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    loss Quotes

    Mary Joe Fernandez rarely has a bad loss. She never tries for stupid shots.
    — Tracy Austin
    tags: loss  bad 
    Acknowledging that we lose is the overarching theme in everything in Stars. To me, that's what punk means. Stars is a punk band because we acknowledge loss. We're not trying to win. We're not trying to project victory. You win alone. I'm not interested in singing for the one winner in the room; I'm interested in singing for all of the losers in the room.
    — Torquil Campbell
    tags: loss  star  alone  victory 
    The sense of loss is such a tricky one, because we always feel like our worth is tied up into stuff that we have, not that our worth can grow with things we are willing to lose.
    — Tori Amos
    tags: loss  worth 
    The scariest thing in my life is the first morning of production on all my movies. It's the fear of failing, the loss of face and a sense of guilt that everybody puts their faith in you and not coming through.
    — Tony Scott
    tags: fear  loss  guilt  movie  faith 
    Just remember, loss is imaginary. Nothing ever disappears in the universe; it only changes form. If there is something that still wounds you, it's because of the meaning that you have linked to it. Maybe what you need to do is to have faith and say, 'Even though I don't know why this has happened, I am willing to trust. Someday, when the time is right, I will understand.'
    — Tony Robbins
    tags: time  trust  loss  meaning  right  faith 
    Some people's weight loss is impeded by an impaired thyroid. So I think it's worth testing that at your next physical exam. If it's off, sometimes, that can be caused by excess metals, such as mercury or cadmium. A qualified M.D. can help you cleanse your body of those.
    — Tony Robbins
    tags: loss  body  help  worth 
    Men, you are in a battle. You are in a war. The stakes of this war and its casualties are higher than a checkmark in the win or loss column. Lives will be lost. Eternities will be shaped. Destinies will either be discovered or dismissed. Dreams will be attained or relinquished.
    — Tony Evans
    tags: men  live  loss  lost  eternity  battle  war  dreams 
    Everything's not going to go perfect. You're going to have some losses that you're going to have to bounce back from and some things that are a little unforeseen that you're going to have to deal with.
    — Tony Dungy
    tags: loss 
    Your loss we count as our loss. Your struggle we take as our struggle.
    — Tony Blair
    tags: loss  struggle 
    Coaching is not a natural way of life. Your victories and losses are too clear cut.
    — Tommy Prothro
    tags: loss  victory 
    Knowing when to take your losses is an essential part of eventual success.
    — Tom Peters
    tags: loss  knowing  success 
    You could say that this book is ripped from the headlines, but that wouldn't be fair. Bret Anthony Johnston's riveting novel picks up where the tabloids leave off, and takes us places even the best journalism can't go. Remember Me Like This is a wise, moving, and troubling novel about family and identity, and a clear-eyed inventory of loss and redemption.
    — Tom Perrotta
    tags: loss  identity  wise  novel  book 
    On July 18, we will mark the 12th anniversary of the senseless loss of 85 lives in the bombing of the Jewish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    — Tom Lantos
    tags: live  loss 
    So much of my self worth was tied with my position. It felt like I was being enveloped in darkness. It was a sense of loss of enthusiasm, a loss of happiness, a significant decline in self worth.
    — Tom Johnson
    tags: happiness  loss  self  darkness  worth 
    I always found the extraordinary loss of life in the First World War very moving. I remember learning about it as a very young child, as an eight- or nine-year-old, asking my teachers what poppies were for. Every year the teachers would suddenly wear these red paper flowers in their lapels, and I would say 'What does that mean?'
    — Tom Hiddleston
    It was quite a European war until 1917, when the Americans joined up. They don't have the same sense of the loss of innocence and the cataclysmic loss of life. A whole generation was wiped out.
    — Tom Hiddleston
    tags: loss  innocence  war  american 
    When I got fired, I had a feeling of loss because Viacom had been a passionate long-term relationship. But I got my balance back. I guess its like getting jilted by a girlfriend, a serious girlfriend. You move on.
    — Tom Freston
    Anyone with a long-term partner, anyone with a long-term lover, if that lover dies, you could easily see yourself in a situation where you couldn't see your future and you would be living entirely in the past. It's about that loss.
    — Tom Ford
    tags: living  future  past  loss  die  lover 
    The vast majority of those of Scots lineage living in the Ulster counties in the 18th century had come across, or their people had come across, in the 1690s. And they were victims of famine. Over that decade, 30000-50000 people were fleeing from that disaster. In terms of per capita loss, it was of the same order of magnitude as the Irish famine (of the 19th century).
