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    kissing Quotes

    My grandmother told me: "We all dated lots of different boys because no one was having sex or kissing. It was just going out for sodas and getting to know people. It didn't seem like there was a threat." I think now we have more ideas of people having premarital and unprotected sex.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: people  boys  sex  kissing  ideas 
    Kissing scenes are never romantic or sexy, they're actually super technical, like, "Move your head, you're blocking her light," or, "Stop looking like an idiot when you kiss her." You do it again and again because of the camera angles and takes and whatnot. So by the end of it, it's not even kissing. All the anything is totally drained out of it.
    — Will Poulter
    tags: romantic  kiss  sexy  kissing  idiot 
    I have always been kind of a prude. But kissing is harmless to me, and sometimes a kiss can tell if it's even worth seeing that person again!
    — Whitney Port
    tags: people  seeing  kiss  kissing  worth 
    Kissing with the tip of the tongue is like ice-cream melting. It was he who taught me that a kiss has a soul and colour of its own.
    — Weihui Zhou
    tags: soul  kiss  kissing 
    Take your tongue out of my mouth, I'm kissing you good-bye.
    — Waylon Jennings
    tags: kissing 
    You don't know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night, Scared at the thought of kissing razors
    — Vic Fuentes
    tags: thoughts  night  kissing 
    Getting up at three in the morning to watch Michael Jordan, I never dreamed one day I would be kissing that trophy.
    — Tony Parker
    tags: kissing 
    On kissing Marilyn Monroe: It's like kissing Hitler.
    — Tony Curtis
    tags: kissing 
    Guys ask me, don't I get burned out? How can you get burned out doing something you love? I ask you, have you ever got tired of kissing a pretty girl?
    — Tommy Lasorda
    tags: kissing 
    Sometimes I would open my eyes when we were kissing, I would watch him and I could see it. I could actually see LOVE - not words, not an emotion, not an abstract concept or a subjective state of mind, but a living, breathing thing.
    — Tiffanie DeBartolo
    tags: living  emotion  eyes  mind  kissing 
    Society is a little more forgiving of two women kissing than two men. It's sad but true.
    — Tiffani Thiessen
    tags: men  women  society  sad  true  kissing 
    Kissing's a good thing, man. It's the doorbell of intimacy.
    — Thomas Haden Church
    tags: men  kissing  intimacy 
    I'm infatuated with you, I cannot deny it. Physically speaking, you're a very attractive man. But I don't like you, the vast majority of the time. So far as I can gather, you behave abominably in public and are only marginally better in private. I only find you remotely tolerable when you're kissing me.
    — Tessa Dare
    tags: time  men  kissing  majority 
    Guinevere and Arthur's story is so about the passion. It's about the sexual attraction between them. You can't have that story and show that sexual attraction with them kissing, and then shut the door. It just doesn't work. It's such an important part of their relationship and what happens in Camelot later on. It's who they are and how they bond.
    — Tamsin Egerton
    rosto cupped laddybuck in one hand and grabed the back of my neck with the other pulling me in and kissing me right on the mouth. i should have punched him but his lips were soft and sweet. i will punch him next time. -beka after she realizes that rosto the piper is the new rouge
    — Tamora Pierce
    tags: time  right  kissing 
    If someone had asked, How does this compare to kissing Kennedy? I would have answered, "Who?"
    — Tammara Webber
    tags: kissing 
    My last coherent thought, as Lucas took his time kissing and touching every part of me he could reach and my body arched into his, was: oh... so this is what all the fuss is about.
    — Tammara Webber
    tags: time  thoughts  body  kissing 
    The shot of Kapil Dev kissing the World Cup and hordes of Indian fans all over at Lord's is etched in my memory. Every Indian is proud of that victory, and every Indian player who has played the World Cup after that '83 win wants to bring the Cup home.
    — Suresh Raina
    tags: world  memory  victory  kissing 
    Kissing making out on the ground Bali Hai Bali Hai Bali Hai!
    — Steven Pasquale
    tags: kissing 
    From the moment I laid eyes on you I couldn't stop looking at you. From the moment we talked I couldn't stop arguing with you. From the moment we kissed I couldn't stop kissing you. And from the moment we shared our hopes, fears and insecurities I couldn't stop loving you.
