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    loss Quotes

    Honesty, good intentions and industry, you will have of course. Without these your career would soon end with the loss of your good name. But you must be ambitious to be a good deal more. Webb Hayes, his son, went on to found what had become the Union Carbide Corporation.
    — Rutherford B. Hayes
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    Keeping divine commandments brings blessings, every time! Breaking divine commandments brings a loss of blessings, every time!
    — Russell M. Nelson
    tags: loss  blessing  divine 
    Meg Ryan is a beautiful and courageous woman. I grieve the loss of her companionship, but I haven't lost her friendship. We still phone each other for a good chat.
    — Russell Crowe
    Anticipating that most poetry will be worse than carrying heavy luggage through O'Hare Airport, the public, to its loss, reads very little of it.
    — Russell Baker
    tags: loss  poetry  read 
    If we can have record high unemployment, record job loss, and just an absolutely anemic economic recovery because of Obama's policies, and he's not blamed for it, what makes anybody think he's gonna get blamed when an insurance company starts doubling their premiums?
    — Rush Limbaugh
    Obamacare is not about health care. Obamacare is about the expansion of government and the total loss of freedom.
    — Rush Limbaugh
    Do thou smile like the rose at loss and gain; For the rose, though its petals be torn asunder, Still smiles on, and it is never cast down.
    — Rumi
    tags: loss  smile 
    No matter who you are, if you have a $30 operating loss, you can carry it forward to the next year. And poor people do take advantage of that, also.
    — Rudy Giuliani
    tags: people  loss  poor  year  advantage 
    God bless every soul that we lost. God bless the families who have to endure that loss, and God guide us to our reunion in heaven, and God bless the United States of America.
    — Rudy Giuliani
    tags: loss  soul  lost  god  america  heaven 
    I hope that the outside world will realise that Hitler's government has no idea of steering towards war, even though this has often been asserted abroad. As Adolf Hitler himself has said, Germany has no need of another war to avenge the loss of her military honour, because she never lost that honour. Germany does not want war of any kind. Germany wants real and abiding peace.
    — Rudolf Hess
    tags: peace  world  loss  lost  real  military  government  war  hope  ideas 
    When I first came round in the medical center after my accident, the first face I saw was Ayrton's, with tears in his eyes. I had never seen that with Ayrton before. I just had the impression that he felt as if my accident was like one of his own. He helped me a lot with my career and I can't find the words to describe his loss.
    — Rubens Barrichello
    tags: loss  eyes  tears  career 
    However, the Administration's plan to privatize Social Security will undermine retirement security for all Americans by cutting guaranteed benefits by more than 40 percent, and risky private accounts won't make up for the loss of benefits for millions of Americans.
    — Ruben Hinojosa
    tags: loss  american 
    The losses are good... if you learn something.
    — Royce Gracie
    tags: loss  learn 
    I would say the main themes are love, loss and life. Although a lot of the songs represent hard times and situations I think my album is positive, the message is things will get better.
    — Roxanne Emery
    tags: time  loss  song  positive 
    Kyoto costs a lot, does nothing to prevent calamity, and pays no compensation in the event of loss. If my insurance broker offered that sort of policy, I would not carry insurance. Instead what my broker offers is a policy that costs a little and pays full compensation in the event of loss. If someone wants to propose that as a policy on global warming, I'm all in favour.
    — Ross McKitrick
    tags: loss 
    I've grieved enough for his life cut short and for mine for running on for so long with so little in it. It's weakness now, but I suppose I am crying out of a general sense of loss. Maybe I am mourning for the human condition.
    — Rosie Thomas
    tags: loss  human  crying  weakness  running 
    Wherever you look there is so much loss and folly to contemplate.
    — Rosie Thomas
    tags: loss 
    Anne Pitkin's poems have such lyrical sweep, such a sensitive eye for the natural world as it touches the human, that reading Winter Arguments is like seeing a landscape or, better, a richly realized painting of a landscape dotted with figures. But that would leave out their music, which would be a loss. This is a wise and graceful book by a well-traveled woman who knows how to confront deep feeling and frame it to make it all the more intense.
    — Rosellen Brown
    The most important element in human life is faith; if God were to take away all his blessings-health, physical fitness, wealth, intelligence-and leave me with but one gift I would ask him for faith. For with faith in him and his goodness, mercy and love for me, and belief in everlasting life, I believe I could suffer the loss of all my other gifts and still be happy.
