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In fact, it's become politically important to offend people, because we have to fight back against this notion that being offensive should be against the law or something, and that everyone supposedly deserves "respect" for their often dopy views.
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— Lionel Shriver
Let's put it this way: if you need to ask a lawyer whether what you do is "right" or not, you are morally corrupt. Let's not go there. We don't base our morality on law.
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— Linus Torvalds
The median GPA and LSAT percentile for students of the country's elite law schools were 3.8 and 98 respectively. At the time fewer than 20 black law students in the entire country met those standards.
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— Lino Graglia
I've been a military lawyer for 33 years. A member of al Qaeda or their affiliate group can be detained under a law of war as long as their threat to our nation without a trial.
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— Lindsey Graham
Every state and the federal government have laws that protect people from acts of violence, and those laws should be enforced. What I want to see in America is that if you hurt a human being and you bring pain in their life, that's all we need to know. If you did it illegally, you should be prosecuted.
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— Lindsey Graham
Poetry has its own laws speaking for the life of the planet. It is a language that wants to bring back together what the other words have torn apart.
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— Linda Hogan
I've heard it said that the first law of journalism is to confirm existing prejudice, rather than contradict it.
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— Linda Ellerbee
The unions claim the deck is stacked against them when it comes to labor laws, but the truth is many private and public sector workers are forced to pay union dues as a condition of their employment, yet they have little say in how the unions spend their money.
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— Linda Chavez
One of the achievements of which I am most proud was the codification, the writing into U.S. law, of the U.S. embargo on the Castro dictatorship.
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— Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Religion urges us to fight evil as contrary to the Divine Law. It urges us to combat abject misery, sin and disease because God is. In His name we can work, as we believe in co-operation with Him, since through Him goodness must ultimately prevail.
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— Lily Montagu
If I hadn't spent a big chunk of time in academia I might not have the depth of consciousness I do about ideas like that. I might think, for instance, that Freud was no big deal in terms of the shape of social organization then or now. I might think that the discourses of politics and law are real and stable and fair.
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— Lidia Yuknavitch
I don't have any problem understanding why people flunk out of college or quit their jobs or cheat on each other or break the law or spray-paint walls. A little bit outside of things is where some people feel each other. We do it to replace the frame of family. We do it to erase and remake our origins in their own images. To say, I too was here.
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— Lidia Yuknavitch
I was always attracted to the type of cinema hero as an adolescent growing up in Ireland. Robert Mitchum springs to mind. Later on, it was Steve McQueen to a certain extent and Charles Bronson. They're these types of grizzled characters who had one foot on the side of law and order and the other foot in the bad guy's camp.
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— Liam Neeson
No matter who you are or what you intend to do, you should not exceed the boundaries of the rule of law.
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— Li Keqiang
It is evident, therefore, that one of the most fundamental problems of psychology is that of investigating the laws of mental growth. When these laws are known, the door of the future will in a measure be opened; determination of the child's present status will enable us to forecast what manner of adult he will become.
— Lewis Terman
An orderly society cannot exist if every man may decide which laws he will obey.
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— Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building, it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society. It is one of the ends for which our entire legal system is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.
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— Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
There should be a law that you can't shut down the government - that you don't have that power.
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— Lewis Black
Every right has its responsibilities. Like the right itself, these responsibilities stem from no man-made law, but from the very nature of man and society. The security, progress and welfare of one group is measured finally in the security, progress and welfare of all mankind.
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— Lewis B. Schwellenbach
There is no law by which to determine the superiority of nations; hence the vanity of the claim, and the idleness of disputes about it. A people risen, run their race, and die either of themselves or at the hands of another, who, succeeding to their power, take possession of their place, and upon their monuments write new names; such is history.
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— Lew Wallace
If Darwin had seen in life what Dostoevsky saw, he would not have talked of the law of the preservation of species, but of its destruction.
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— Lev Shestov
There is a spiritual law of choosing, believing, abiding, and holding steady in our walk with God, which is essential to the working of the Holy Spirit either in our sanctification or healing.
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— Lettie Cowman
The gospel is not outward rituals and sacrifices, it is a living sacrifice. It is to have the laws of God written in our heart. It is to have a soft, listening, responding heart to God.
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— Leslie Ludy
It is actually against the law for a citizen to give money to a terrorist.
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— Lesley Stahl
I can always tell when the mother in law's coming to stay; the mice throw themselves on the traps.
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— Les Dawson
I've just had some bad news. Tomorrow is the mother in law's funeral. And she's cancelled it.
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— Les Dawson
To defy the laws of tradition is a crusade only of the brave.
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— Les Claypool
The law of prayer is the law of harvest: sow sparingly in prayer, reap sparingly; sow bountifully in prayer, reap bountifully. The trouble is we are trying to get from our efforts what we never put into them.
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— Leonard Ravenhill
At this writing I can't even shut my lower jaw because of inadequate health care. I can't chew my food, I have trouble walking...the list goes on. But more than anything I want to go home. If you follow the laws at the time of my conviction I should have been released already.
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— Leonard Peltier
United States Government needs to acknowledge and respect our sovereignty, treaties, traditional Native American values, and our human rights as a people, which under the law as written we deserve, and which should be protected.
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— Leonard Peltier
Personal law is simply the thought that controls your mind and your life more than any other thought. Finding that thought is the most valuable knowledge that you can have about yourself. It is like the leverage on personal change. It enables you to change very efficiently.
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— Leonard Orr
Our nation's military and law enforcement personal work hard to protect us. We must thank them for their continued vigilance. Without their sacrifice we would less capable of protecting our nation.
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— Leonard Boswell
It is clear we can make reforms to better ensure we are giving law enforcement all of the tools they need while maintaining the appropriate safeguards to protect the very freedoms we cherish.
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— Leonard Boswell
In my opinion, according to the law of defamation prevalent in this country (U.S.A.), you cannot in any way participate in the publication of the 'Forces Secrètes de la Révolution' by de Poncins, without incurring grave legal responsibility with risk of damages...The personalities and associations criticized are so powerful in this country that very costly lawsuits would certainly result from the publication of the book.
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— Leon V. DePoncins
Dialectical thought is related to vulgar thinking in the same way that a motion picture is related to a still photograph. The motion picture does not outlaw the still photograph but combines a series of them according to the laws of motion.
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— Leon Trotsky
Insurrection is an art, and like all arts has its own laws.
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— Leon Trotsky
The most important thing we can do is prosecute the offenders, deal with those that have broken the law and committed this crime. And if we can do that then we can begin to deal with this issue and send a signal this is not a problem that we are going to ignore in the United States military.
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— Leon Panetta
We either believe in the dignity of the individual, the rule of law, and the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, or we don't. There is no middle ground.
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— Leon Panetta
The history of atomism is one of reductionism " the effort to reduce all the operations of nature to a small number of laws governing a small number of primordial objects.
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— Leon M. Lederman
All buildings, large or small, public or private, have a public face, a facade; they therefore, without exception, have a positive or negative effect on the quality of the public realm, enriching or impoverishing it in a lasting and radical manner. The architecture of the city and public space is a matter of common concern to the same degree as laws and language-they are the foundation of civility and civilisation.
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— Leon Krier