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    learning Quotes

    The essence of education is not to transfer knowledge; it is to guide the learning process, to put responsibility for study in the student's own hands...[and] place people on their own path of discovery and invention.
    — Tsunesaburo Makiguchi
    As you get older, youre always maturing, youre always learning something new about yourself.
    — Troy Vincent
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    There is a learning quality in all of our shows.
    — Trisha Goddard
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    And initially, a lot of companies avoid trying to make a really radical new kind of title for a new system, because that would involve learning a new machine and learning how to make the new title at the same time.
    — Trip Hawkins
    I need to get better at learning how to stay calm. I'm a bit of a worrier and a stress cadet. Yoga helps me to some degree, but I haven't been able to figure out meditation yet. I have a feeling it would be very good for me, but unfortunately, I'm still holding it all in until I explode part of my life.
    — Tricia Helfer
    I am still learning, myself, but I guess I would say to be aware of what is around you. Do not expect anything; there is more to be gained by earning it. Work hard, play fair, be kind to all living creatures, and take a moment to just sit back and breathe.
    — Tricia Helfer
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    The truth is, marijuana probably isn't going to make you kill people. Most likely isn't going to fund terrorists, but pot makes you feel fine with being bored and it's when you're bored that you should be learning a new skill or some new science or being creative. If you smoke pot you may grow up to find out that you're not good at anything.
    — Trey Parker
    I hate learning lines, so the fight stuff's always my favorite.
    — Travis Fimmel
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    I was a kid, and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to play the drums, you know? All I wanted to do was skateboard, but I was still learning and taking it in, so it was good.
    — Travis Barker
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    We should listen to the voice of conscience. It does not take nearly as much courage as one might think to admit to our mistakes and learn from them. Human beings are in this world to learn and to change themselves in learning.
    — Traudl Junge
    Letting go of fixation is effectively a process of learning to be free, because every time we let go of something, we become free of it. Whatever we fixate upon limits us because fixation makes us dependent upon something other than ourselves. Each time we let go of something, we experience another level of freedom.
    — Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche
    The hardest thing was learning to write. I was 13, and the only writing I had done was for Social Studies. It consisted of copying passages right out of the encyclopedia
    — Tracy Kidder
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    I'm learning as much martial arts as I possibly can. My show is packed with action. Enough to get a rise.
    — Traci Bingham
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    As a younger person, my philosophy was jump off a cliff. I realize now that there are stairs and elevators. I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me. I can even ask for help! Not feeling that I have to know everything, and that's where the growth comes in, in the not knowing.
    — Tracee Ellis Ross
    I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.
    — Tracee Ellis Ross
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    I took a lot time to do the first album, and I was really happy about that album. I co-wrote the songs and it was a learning process. When I was working on that album I realized, for the first time, that I could write my own songs.
    — Tove Styrke
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    I think it's important to find somebody who you trust, who has the same vision. If I were to do that myself, and not trust anybody to do it for me or with me, I would have to spend as much time as I have learning to make music on making music videos.
    — Tove Styrke
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    With faith, I know that everything will be taken care of. Even the difficult times become learning experiences to help make my faith stronger.
    — Torii Hunter
    For me, as a Christian I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it's not right.
    — Torii Hunter
    We can all choose to become our potential, not just talk about it or dream about it. But daily, make a shift whereby we begin living and being our potential. With each day, that potential can expand because we are open to learning something every day.
    — Tori Amos
    You can be self-empowered and still learning about how you think about things daily.
    — Tori Amos
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    Being able to hear an opinion. And then how to apply that opinion is something I am learning and working with every day. What can be tricky is how to differentiate a good suggestion that you should apply to your work [from] someone's personal taste at their opinionated best.
    — Tori Amos
    Such compression of large amounts of information into a few exformation-rich macrostates with small quantities of nominal information are not only intelligent: they are very beautiful: yes, even sexy. Seing a jumble of confused data and shreds of rote learning compressed into a concise, clear message can be a real turn-on.
    — Tor Nørretranders
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    As a teacher with over thirty years of experience, I've found that students are hungry for material that goes beyond simply learning tune after tune. In fact, my students suggested a good portion of the material presented here. This lesson should be an indispensable aid to the aspiring bluegrass banjoist.
    — Tony Trischka
    The secret of learning to be sick is this: Illness doesn't make you less of what you were. You are still you.
    — Tony Snow
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    We're continuing to evolve into what we think we can do, and you know that takes a little bit of times sometimes to figure out what you're really good at and what you can hang her hat on per se, and I think we're learning that each week that goes by.
    — Tony Romo
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    The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you.
    — Tony Robbins
    What changes your life is not learning more. What changes your life is making decisions & using your personal power & taking action.
    — Tony Robbins
    Focus on executing to give maximum value to your customers. That means learning everything from financing to producing to marketing.
    — Tony Robbins
    Learn 2 chords and then get a good lawyer before learning the 3rd.
    — Tony Iommi
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    At Zappos, one of our core values is to Pursue Growth and Learning. In the lobby of our headquarters, we have a giving library where we give away books to employees and visitors that we think will help with their growth, both personally and professionally. I can't wait to add The Compound Effect to our library.
    — Tony Hsieh
    Business is all about learning to balance the short-term, medium-term and long-term and I think it's when things are going well it covers up a lot of mistakes and bad decisions because you're growing so quickly.
    — Tony Hsieh
    I grew up in the South where they are very, very passionate about sports, and I was the artsy kid who didn't know much about it. I found I kind of enjoyed the social aspect, and I enjoyed the tailgating. I went for the free food and the experience. But to this day, I'm still learning. You're not going to see me watching it by myself, but if there are nachos involved, I'm there.
    — Tony Hale
    Learn by doing. Learn through experiences. And this goes back to Steve Jobs' thing - which is the way you open up your knowledge of the world is by discovering it and learning about it, not through books, but by being there.
    — Tony Fadell
    Learning by doing is the only way I know how to learn.
    — Tony Fadell
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    It's the journey that matters. Learning is more important than the test. Practice well, and the games will take care of themselves.
    — Tony Dungy
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    As a father of seven kids, and been a kid myself at one point, I realize you don't always make the best decisions every time out. And life is a learning experience.
    — Tony Dungy
    Change isn't always bad; we should always be learning and improving. But the change I was seeing involved principles, not procedures.
    — Tony Dungy
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    The less unnecessary effort you put into learning, the more successful you'll be . . . Doing the wrong thing with more intensity rarely improves the situation.
    — Tony Buzan
    Memory and creativity are essential to education, but if you teach memory incorrectly, it is a total waste of time, and it will inhibit learning.
    — Tony Buzan
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