I never lost a friend I wanted to keep.
    — Walter Winchell
    tags: friends  lost 
    Never was flattery lost on a poet's ear; a simple race, they waste their toil for the vain tribute of a smile.
    — Walter Scott
    tags: smile  lost  poet  race 
    In the lost battle, Borne down by the flying, Where mingles war's rattle With groans of the dying.
    — Walter Scott
    tags: dying  lost  battle  war 
    The only effect of public punishment is to show the rabble how bravely it can be borne; and that every one who hath lost a toe-nail hath suffered worse.
    — Walter Savage Landor
    tags: lost  punishment 
    If you forget your roots, you've lost sight of everything
    — Walter Payton
    tags: lost 
    If the estimate of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs is correct, then Russia has lost the cold war in western Europe.
    — Walter Lippmann
    tags: lost  war  russia 
    The devil is merely a fallen angel, and when God lost Satan he lost one of his best lieutenants.
    — Walter Lippmann
    tags: lost  devil  god  angel  satan 
    All of you have now lost your virginity... in Physics!
    — Walter Lewin
    tags: lost 
    My father, who had lost a brother, fighting on the Austrian side in World War I, was a committed pacifist.
    — Walter Kohn
    tags: world  lost  fighting  war  father 
    Those who were cowards never started, and those who were weak were lost on the way, but the brave find a home in every land.
    — Walter Knott
    tags: lost 
    Sometimes, when a person is truly lost in this world, suffocating inside her private bubble where all she can hear is her own droning heartbeat, a touch can be enough.
    — Walter Kirn
    tags: people  world  lost 
    You thought you were found but you realize that you were lost, and someday you may discover that you're lost now.
    — Walter Kirn
    tags: thoughts  lost 
    Not one man has ever sacrificed for his Lord without being richly repaid. If the cross is only contrasted with earthly pleasures lost, it may seem hard and threatening. But when the cross is weighed in the balances with the glorious treasures to be had through it, even the cross seems sweet.
    — Walter J Chantry
    tags: men  lost  pleasure  balance 
    There is no question that if one were to ask whether we Americans are moving towards more liberty or more government control over our lives, the answer would unambiguously be the latter - more government control over our lives. We might have reached a point where the trend is irreversible and that is a true tragedy for if liberty is lost in America, it will be lost for all times and all places.
    — Walter E. Williams
    A lost but happy dream may shed its light upon our waking hours, and the whole day may be infected with the gloom of a dreary or sorrowful one; yet of neither may we be able to recover a trace.
    — Walter de La Mare
    tags: lost  dreams 
    Art is like a butterfly fluttering in a meadow. Analysis of art is like a butterfly on a pin. Each has its value, but we must always be aware of the difference, and what is gained or lost.
    — Walter Darby Bannard
    tags: value  lost  butterfly 
    The good tidings which the historian of the past brings with throbbing heart may be lost in a void the very moment he opens his mouth.
    — Walter Benjamin
    tags: heart  past  moment  lost 
    Having lost sight of our objectives, we redoubled our efforts.
    — Walt Kelly
    tags: lost 
    I need to get lost and sometimes my characters lead me to places I don't expect to go.
    — Wally Lamb
    tags: character  lost 
    I lost a company. So what? It's just stuff. Can't take it with you.
    — Wally Amos
    tags: lost  company 
    It gives a man character as a poet to have a daily contact with a job. I doubt whether I've lost a thing by leading an exceedingly regular and disciplined life.
    — Wallace Stevens
    tags: character  men  doubt  lost  job  poet 
    Creation is a knack which is empowered by practice, and like almost any skill, it is lost if you don't practice it.
    — Wallace Stegner
    tags: creation  lost 
    Every book that anyone sets out on is a voyage of discovery that may discover nothing. Any voyager may be lost at sea, like John Cabot. Nobody can teach the geography of the undiscovered. All he can do is encourge the will to explore, plus impress upon the inexperienced a few of the dos and don'ts of voyaging.
    — Wallace Stegner
    Globalization not only has lost its promise but it is embittering many. The forces representing human solidarity and community have no choice but to step in quickly to convince the disenchanted masses that, indeed, as the banner of World Social Forum in Porto Alegre proclaims, "Another world is possible."
    — Walden Bello
    tags: world  human  choice  lost  community 
    I have with me all that I do not knowI have lost none of it.
    — W. S. Merwin
    tags: lost 
    Poetry is like making a joke. If you get one word wrong at the end of a joke, you've lost the whole thing.
    — W. S. Merwin
    tags: lost  wrong  poetry 
    We must remember that a right lost to one is lost to all.
    — W. Reece Smith, Jr.
    tags: lost  right 
    After the strike, I lost interest. In reality, neither players nor owners care in the least about the fans. The greed of both factions has destroyed baseball's credibility, at least for the present.
    — W. P. Kinsella
    I lost my wife Barbara to cancer few years ago. I would give whatever time I have left to spend one more day with her.
    — W. P. Kinsella
    tags: time  lost  wife  year 
    Alone, alone, about the dreadful wood / Of conscious evil runs a lost mankind, / Dreading to find its Father.
    — W. H. Auden
    The seasons and the years came and went...and always...one was, as the crow flies, about 2,000 km away - but from where? - and day by day hour by hour, with every beat of the pulse, one lost more and more of one's qualities, became less comprehensible to oneself, increasingly abstract.
    — W. G. Sebald
    tags: oneself  lost  quality  year 
    It makes one's head heavy and giddy, as if one were not looking back down the receding perspectives of time but rather down on the earth from a great height, from one of those towers whose tops are lost to view in the clouds
    — W. G. Sebald
    tags: time  earth  lost  perspective 
    The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife, - this longing to attain self-conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self. In this merging he wishes neither of the older selves to be lost... He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American.
    — W. E. B. Du Bois
    tags: men  self  lost  wishes  longing  american  manhood 
    Before I was paralyzed, there were 10,000 things I could do; now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 I've lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left.
    — W Mitchell
    tags: focus  lost 
    Before my accidents, there were ten thousands things I could do. I could spend the rest of my life dwelling on the things that I had lost, but instead I chose to focus on the nine thousand I still had left.
    — W Mitchell
    tags: focus  lost 
    Sexuality is pushed back more and more and people try to replace what they've lost with other forms of excitement.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
    tags: people  sexuality  lost 
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