    — Simone Elkeles
    tags: fear  moment  eyes  loving  kissing  hope 
    (His heart clenched as she made a kissing noise to him then handed the phone back to Vane. Gods, how he loved that woman.) Ahh, Tally, me lub you too. (Vane) Shut up, crotch-sniffer. You're not allowed to make lovey noises at me, only my honey is. (Talon)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: heart  god  kissing  honey 
    I'm suggesting we call sex something else, and it should include everything from kissing to sitting close together.
    — Shere Hite
    tags: sex  kissing 
    I grew up kissing books and bread.
    — Salman Rushdie
    tags: book  kissing 
    We must agree on what matters: kissing in public places, bacon sandwiches, disagreement, cutting-edge fashion, literature, generosity, water, a more equitable distribution of the world's resources, movies, music, freedom of thought, beauty, love.
    — Salman Rushdie
    If a man is pictured chopping off a woman's breast, it only gets an R rating; but if, God forbid, a man is pictured kissing a woman's breast, it gets an X rating. Why is violence more acceptable than tenderness?
    — Sally Struthers
    tags: men  violence  god  kissing 
    I am in favor of preserving the French habit of kissing the hands of ladies. After all one must start somewhere.
    — Sacha Guitry
    tags: kissing 
    Rumors of sneezing, kissing, tears, sweat, and saliva spreading AIDS caused people to panic.
    — Ryan White
    tags: people  tears  kissing 
    It's not about going to church every week because you know there's a lot of people who go to church all of the time who aren't going to heaven. It's not even about that, it's not about kissing God's ass, it's about being aware.
    — Ryan Montgomery
    tags: time  people  god  church  kissing  heaven 
    I would love to kiss you. The price of kissing is your life.
    — Rumi
    tags: kiss  kissing 
    Confine your kissing to the irresistible.
    — Rudolf Bing
    tags: kissing 
    To be good you've gotta have a lot of little boy in you. When you see Willie Mays and Ted Williams jumping and hopping around the bases after hitting a home run, and the kissing and hugging that goes on at home plate, you realize they have to be little boys.
    — Roy Campanella
    tags: boys  kissing 
    I always get carried away when I'm kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It's embarrassing - not knowing what to say to each other.
    — Robert Pattinson
    tags: moment  knowing  kissing 
    What's it like kissing Taylor Lautner.
    — Robert Pattinson
    tags: kissing 
    I think kissing is what separates us from the animals and makes us divine.
    — Robert Goolrick
    tags: animals  divine  kissing 
    The area between the nose and the chin, the subject of kissing and the vehicle for speech, is perhaps even more known and set upon than the eyes. The mouth is also riddled with a complex interweaving of folds, curves, flats and lost-and-found edges. These nuances are needed by a perceptive person who might try to understand human nature.
    — Robert Genn
    It would be great to see somebody like Kid Rock kissing a man. But I'm sure that he wouldn't like the prospect of it put to him, and I won't even go there with Eminem.
    — Robbie Williams
    tags: men  kissing  kids 
    When you're kissing a woman and you want it to look realistic, you're thinking, 'Am I taking advantage of her? Is her boyfriend going to think I'm over-stepping the mark? Whereas when you are kissing a man, those thoughts don't cross your mind. I'm more scared of it looking false, so I went for it fully to make it look real and hopefully I've achieved that.
    — Rob James-Collier
    I saw them kissing in the shade and knew the sum of all my lore: God gave them Youth, God gave them Love, and even God can give no more.
    — Ridgely Torrence
    tags: youth  god  kissing 
    I don't care about people kissing my ass or telling me how great I am. I don't really give a damn. I read the bad stuff a whole lot more than I read the good stuff. I read that because there are always going to be critics who are going to say how good you aren't.
    — Richard Sherman
    tags: people  care  bad  read  kissing 
    He'd discovered that his memories of that summer were like bad movie montages - young lovers tossing a Frisbee in the park, sharing a melting ice-cream cone, bicycling along the river, laughing, talking, kissing, a sappy score drowning out the dialogue because the screenwriter had no idea what these two people might say to each other.
    — Richard Russo
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