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    learn Quotes

    The art of walking on quicksand is still beyond me. What I learned is only how difficult this art is to master and how hard people need to struggle to learn it.
    tags: people master struggle learn
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    Heartbreak is essential. We grow, evolve, and learn about the most beautiful thing ever: Love! My first heartbreak taught me that love is supposed to ADD beauty and happiness to my already love-filled life!
    tags: beauty happiness beautiful learn
    — Zulay Henao
    I just feel like growing up in Los Angeles, you learn, 'Well you're never gonna be the prettiest girl in the room, so just don't even try.' I mean, I care about being pretty, but it's not my most valued thing.
    tags: girls care learn
    — Zooey Deschanel
    I like to learn things slow, I like learning alot, I like to get it all again and in the end, You know you get what you got...
    tags: learn learning
    — Zooey Deschanel
    My favorite part about my job is not that it is never boring; it is that it is always exciting. There is always something new to learn. There is always something interesting to get from someone else. Whether it is an actor, or a sound engineer, there is so much to learn and there will never be nothing to learn. There is always something there.
    tags: job learn
    — Zoey Deutch
    Physical roles give me a chance to learn something new.
    tags: chance learn
    — Zoe Saldana
    After the First World War, it was, like, let's form the League of Nations, we have to learn to work together. It's the only way we're going to survive. And now it's like we're undoing these very fragile institutions that were built after the First and Second World Wars that were about nations working on a kind of global diplomacy for our mutual benefit. And we're undoing them at such rapid-fire pace.
    tags: work world war learn
    — Zoe Leonard
    I reached this level by sheer dint of hard work, toiling away at scores of tricks and experiments. I used to play with the ball from dawn till dusk and just kept practising. If I wasn't playing matches, it was trying out one on one or two against two with a tennis ball. Then I used to try aiming at certain targets. That's the only way to learn. And if I missed the target, I kept trying until I scored
    tags: work learn
    — Zinedine Zidane
    Whereas children can learn from their interactions with their parents how to get along in one sort of social hierarchy-that of the family-it is from their interactions with peers that they can best learn how to survive among equals in a wide range of social situations.
    tags: children child learn parent
    — Zick Rubin
    Education is not simply to learn to read and write. It's emancipation. It makes you free.
    tags: education learn write read
    — Ziauddin Yousafzai
    Arrogance is inimical to prudential reasoning, to accepting that for all we know and learn we also accumulate ignorance of the questions we do not ask, the risks we do not and cannot comprehend. In short, arrogance is what causes us to ignore our fallibilities.
    tags: risk questions arrogance learn ignorance
    — Ziauddin Sardar
    The little child learns to speak, though it has no learned teachers - because it lives with those who know how to speak.
    tags: children live child learn
    — Zhuangzi
    It is only when the formed learns from the unformed that there is understanding.
    tags: understanding learn
    — Zhuangzi
    China's cinema has been rising for some time; it has more exposure, so my chances of becoming internationally known are better. But the first thing I have to do is learn English. If I can grasp the language, then perhaps I can think about the U.S.
    tags: chance language learn
    — Zhang Ziyi
    After I learn more English, I'll work hard and make more films.
    tags: work film learn
    — Zhang Ziyi
    The newer education put stress on culture ... Saturday mornings, the young were brushed and washed, forced into blue cheviot suits, and dragged to children's concerts to learn appreciation. They wriggled, squirmed, counted the light bulbs in the ceiling, dived under seats to gather ticket stubs, stampeded out at intermissions. The weakness of their bladders was astounding.
    tags: young culture stress appreciation weakness education learn
    — Zelda Popkin
    To seek Truth is automatically a calling for the innate dissident and the subversive; how many are willing to give up safety and security for the perilous life of the spiritual revolutionary? How many are willing to truly learn that their own cherished concepts are wrong? Striking provocative or mysterious poses in the safety of Internet [social media] is far easier than taking the risks involved in the hard work of genuine initiation.
    tags: truth work risk spiritual learn internet
    — Zeena Schreck
    I applied, and I got in as a pianist. Their idea in the music department was that pianists, if they were good enough to get in, they were good enough to learn a new instrument. They felt sorry for pianists being alone in the practice room all the time, and they really wanted to socialize us pianists.
    tags: time alone music learn ideas sorry
    — Zeena Parkins
    Everyone happens for a reason, learn it and move on. Don't be bitter about what happened, be happy about what will
    tags: learn
    — Zayn Malik
    Loving you is what I've learned so easily but trying to forget you is the last thing I could hardly learn.
