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    lessons Quotes

    If you're eight and you live in Los Angeles and everybody has toys and you go to a country that has a Marxist dictatorship and there are no toy stores and nobody speaks English and it's blazing hot every day and they only have fish, which you don't like, then you tend not to appreciate the cultural lessons you're learning.
    tags: lessons live learning appreciate
    — Zooey Deschanel
    As a child, I was always making sound; it was a compulsion. I loved to scream and yell and sing; it freed me from all the thoughts in my head. I begged for opera lessons because opera singing is the most formidable, most emotional way to use your voice.
    tags: children lessons thoughts child emotional
    — Zola Jesus
    In high school, I tried very hard to make everybody like me, which resulted in me being extremely unhappy and in a lot of pain. Therefore, the lesson I got from that was that I can't make everybody happy.
    tags: lessons pain school
    — Zoey Deutch
    ...choose to deal with inhumane situations in a humane way, we can turn the world around and create positive lessons for ourselves and for others.
    tags: lessons world positive
    — Zlata Filipovic
    Everything I've taken away from my father has been significant. So, I can't say that any one lesson is the most significant. By being around him, I learned that there is a purpose in life, and that if we are inspired to help people, we should do it.
    tags: people lessons help father
    — Ziggy Marley
    Daily, I examine myself in three areas. Have I done my best when doing things for others? Have I been trustworthy in my dealings with my friends? Have I revised the lessons I have been taught?
    tags: lessons
    — Zengzi
    Shake It Up definitely teaches kids about the importance of reaching for your dreams and setting high goals. It also teaches great lessons about friendship and family.
    tags: friendship lessons goal dreams kids
    — Zendaya
    I turn to history not for lessons but to confront my experience with the experience of others and to win for myself a sense of responsibility for the state of the human conscience.
    — Zbigniew Herbert
    Writing a poem is a lesson in the truest empathy. And to truly have empathy is to truly know power, or at least the only kind of power I'm interested in.
    tags: lessons power empathy writing poem
    — Zachary Schomburg
    Didn't we learn our lesson from Planet of the Apes?
    tags: lessons learn
    — Zach Braff
    I want to take piano lessons, I want to study at university, I want to travel, I want to do other parts, make another movie.
    tags: travel lessons movie university
    — Zach Braff
    When I took drum lessons as a kid the teacher would always ask me if I practiced, and I'd be like 'nope' and he'd be like: "Well you're not going to be able to play the beat." So I would ask him to show me, and he'd show me and I'd be able to hear it and play it, so I've always not really been good at reading things.
    tags: lessons reading kids
    — Zac Farro
    I've grown up a lot, I'm on my own, and I've learned some valuable life lessons.
    tags: lessons
    — Zac Efron
    I think God has a sense of humor, and the way my lessons come from God is very funny. I have to laugh at myself even if it's a tough lesson.
    tags: humor funny lessons god
    — Yvette Nicole Brown
    In my own research, teaching and consulting experience I have to combine lessons from the field in a relatively inductive and open fashion with theoretical frameworks and conceptual arguments. The skills to deal with theory and conceptualization are a direct result of my formal education - reading, learning and conversations with other PhD students.
    — Yves Doz
    I started in high school with a teacher there. I also took lessons at the Conservatory of Music in Detroit. Detroit was very motivating. There were a lot of local people who inspired me like Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers, Roy Brooks, Donald Byrd, etc.
    tags: people lessons music school
    — Yusef Lateef
    My lesson from that [songwriting process] was that I should go back to where I was and try to make that first pure even more strong.
    tags: lessons strong
    — Yukimi Nagano
    The best lessons, the best sermons are those that are lived.
    tags: lessons
    — Yolanda King
    I learned from my parents to do my best to not react to negative emotions. I try to think about what has happened and find the lessons that can be learned from these difficult experiences. I try to deal with these negative emotions right away because, if they stay inside, they can hurt and do a lot of damage. I release them as soon as possible so I can be free.
    tags: lessons experience hurt emotion right parent
    — Yanni
    My father taught me that one of the most important abilities in life is to be able to take the pain and persevere, and for years this lesson had served me well.
    tags: lessons pain father year
    — Yanni
    There are so many messages and lessons that I have been taught that I would want to share with people. Perhaps one that is very present in my mind now is the concept that we are all living on this one tiny planet that we call Earth. It is very small and is not getting any bigger, but the amount of people living on this planet continues to grow at a rapid rate.