    — Tom Devine
    tags: people  living  loss  victim  majority 
    The loss of the culture is one of the main reasons Ciro Guerra wanted to tell their story.
    — Tom Cole
    tags: loss  culture  stories 
    As long as you learn something from a loss, it's not really a loss.
    — Tom Basso
    tags: loss  learn 
    My characters tend, if wounded, to be emotionally resourceful. Often they're in that way station between when loss happens and when it can be fully comprehended. In the meantime they're fighting to get something back, and occasionally they prevail in surprising ways.
    — Tom Barbash
    tags: character  loss  fighting 
    I mean, I don't want to sound - of course it's very nice, people come up and say appreciative things about my work. But the loss, in terms of privacy and anonymity, is no small thing to me.
    — Todd Solondz
    tags: people  work  loss 
    Can you see the deaths, divorces, job losses or changes, disappointments, surprises, and successes on people's faces? Have they been happy, sad, disillusioned, or gratified? I have been trying the single, vertically shot portrait with my 8 x 10 since 1985 and never felt I succeeded in finding what I was looking for.
    — Tina Barney
    Psychedelic drugs cause paranoia, confusion, and total loss of reality in politicians that have never taken them.
    — Timothy Leary
    tags: reality  loss  confusion  drugs 
    When you forgive, that means you absorb the loss and the debt. You bear it yourself. All forgiveness, then, is costly.
    — Timothy Keller
    tags: forgiveness  loss 
    Most of the network related programming in games has to do with providing a good interactive experience when playing over the internet. This matter is very different from serving web pages. The primary concern there is to handle connection latency, latency fluctuations, packet loss and bandwidth limitations, and pretty much hide all of that from the player's experience.
    — Timothee Besset
    In those places of doubt and even darkness I've realized that who I am has nothing to do with wins or losses, applause, or negative criticism. It has to do with whose I am.
    — Tim Tebow
    Hillary Clinton has a long track record of service in public life. And you can look at that. I tell the story about her being first lady of the United States, when the effort to get Hillary Clinton done failed, and that was a tough, tough, bitter loss, but then it tested her as a leader. And she worked together with Democrats and Republicans to get health insurance for eight million low-income American children in the CHIP program.
    — Tim Kaine
    Unless things change radically, President Bush will be the first President since Herbert Hoover to have presided over a net loss of jobs during his administration.
    — Tim Johnson
    tags: loss  job 
    Loss aversion is a really disproportionate anxiety about stuff that doesn't matter very much. So for instance, if you lose $5, you feel really bad about the $5 you've lost. You're cursing yourself. You're going through it again and again. If, on the other hand, you find $5, you go - hey, great, five bucks. And you've forgotten about it really quickly.
    — Tim Harford
    tags: loss  anxiety  lost  bad 
    There are always, of course, job losses of a cyclical nature in a recession.
    — Tim Bishop
    tags: nature  loss  job 
    War is an evil thing; but to submit to the dictation of other states is worse.... Freedom, if we hold fast to it, will ultimately restore our losses, but submission will mean permanent loss of all that we value.... To you who call yourselves men of peace, I say: You are not safe unless you have men of action on your side.
    — Thucydides
    tags: evil  men  peace  freedom  loss  action  value  war 
    We Greeks are lovers of the beautiful, yet simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without loss of manliness.
    — Thucydides
    tags: loss  beautiful  mind  lover 
    All these tears shed in the world, where do they go? If one could capture all of them, they could water the parched. Then perhaps these tears would have value and all this grief would have some meaning. Otherwise, it was all a waste, just an endless cycle of birth and death; of love and loss.
    — Thrity Umrigar
    tags: world  grief  loss  meaning  value  tears  birth  water 
    In our modern world today, we may seem like drowning men because of the loss of much of our spiritual tradition.
    — Thomas Yellowtail
    tags: men  world  loss  spiritual 
    The stone that is rolling can gather no moss;For master and servant oft changing is loss.
    — Thomas Tusser
    tags: loss  master 
    What a greater crime. Than loss of time.
    — Thomas Tusser
    tags: crimes  time  loss 
    Tariffs that save jobs in the steel industry mean higher steel prices, which in turn means fewer sales of American steel products around the world and losses of far more jobs than are saved.
    — Thomas Sowell
    tags: world  loss  job  american 
    What freedom does a starving man have?" The answer is that starvation is a tragic human condition- perhaps more tragic than loss of freedom. That does not prevent these from being two different things.
    — Thomas Sowell
    tags: men  freedom  loss  human 
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