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    loss Quotes

    I think of depression as the mechanism that pushes down the pain of that loss. It tries to distance us from the loss but it lowers our whole energy level. I think that's a pervasive way we end up responding to loss or the anticipation of loss. Natural but not necessary.
    — Tara Brach
    tags: pain  depression  loss  energy 
    My prayer became 'May I find peace... May I love this life no matter what.' I was seeking an inner refuge, an experience of presence and wholeness that could carry me through whatever losses might come.
    — Tara Brach
    tags: peace  loss  experience  prayer 
    If our hearts are ready for anything, we can open to our inevitable losses, and to the depths of our sorrow. We can grieve our lost loves, our lost youth, our lost health, our lost capacities. This is part of our humanness, part of the expression of our love for life.
    — Tara Brach
    tags: health  youth  heart  loss  sorrow  lost 
    Everything we love goes. So to be able to grieve that loss, to let go, to have that grief be absolutely full, is the only way to have our heart be full and open.
    — Tara Brach
    tags: heart  grief  loss 
    No matter what grief or loss takes place, most of life flows on all around us, as though nothing's changed. At some point in our sorrow, we each make a choice to sink or swim. There's no alternative.
    — Tammara Webber
    tags: grief  loss  choice  sorrow 
    It isn't fair how I doubt him, and I wonder if he'll ever gather that my loss of faith extends further than I'd ever known it would, severing lines of trust and leveling my confidence like a city-flattening tornado.
    — Tammara Webber
    tags: trust  loss  hell  wonder  doubt  faith  confidence 
    The difference in the way Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump talk about the middle class is stark. For Clinton, it's a story of hope. For Trump, it is a story of loss.
    — Tamara Keith
    tags: loss  stories  hope 
    I'm at a loss for words. But even my loss is amplified.
    — Talib Kweli
    tags: loss 
    Fortunately, artists can live off their works, if you're creative at how you do it. If you just depend on the videos and the radio, you're at a loss.
    — Talib Kweli
    tags: work  live  loss  creative  artist 
    Presumably, as a Martial artist, I do not fight for gain or loss, am not concerned with strength or weakness, and neither advance a step nor retreat a step. The enemy does not see me. I do not see the enemy. Penetrating to a place where heaven and earth have not yet divided, where yin and yang have not yet arrived, I quickly and necessarily gain effect.
    — Takuan Soho
    THE NAME OF THE WIND has everything fantasy readers like, magic and mysteries and ancient evil, but it's also humorous and terrifying and completely believable. As with all the very best books in our field, it's not the fantasy trappings (wonderful as they are) that make this novel so good, but what the author has to say about true, common things, about ambition and failure, art, love, and loss.
    — Tad Williams
    If your employer pays your health insurance, that's not counted as income to you. And any economist would say that's your income, because they'd pay a higher wage if they didn't take it. That's a huge loss to the Treasury.
    — T.R. Reid
    tags: health  loss 
    Rich people see opportunities. Poor people see obstacles. Rich people see potential growth. Poor people see potential loss. Rich people focus on rewards. Poor focus on the risks.
    — T. Harv Eker
    The Church has lost a great religious poet in me; but I have lost an infinity of fun in the church, so the loss is even.
    — Sylvia Townsend Warner
    tags: loss  lost  fun  church  religious  poet 
    Some experts look at global warming, increased world temperature, as the critical tipping point that is causing a crash in coral reef health around the world. And there's no question that it is a factor, but it's preceded by the loss of resilience and degradation.
    — Sylvia Earle
    tags: health  world  loss  questions 
    This was another item about growing up: you encountered all the cliches of love and loss and heartbreak.
    — Sylvia Brownrigg
    tags: loss 
    All losses are sad. The end of an important relationship is also a death. When people fall out of love with each other, or when what seemed like a solid friendship falls into ruin, the hope for a shared future-a hope that provided a context and a purpose to life-is gone. [p. 149]
    — Sylvia Boorstein
    When you lose something in your life, stop thinking it's a loss for you... it is a gift you have been given so you can get on the right path to where you are meant to go, not to where you think you should have gone.
    — Suze Orman
    tags: loss  right  gone  gift  thinking  path 
    I have no bone loss, no brain loss, I have a lot of energy and a lot of strength. My heart is perfect so I think I'm more ready than I would have been in my 20s, honest to God.
    — Suzanne Somers
    tags: heart  loss  energy  brain  god  strength 
    I know, personally, that I would not be in the beautiful state of awareness that I find myself in daily now - knowing that love is the essence of all that is - had I not had the most painful of all experiences, the loss of my stepdaughter.