    — Rose Kennedy
    Loss is the great unifier, the terrible club to which we all eventually belong.
    — Rosanne Cash
    tags: loss 
    The new record started out being about loss, but it's morphed into being about how relationships go on even though one person is not in a body anymore.
    — Rosanne Cash
    As I started writing about loss and grief, I was taking what felt unmanageable and using my songwriting, my sense of poetry and discipline, to try and make it manageable.
    — Rosanne Cash
    Sometimes you lose - perhaps because you play against the very best, or because surprises happen - but if there is organizational confidence, you bounce back from losses and convert them to successes.
    — Rosabeth Moss Kanter
    tags: loss  confidence  success 
    Most people focus on the wrong thing; They focus on the result, not the process. The process is the sacrifice; it's all the hard parts - the sweat, the pain, the tears, the losses. You make the sacrifices anyway. You learn to enjoy them, or at least embrace them. In the end, it is the sacrifices that must fulfill you.
    — Ronda Rousey
    A loss leads to victory, being fired leads to a dream job..I find comfort in believing that good things can grow out of tragedy.
    — Ronda Rousey
    What people resist is not change per se, but loss.
    — Ronald A. Heifetz
    tags: people  loss 
    With the loss of Free Choice Vouchers, hundreds of thousands of workers will now be forced to choose between their employers' unaffordable insurance or going without health care.
    — Ron Wyden
    tags: health  loss  choice  care 
    If you write something that gets a bad response, or someone commits candor or is off message, there are often consequences almost immediately when it appears in the paper or a magazine, that somebody gets called into the boss's office. And sometimes it can result in a loss of access for the reporter.
    — Ron Suskind
    tags: loss  bad  write  consequence 
    A small profit is better than a big loss.
    — Ron Rash
    tags: loss 
    Failure of government programs prompts more determined effort, while the loss of liberty is ignored or rationalized away...whether is it is the war on poverty, drugs, terrorism...or the current Hitler of the day, an appeal to patriotism is used to convince the people that a little sacrifice of liberty, here or there, is a small price to pay...The results, though, are frightening and will soon become even more so.
    — Ron Paul
    If it's not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis, we can expect a continuous and dangerous march toward corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties.
    — Ron Paul
    Great teams work harder after a tough loss.
    — Ron Brown
    tags: work  loss 
    It is said that mourning, by its gradual labour, slowly erases pain; I could not, I cannot believe this; because for me, Time eliminates the emotion of loss (I do note weep), that is all. For the rest, everything has remained motionless. For what I have lost is not a Figure (the Mother), but a being; and not a being, but a quality (a soul): not the indispensable, but the irreplaceable.
    — Roland Barthes
    tags: time  loss  believe  emotion  lost  quality 
    Loss is essential, loss is part and parcel of that necessary calamity called life. Mind you, I'm not complaining. Thanks to some inexplicable universal guiding force, it is always the worthless things we lose - slough off, like a moulting snake. Losing and losing again, is the very basis of the process, til all we are left with is the bare essence of human existence.
    — Rohinton Mistry
    tags: loss  human  existence  process  mind 
    Everyone underestimates their own life. Funny thing is, in the end, all our stories...they're the same. In fact, no matter where you go in the world, there is only one important story: of youth, loss and yearning for redemption. So we tell the same story, over and over. Only the details are different.
    — Rohinton Mistry
    tags: youth  funny  world  loss  facts  stories 
    Loss is essential. Loss is part and parcel of that necessary calamity called life.
    — Rohinton Mistry
    tags: loss 
    No, I'm not (disappointed). There's no reason to be because I'm on an incredible run. You always expect a loss once in a while. So when it happens, why be disappointed if I win over 90% of my matches.
    — Roger Federer
    tags: loss 
    What's sad about not eating is the experience, whether at a family reunion or at midnight by yourself in a greasy spoon under the L tracks. The loss of dining, not the loss of food.
    — Roger Ebert
    tags: food  loss  experience  sad 
    It's easier to identify with loss than love, because we have had so much more experience of it.
    — Roger Ebert
    tags: loss  experience 
    GraceQuest is a gripping story of one man's (and his family's) struggle with tremendous weakness and pain, but it is also a narrative theodicy-defense of God's goodness in spite of the undeniable reality of evil. . . . This is an honest and hard-hitting book about God's grace in and through tremendous loss of health and strength. Readers will find hope and help here if they are open to its message about the God-given 'strength to suffer well.'
    — Roger E. Olson
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