    tags: people lessons living present earth mind shares
    — Yanni
    Perhaps one of the most important lessons that I continue to have reinforced is to always have faith and believe in yourself. To never lose sight of who you are and to know yourself.
    tags: lessons believe faith
    — Yanni
    One must know the so-called 'lesson of a downpour. A man, caught in a sudden rain en route, dashes along the road not to get wet or drenched. Once one takes it for granted that in rain he naturally gets wet, he can be in a tranquil frame of mind even when soaked to the skin. This lesson applies to everything.
    tags: men lessons rain mind
    — Yamamoto Tsunetomo
    A big lesson that I'm always having to be reminded of is, you can't control how you feel, but you can control how you respond.
    tags: lessons control
    — Xosha Roquemore
    My mother always took my brothers and me to music lessons. There were six children. Our parents attended our concerts and encouraged us to study and enjoy many different types of music.
    tags: children lessons child music mother parent
    — Wynton Marsalis
    I never took a music lesson in my life, it just came naturally.
    tags: lessons music
    — Wynonna Judd
    The most important lesson I learned...was that the winner of a gunplay usually was the one who took his time. The second was that, if I hoped to live on the frontier, I would shun flashy trick-shooting-grandstand play-as I would poison...In all my life as a frontier peace officer, I did not know a really proficient gunfighter who had anything but contempt for the gun-fanner, or the man who literally shot from the hip.
    tags: time men peace lessons live
    — Wyatt Earp
    But the ultimate lesson is just sit down and write. That's all.
    tags: lessons write
    — Wole Soyinka
    Life is a wonderful teacher who teaches us every lesson about how to survive in this world.
    tags: lessons world
    — Wiz Khalifa
    Live longer or die hard is not just a movie title, there is a great lesson hidden in this title.
    tags: lessons live die movie
    — Wiz Khalifa
    It's a great lesson in modesty that you realize you're illiterate in a field that you think you're an expert in.
    tags: lessons
    — Wim Wenders
    I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour or with my father. There is a tutor most of the time, but usually I am working so I never get to do the lessons. The worst thing about maths is all the kids are ahead of me because they go to school.
    tags: time lessons school father kids
    — Willow Smith
    I learned some invaluable lessons in Nashville that apply to both farming and show business: Do not corner something you know is meaner than you; keep skunks of all kinds at a distance; if you forgive your enemies, it messes up their heads.
    tags: enemies lessons enemy
    — Willie Nelson
    I started learning my lessons in Abbot Texas, where I was born in 1933. My sister Bobbie and I were raised by our grandparents [...] We never had enough money, and Bobbie and I started working at an early age to help the family get by. That hard work included picking cotton. [...] Picking cotton is hard and painful work, and the most lasting lesson I learned in the fields was that I didn't want to spend my life picking cotton.
    tags: work lessons age help learning money
    — Willie Nelson
    Wherever we direct our view, we discover the melancholy proofs of our depravity; whether we look to ancient or modern times, to barbarous or civilized nations, to the conduct of the world around us, or to the monitor within the breast; whether we read, or hear, or act, or think, or feel, the same humiliating lesson is forced upon us.
    tags: time lessons world read
    — William Wilberforce
    The morality of clean blood ought to be one of the first lessons taught us by our pastors and teachers. The physical is the substratum of the spiritual; and this fact ought to give to the food we eat, and the air we breathe, a transcendent significance.
    tags: lessons food morality facts blood
    — William Tyndale
    Death is ordinary. Behold it, subtract its patterns and lessons from those of the death that weapons bring, and maybe the residue will show what violence is.
    tags: death lessons violence
    — William T. Vollmann
    Every patient you see is a lesson in much more than the malady from which he suffers.
    tags: lessons
    — William Osler
    That man can interrogate as well as observe nature was a lesson slowly learned in his evolution.
    tags: nature men lessons evolution
    — William Osler
    I have no reason as a director to have films go up in versions that I don't like. My only experience of film after ten years is honestly that if a picture doesn't get second-guessed you're looking at four Oscars, and if a picture does get second-guessed, you're not. I've got an advanced degree in that lesson.
    tags: lessons experience film year
    — William Monahan
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