    — Suzanne Giesemann
    Sharing our stories can also be a means of healing. Grief and loss may isolate us, and anger may alienate us. Shared with others, these emotions can be powerfully uniting, as we see that we are not alone, and realize that others weep with us.
    — Susan Wittig Albert
    The voice of a person thinking, discovering, revising, is ever-present without any loss in grace or ease.
    — Susan Stewart
    tags: people  loss  grace  thinking 
    I think part of a hero construct is overcoming loss, or being abandoned, or having to make your own way in the world.
    — Susan Orlean
    tags: world  loss  hero 
    In Maureen Owen's perfectly titled Erosion's Pull, words and lines map, unmap, and revamp our everyday postcontemporary geographies: ironies and ambiguities, surrealistic conundrums, kaleidoscopic comedies, puzzlements, certain and uncertain loves and losses.
    — Susan Howe
    tags: loss  comedy  irony 
    Democrats are just as divided as Republicans these days. Embarrassed by their election losses, they are fighting over everything from their diagnosis of why Trump beat them in 2016 to how much to stake themselves on an oust-him-at-all-costs strategy now. Their internal battles may not be as sexy as the unprecedented hostile takeover of the GOP by an outsider president not beholden to it - yet they are just as consequential.
    — Susan Glasser
    tags: loss  strategy  fighting  battle  sexy 
    We carry on. We have ourselves and we carry on- in spite of our losses and mistakes and women, I think, have more than most. We are good secret-keepers. We can tie weights to out guilt and passions, and hatred and deceitfulness, and let them sink down, so that you'd never know they existed at all. But we know. I can count all mine.
    — Susan Fletcher
    the reverse side of love is unbearable loss.
    — Susan Abulhawa
    tags: loss 
    The roots of our grief coil so deeply into loss that death has cometo live with us like a family member who makes you happy by avoidingyou, but who is still one of the family. Our anger is a rage that Westerners cannot understand. Our sadness can make the stonesweep. And the way we love is no exception
    — Susan Abulhawa
    tags: death  live  sadness  grief  loss  anger 
    Deliberate tactical errors and minor losses are the means by which to bait the enemy.
    — Sun Bin
    tags: enemies  loss  enemy 
    Loss takes up inside of everything sooner or later and eats right through it.
    — Sue Monk Kidd
    tags: loss  right 
    Loss brings pain. Yes. But pain triggers memory. And memory is a kind of new birth, within each of us. And it is that new birth after long pain, that resurrection - in memory - that, to our surprise, perhaps, comforts us.
    — Sue Miller
    tags: pain  memory  loss  comfort  birth 
    Our agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley continues to face historically low prices and producer income, as well as losses due to weather and other disasters.
    — Sue Kelly
    tags: loss 
    I want my team to be more detached from the wins and losses and be more focused on doing the little things well. When you focus on getting the win, it can suffocate you, especially during the playoffs when the pressure gets thick.
    — Sue Enquist
    tags: loss  focus 
    If you keep on eating unhealthy food than no matter how many weight loss tips you follow, you are likely to retain weight and become obese. If only you start eating healthy food, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to lose weight.
    — Subodh Gupta
    tags: food  loss  healthy 
    If the heart sorrows over physical loss, the spirit rejoices over hope of understanding.
    — Subhash Kak
    Our culture is in deep trouble, and at the heart of its trouble is its loss of a vision for manhood. If its difficult for you and me as adult males to maintain our masculine balance in this gender-neutral culture, imagine what it must be like for our sons, who are growing up in an increasingly feminized world.
    — Stu Weber
    I was devastated by the loss of my job in March, although I can understand why it occurred.
    — Steven Hatfill
    tags: loss  job 
    I think that's the real loss of innocence: the first time you glimpse the boundaries that will limit your potential.
    — Steve Toltz
    tags: time  loss  potential  real 
    Embrace opportunities with limited downside, unlimited upside. The best deals are those where your risk of loss is predictable and fixed if things go wrong, while your potential gains are enormous if things go right. Take such deals whenever you can get them if the odds of success are halfway decent.
    — Steve Pavlina
    I'm convinced that the world, more than ever, needs the music only you can make. And if it takes extra courage to keep playing in spite of your loss, many will applaud the effort. And who knows? Others may be inspired to pick up their broken instruments, their broken lives, and begin again.
    — Steve Goodier
    tags: live  world  loss  broken  music  courage 
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