    tags: loving learn
    — Zayn Malik
    These critics who crucify me do not guess the littlest part of my sincerity. They must be burned in a blaze. I cannot learn from them.
    tags: learn
    — Zane Grey
    You're never going to learn everything.
    tags: learn
    — Zakk Wylde
    If it was a biopic about Glenn Greenwald, I would have immersed myself more fully in his personal life and gotten to know him as much as I could, but because it was much more about his relationship to this particular situation, to The Guardian, to Laura Poitras, and to Ewen MacAskill, and Edward Snowden, I was able to really learn a lot about him from reading his book and reading his many articles and accounts of that time.
    tags: time personal learn reading book relationship
    — Zachary Quinto
    I had to learn how to modulate my performances and interpretations of these roles in auditions for the camera.
    tags: learn
    — Zachary Quinto
    There was no other concern; there was no other focus [in the Governor's School]. It was simply there to learn and grow and perform, and that was pretty amazing and informative. I'd say that was a big pivotal moment for me.
    tags: focus moment learn
    — Zachary Quinto
    I really knew almost nothing about Silicon Valley. I read that Steve Jobs book and watched a bunch of documentaries, and read the book about Mark Zuckerberg. I tried to learn some stuff, but there are consultants on the Silicon Valley show that know so much about it where you can get answers. To me, it's more important to get the particulars about that type of person as opposed to the specifics of the technology world.
    tags: people world job learn book read technology
    — Zach Woods
    It's really simple actually. It's just, try and make people happy. Maybe you have to learn with time. Maybe you have to learn it the hard way. But as long as you learn it, you're going to make the world a better place.
    tags: time people world learn
    — Zach Sobiech
    The congressmen and senators used to go have a drink in D.C. They would disagree all day long, but they would find that time to sit down and learn about each other personally. I think that's totally wiped out; I don't think it really exists anymore.
    tags: time learn
    — Zach Galifianakis
    I think that within the world of music that we work in, which is so not perfect, I think that you really do have to learn to accept your own mistakes as part of the beauty of music itself.
    tags: beauty work world mistakes music learn
    — Zach Condon
    It's funny because you do often read in recounts of very famous albums, people tend to focus on mistakes in really positive ways, and there's certain mistakes of my own that I always do find on every record that I needed to accept. I find it really interesting to talk about. I always write songs at the wrong tempos, and I have to learn to accept that a little bit.
    tags: people funny focus mistakes wrong song learn write read positive
    — Zach Condon
    I'm not an amazing trumpet player. It's mostly smoke and mirrors. You shake the trumpet and it starts to vibrate in a ridiculous drunken way, or you flop notes at the right time and you don't have to play stuff that would take seven years to learn.
    tags: time right learn year smoke
    — Zach Condon
    Didn't we learn our lesson from Planet of the Apes?
    tags: lessons learn
    — Zach Braff
    I've always tried to learn from the greats: Orson Welles, Humphrey Bogart, Ghandi, Buddha, Jesus... it's just that there's this tremendous pressure to correct all the things they got wrong.
    tags: wrong jesus buddha learn
    — Zach Braff
    I never go easy on kids when I play board games. The sooner they learn what the consequence of entering a competition is, the better. If they win, I punch them in the face like any adult.
    tags: adult learn kids games consequence competition
    — Zach Braff
    Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master. People just don't understand that
    tags: people master learn
    — Zach Braff
    I went to film school and wanted to learn everything there was about making movies.
    tags: movie film school learn
    — Zach Braff
    It's hard to find people to trust in the record industry, always. It's an industry with a lot of bullshit. There's a lot of people who are in positions of power that really know nothing and care for nothing. So I think, yeah, you learn pretty early on that you've really got to trust yourself more than anybody else, and that nobody's going to care about what you do more than you.
    tags: people power trust care learn
    — Zac Hanson
    One of the first things a typical lesbian learns is that there is no such thing as a typical lesbian.
    tags: learn
    — Yvonne Zipter
    After I made my hit in 'Salome,' Universal sent me to New York so I could learn to be a proper movie star.
    tags: star movie learn
    — Yvonne De Carlo
    On the acting side, they actually tell us to lie about things that we don't know and later scramble to learn. "Do you ride horses?" "Yes, I do." I think scrambling is the death of most of us in the industry.
    tags: death lies learn
    — Yvette Nicole Brown
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