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Even if they're not reaching out to us, we're going to reach out to them anyway and involve them in a meaningful way. Because if we don't, we will fail to learn the lesson of a generation before us, that reached out for us and never let us go.
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— Kweisi Mfume
The lesson has already been learned with alcohol prohibition. We tried to engineer an alcohol-free society and ended up with huge criminal enterprises, government corruption, children lured into organized crime and random violence that took the lives of countless innocent people.
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— Kurt Schmoke
There are a lot of lessons that you learn, and you have to learn them quickly if you want to be competitive at this top level.
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— Kurt Busch
The single most important lesson I learned is that black people are the cause of black people's demise.
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— KRS-One
I think there absolutely are so many lessons that can be learned from sports and so many different positive things that don't necessarily get the spotlight and the attention.
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— Kristopher Belman
I took piano for many years. I kicked and screamed through all of my lessons, but my mom really insisted.
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— Kristin Kreuk
It has been a hard lesson to learn, that greatness requires suffering.
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— Kristin Cashore
My biggest lesson ... was to try and create narrators that were believable. ...so the listener becomes really invested in the story or the song.
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— Kristian Bush
An athlete gains so much knowledge by just participating in a sport. Focus, discipline, hard work, goal setting and, of course, the thrill of finally achieving your goals. These are all lessons in life.
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— Kristi Yamaguchi
I took guitar lessons and recorded the song in New York. It was kind of a dream. I got to pretend I was a recording artist for a couple days.
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— Kristen Wiig
One day I may commit to a city and settle down and do the restaurant thing - when I'm ready and however and whatever the definition of a restaurant means to me and how I want to cook for people. Many lessons to be learned that are probably long overdue for me and I'm finding them through all channels of exploration and keeping all my doors open.
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— Kristen Kish
One of your biggest lessons so far in life has been to learn to forgive myself over and over again and not to be so harsh with myself.
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— Krishna Das
Human rights education is much more than a lesson in schools or a theme for a day; it is a process to equip people with the tools they need to live lives of security and dignity. On this International Human Rights Day, let us continue to work together to develop and nurture in future generations a culture of human rights, to promote freedom, security and peace in all nations.
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— Kofi Annan
In countries where democracy is either non-existent or in development, on the other hand, citizens crave those freedoms. Maybe that is one lesson Western citizens can learn from those countries: treasure what you have. Use your rights and freedoms to effect the change you want.
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— Kofi Annan
If I'd trusted myself and listened to myself all the times that I ignored myself, I would have been fine. But everyone has to learn their lesson, and now I've got it.
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— Kirsten Dunst
Take a lesson from the mosquito. She never waits for an opening - she makes one.
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— Kirk Kirkpatrick
The lessons this life has planted in my heart pertain more to caring than crops, more to Golden Rule than gold, more to the proper choice than to the popular choice.
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— Kirby Larson
I take all of my life lessons, which some people might call 'mistakes,' and apply them to my future so that I keep growing.
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— Kimberly Caldwell
You could never teach other people anything that mattered. The important things they had to learn for themselves, almost always by making mistakes, so that the lessons arrived too late to help. Experience was in that sense useless. It was precisely what could not be passed along in a lesson.
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— Kim Stanley Robinson
Take and chance and don't ever look back. Never have regrets, just lessons learned.
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— Kim Kardashian
I spoke to a girl today who had cancer and we were talking about how this is such a hard thing for her, but it taught her a big lesson on who her friends are and so much about life. She's 18. And I was like, that's how I feel.
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— Kim Kardashian
I've had enough experience with knowing that things will turn out just fine. I pray for that. There's a lesson in everything. Looking for the lesson is grounding.
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— Kim Coles
There's a lesson in everything. Looking for the lesson is grounding.
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— Kim Coles
I take acting lessons with my coach, and what do I get famous for? Holding a puppy!
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— Kim Coates
Life choices and projects and photo shoots, I can't base them on anybody else but myself. I've done things where I'm like, "Do I want my dad to see this? I don't know!" But the best lesson I can teach my sisters, or any younger women, is "Do what YOU do. Don't follow me, follow you."
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— Kiersey Clemons
It's definitely the biggest lesson - not to take things personally. But it's also the hardest one.
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— Kid Cudi
We've learned the lesson that the music industry didn't learn: give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they'll more likely pay for it rather than steal it.
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— Kevin Spacey
For our past can be a prison we are locked in permanently, or it can be the key to our freedom if we glean the lessons from it and deal with it directly.
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— Kevin Powell
I'm not chasing championships. Championship's chasing us. I'm not doing that. I want my players to be better people once they leave campus because this is a life lesson. This is more than basketball. This is life lessons that we're trying to teach.
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— Kevin Ollie
It has become evident that the primary lesson of the study of evolution is that all evolution is coevolution: every organism is evolving in tandem with the organisms around it.
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— Kevin Kelly
It's the best thing in the world, the most challenging thing in the world, being a parent, and one of the first lessons I learned was to ask for help.
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— Kerri Walsh
It is not easy for a man to be as great as a mountain or a forest. But that is why the creator gave them to us as teachers. Now that I am old I Iook once more toward them for lessons, instead of trying to understand the ways of men. They tell me to be patient. They tell me I cannot change what is, I can only hope to change what will become. Let the grasses grow over our scars, they say, and let flowers bloom over our wounds.
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— Kent Nerburn
I longed to fly. I was paid in flying lessons and, by the time I was 13, I'd logged 100 hours at the controls.
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— Kent McCord
I just started as a part of the public school music program. I took lessons at the school every Friday and was a part of the school band. I was just a normal kid taking instrumental lessons at school, nothing special.
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— Kenny G
In 21 years there are a lot of ups and downs. There are melancholy times. There are sad times. There are happy times. There are unsure times. There are life lessons.
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— Kenny Chesney
The physical world is too good a gift to be reduced to an object lesson about 'spiritual things'.
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— Kenneth Myers
In other words, all of my books are lies. They are simply maps of a territory, shadows of a reality, gray symbols dragging their bellies across the dead page, suffocated signs full of muffled sound and faded glory, signifying absolutely nothing. And it is the nothing, the Mystery, the Emptiness alone that needs to be realized: not known but felt, not thought but breathed, not an object but an atmosphere, not a lesson but a life.
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— Ken Wilber
One lesson to learn is that the press and the broadcasters are not neutral. And it seems we have to learn it each time there is a dispute: they are actually committed to one side.
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— Ken Loach
Luckily, I remembered something Malcolm Cowley had taught us at Stanford - perhaps the most important lesson a writing class (not a writer, understand, but a class) can ever learn. 'Be gentle with one another's efforts,' he often admonished us. 'Be kind and considerate with your criticism. Always remember that it's just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book.'
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— Ken Kesey
But the lesson of Abraham's story is that God demands the best we have to offer, that which is most precious to us.
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— Ken Follett