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    learning Quotes

    Learning how to learn is life's most important skill.
    — Tony Buzan
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    Many think of memory as rote learning, a linear stuffing of the brain with facts, where understanding is irrelevant. When you teach it properly, with imagination and association, understanding becomes a part of it.
    — Tony Buzan
    Many of us grow up thinking of mistakes as bad, viewing errors as evidence of fundamental incapacity. This negative thinking pattern can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, which undermines the learning process. To maximize our learning it is essential to ask: "How can we get the most from every mistake we make?"
    — Tony Buzan
    I intend that I am learning from my experiences so that I am only repeating the ones that bring me happiness.
    — Tony Burroughs
    I'm still learning about music. The best way to learn is to listen to the audience. When you listen to the audience, they will tell you what they like. I wish these big corporations, instead of telling the audience what they should have, would listen.
    — Tony Bennett
    tags: wishes  music  learn  learning 
    I want to be a hybrid fighter. From Pacquiao I was able to learn that a big heart is also essential when in the ring. Get his stamina, never lose steam from the beginning of the fight until the very last round. From Mayweather, yes, you are correct that I am learning to be precise, patient and the change of range. It makes me an unpredictable fighter. Opponents will be confused as to what element I'll use when fighting.
    — Tomoki Kameda
    I am learning continuously and my enthusiasm in fighting is always high. Like a child that is always learning and always want to achieve my goal.
    — Tomoki Kameda
    In all of my fights, it is a learning experience. I would know afterwards what I need to improve on and what skills I need to maintain. This will make me a better fighter.
    — Tomoki Kameda
    Sometimes we woke up and feel like a Guitar Master, sometimes we woke up and feel like a complete fool. but that's the fun part of learning guitar
    — Tommy Emmanuel
    tags: master  fun  learning  fools 
    Strictly Business' is about a young black man who is learning about himself, and that applies to a lot of young black men, those who are trying to find jobs. This film gives them a good look at that situation.
    — Tommy Davidson
    tags: men  young  job  film  learning  business  black 
    I just started off on my own by learning the regular chords then the barre chords. Then I'd lean the notes that would go with them.
    — Tommy Bolin
    tags: learning 
    Your hands are like dogs, going to the same places they've been. You have to be careful when playing is no longer in the mind but in the fingers, going to happy places. You have to break them of their habits or you don't explore; you only play what is confident and pleasing. I'm learning to break those habits by playing instruments I know absolutely nothing about, like a bassoon or a waterphone.
    — Tom Waits
    tags: dog  mind  learning 
    As a part of preparing those lawsuits, learning about those lawsuits, I learned about the various nuclear issues in parts of the nuclear production process I guess you'd say.
    — Tom Udall
    A genuine love of learning is one of the two delinquencies which cause blindness and lead a young man to ruin.
    — Tom Stoppard
    tags: men  young  learning 
    To admit ignorance is the highest knowledge. It is the necessary condition for all learning.
    — Tom Spanbauer
    Old texts, myths, and religions have always fascinated me, though I prefer learning about them to writing papers and trying to make thoughts and arguments regarding their effect or meaning - this being the essence of my time in religious studies.
    — Tom Shields
    At its fundamentally flawed core, the aim of almost any learning program is to help us become who we are not.
    — Tom Rath
    tags: help  learning 
    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing.
    — Tom Petty
    tags: learning  wings 
    The race will go to the curious, the slightly mad, and those with an un-satiated passion for learning and dare-deviltry.
    — Tom Peters
    tags: learning  passion  race 
    Learning is a matter of intensity not elapsed time.
    — Tom Peters
    tags: time  learning 
    Books were rare,expensive, time-consuming to create and copy, and difficult to transport. That is why collections ofprint-based books developed around centers of religious belief, learning, and wealth. It was cheaper andeasier for people to come to the collection than for the collection, or parts of the collection, to go to thepeople.
    — Tom Peters
    Learning is a process whereby a human being, or group, or organization, or society comes to understand and embody nature's patterns.
    — Tom Johnson
    There's all sorts of things I was always meaning to get around to - learning to play the flute, calculating the square root of nought, going mad - but I just didn't have the time.
    — Tom Holt
    tags: time  meaning  learning 
    I always found the extraordinary loss of life in the First World War very moving. I remember learning about it as a very young child, as an eight- or nine-year-old, asking my teachers what poppies were for. Every year the teachers would suddenly wear these red paper flowers in their lapels, and I would say 'What does that mean?'
    — Tom Hiddleston
    The learning is the heavy lifting. You need to get the words into your brain.
    — Tom Hiddleston
    tags: brain  learning 
    I'm passionate about learning. I'm passionate about life.
    — Tom Cruise
    tags: learning 
    I feel good about the fact that I finally found something I love. I never lived in one place for very long - that's the way my whole life has been. I was always packing and moving around, staying in Canada, Kentucky, Jersey, St. Louis - it all helped because I was always learning new accents, experiencing different environments.
    — Tom Cruise
    Recipes tell you nothing. Learning techniques is the key.
    — Tom Colicchio
    tags: key  learning 
    That was the reasoning behind learning to play bass, and then after that it was more like it was neat to play songs together - for me to play bass and for him to play guitar
    — Tom Araya
    tags: song  learning 
    The only way to come to a full acceptance and understanding of yourself is to embrace your own culture, quirks and differences while learning about those around you and exploring, incorporating and embracing their cultures, differences, quirks, etcetera.
    — Toks Olagundoye
    Be sure of what you want, focus, work hard, be ready to pick yourself up, do not take rejection personally, be as prepared as you can, always be learning, and eliminate negative people from your life regardless of who they are.
    — Toks Olagundoye
    tags: people  work  focus  learning 
    Be sure of what you want work hard, be ready to pick yourself up, do not take rejection personally, be as prepared as you can, always be learning, and eliminate negative people from your life regardless of who they are.
    — Toks Olagundoye
    tags: people  work  learning 
    They say 74% of everything you're learning in college is a bunch of bullshit you'll never need 83.4% of everything you've got, you bought to satisfy you're greed Because 91% of the world's population links their pssessions to success Even though 88% of the wealthiest 1% of the population drinks to an alarming excess More money more stress.
    — Todd Snider
    I am looking forward to learning at the knee of Paul Ryan. He doesn't strike me as a politician. He strikes me as an economist.
    — Todd Rokita
    tags: learning 
    Discipline and diligence are up there on the list, but one of the most important qualities of many really successful people is humility. If you have a degree of humility about you, you have the ability to take advice, to be coachable, teachable. A humble person never stops learning.
    — Todd Blackledge
    I think the seed was planted when I was a teenager, and it took me until I got out of Juilliard. At Juilliard I was just learning to be a composer, but I was also learning how to manipulate computers.
    — Tod Machover
    Kids on the Youtube, learning how to be cool.
    — Toby Keith
    tags: learning  kids 
    When you're training as an actor, a lot of the big work you're learning is to treat fictional characters like real people. You don't have the problem of discovering a backstory with real people, but there's always a mystery which is common to both fictional and factual characters. They are never quite the person you think they are.
    — Toby Jones
    It's hard to be perfect, It really is. I keep learning things after I've already bungled it.
    — Tina Weymouth
    tags: learning 
    If you want to be a screenwriter, take an acting class to get a sense of what you're asking actors to do. Learning other skills will help you communicate with people and respect what they do.
    — Tina Fey
    tags: people  respect  help  learning 
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