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If I were to search for logic, I would not look for it among the English upper class.
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— Lady Violet
You're people, in short, who must be stupid, insane, or evil to continue arguing in the face of indisputable facts and irrefutable logic that others must be forced into a state of helplessness and victimized by individual criminals or the state. Stupid, insane, or evil.
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— L. Neil Smith
Why do people always assume that volume will succeed when logic won't?
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— L. J. Smith
As you may know, my motto is: "All memory is fiction." It could just as easily be: "All fiction is memory." Unpacked, these two statements defy the ease of logic, but offer some really important truths about narrative art, at the very least, and about memory. So I would say that all art is personal.
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— Kwame Dawes
Nothing new had been done in Logic since Aristotle!
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— Kurt Gödel
The Great Convergence: Asia, the West and the Logic of One World.
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— Kishore Mahbubani
Logic was to cognition as geometry was to landscape
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— Kim Stanley
Today, chess programs have become so good that even grandmasters sometimes struggle to understand the logic behind some of their moves.
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— Kenneth Rogoff
Any suggestion that science and religion are incompatible flies in the face of history, logic, and common sense.
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— Kenneth R. Miller
With laissez-faire and price atomic, Ecology's Uneconomic, But with another kind of logic Economy's Unecologic.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
Every moment of living has its own logic, its own meaning.
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— Kelly Reilly
Logic is what the devil likes most.
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— Kelly Braffet
I'm of the old-fashioned opinion that shame can be used for all sorts of good in society. An example of this is smoking: When someone lights up around a crowd, people now usually say something. So I don't understand why it's not OK to apply the same logic to other behaviors.
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— Keli Goff
I think women are really vicious in the work place, they're really jealous, really competitive. Women are emotional, they cry in toilets. The sisterhood only extends as far as the kitchen door. Men talk in logic and rational terms, they don't squark and make a noise.
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— Katie Hopkins
There is no morality by instinct. There is no social salvation in the end without taking thought; without mastery of logic and application of logic to human experience.
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— Katharine Fullerton Gerould
Logic taken to an extreme would always equal chaos ...
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— Kate Green
I write a lot by sound. One sound leads me to another. These sounds aren't random; they have their own logic.
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— Kate Braverman
Chopin's rubato possessed an unshakeable emotional logic. It always justified itself by a strengthening or weakening melodic line, by exaggeration or affectation.
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— Karol Mikuli
Only through religion can logic develop into philosophy, only from this source stems that which makes philosophy more than science. And without religion we will have only novels, or the triviality today called belles lettres instead of an eternally rich and infinite poetry.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Mathematics is, as it were, a sensuous logic, and relates to philosophy as do the arts, music, and plastic art to poetry.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
I am opposed to looking upon logic as a kind of game. ... One might think that it is a matter of choice or convention which logic one adopts. I disagree with this view.
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— Karl Popper
The plant never lapses into mere arid functionalism; it fashions and shapes according to logic and suitability, and with its primeval force compels everything to attain the highest artistic form.
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— Karl Blossfeldt
Mitt Romney subscribes to the cynical logic that says the American dream belongs to some of us but not all of us.
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— Kamala Harris
There's a logic to dreams that doesn't necessarily follow linear narrative. You don't know why things happen, it's your subconscious pushing you, to give you information.
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— Justin Theroux
Life isn't always about logic and reasons-sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump. Particularly when it comes to relationships.
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— Julie James
The very reason we need logic at all is because most reasoning is not conscious at all.
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— Julian Jaynes
...it is curiosity, initiative, originality, and the ruthless application of honesty that count in research- much more than feats of logic and memory alone.
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— Julian Huxley
You can define a net two ways, depending on your point of view. Normally you would say it is a meshed instrument designed to catch fish. But you could, with no great injury to logic, reverse the image and define the net as a jocular lexicographer once did: he called it a collection of holes tied together with string.
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— Julian Barnes
When you try to translate any kind of real-life problem into a neat logical form, you're almost always simplifying it. We need a kind of blend - we need to use not just tools of logic, which are important and valuable - I'm not denying that, but also tools of judgement, and of inductive and abductive reasoning which can also inform.
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— Julian Baggini
Love is not love if it compelled by reason and driven by logic - love exists in spite of those things, not because of them. It is a emotion which needs no fuel to fire it or oxygen to feed it; if you have to look for the why, then stop looking; it was never there at all.
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— Julia Cameron
Whamming someone smaller than oneself in order to teach that person civilized behavior is not within Miss Manners' concept of propriety, much less logic.
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— Judith Martin
It is true that non-governmental organisations working within strong human rights frameworks are now confounded by securitarian forms of logic and power that extend the paternalistic bias of their work in new ways.
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— Judith Butler
There's no logic in how Donald Trump thinks. I don't want someone who's the president who says 3 to 5 million people voted illegally when there's zero proof. It's a crazy person.
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— Judd Apatow
And what is 'art'? - a firestorm rushing through Time, arising from no visible source and conforming to no principles of logic or causality.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
Fighting emotion with logic is like bringing a calculator to a knife fight
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— Josh Sundquist
According to the fortune-cookie logic most people live by, the best things in life are free. That's crap. I have a gold-plated robot that scratches the exact part of my back where my hands can't reach, and it certainly wasn't free.
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— Josh Lieb
Politeness is better than logic. You can often persuade when you cannot convince.
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— Josh Billings
Fasting was good for the imagination but bad for logic.
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— Josephine Tey
Metaphysics may be, after all, only the art of being sure of something that is not so and logic only the art of going wrong with confidence.
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— Joseph Wood Krutch
Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence.
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— Joseph Wood Krutch