kiss Quotes

I want my wife to wake me up with a sweet kiss
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— Lee Donghae
Lovers can find nothing to say to each other that has not been said and unsaid a thousand times over. Kisses were invented to translate such nothings into wounds
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— Lawrence Durrell
The sweetest thing I've ever known was like the kiss on the collarbone.
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— Lauryn Hill
it's a kiss full of promise, of trust and of all that is magic.
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— Laurie Faria Stolarz
We sit there, our eyes locked on one another, for several seconds. I know in my heart we're both thinking the same thing. Jacob leans forward over the candle, the shadow of the flame dancing against his bottom lip. I lean forward to meet him as well. It's a kiss full of promise, of trust, and of all that is magic.
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— Laurie Faria Stolarz
I would go fifty miles on foot to kiss the hand of that man whose generous heart will give up the reins of his imagination into his Author's hands; be pleased, he knows not why, and cares not wherefore.
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— Laurence Sterne
Ah, there should be a young man, ein schone Junge carrying Blumen, a bouquet of roses. There should be cold Rhine wine and Strausswaltzes, and on the long way home kisses in the shadow of an archway, like a Cinderella.
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— Laurence Stallings
They could steam up windows with their kisses, but as soon as they started using their mouths for other things-like talking-everything got so complicated.
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— Lauren Kate
Do you ever feel like 'nothing' has happened to you? Like you know you have a destiny, but all you've seen of life so far is unexceptional? I want my life to be different. I want to feel that it's begun. I'm waiting for 'that' kiss.
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— Lauren Kate
Luce: "But what about all those other times, when I die before we kiss, before-" Bill: "Before you even have a chance to see how toxic your relationship might become?
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— Lauren Kate
It´s hard to have you with me but not to be able to take your hand or kiss you -James
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— Laura Whitcomb
Every girl on TV, in real life, sure you want to meet that soul mate and fall in love and have the big thing, but until that happens, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs.
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— Laura Prepon
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— Larry the Cable Guy
I'm not going to pass out-" He cut her off with a kiss. "If you did, I'd catch you." Gods, he'd laugh at either of his brothers if they said that to their mates, the pussywhipped idiots.
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— Larissa Ione
It wasn't a kiss, human, so don't get excited." She sputtered in outrage. "I don't know what putting your lips on someone else's mouth means for your people - whatever they are - but humans call that a kiss." "Congratulations, then. You made out with a hellhound.
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— Larissa Ione
I had so many freckles that my mother used to say that they were kisses from the angels. I still have them.
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— Lara Flynn Boyle
I remember doing the sex scene in Red Rock West. I had to kiss Nic Cage and then look like I was going down on him. And he couldn't do anything - he just had to lie there.
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— Lara Flynn Boyle
The kiss is a wordless articulation of desire whose object lies in the future, and somewhat to the south.
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— Lance Morrow
Sometimes I wish I was a beautiful machine so I could resist your kiss and not cry when you're mean.
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— Lana Del Rey
I had to have my first kiss in front of, like, a hundred people. I didn't know what to do. So my sisters told me to, like, practice on a pillow, you know? But it didn't kiss me back so I didn't know what to expect.
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— Lacey Chabert
I think everyone should read The Girl on The Train, especially if they loved Gone Girl. It's about Rachel, a girl who sees a couple on her commute. Then one day she sees one of the people from the couple kiss another person. The next day they go missing. The story is told by 3 different perspectives, all characters you absolutely can't trust. It's an insane psychological thriller that's seriously addicting and the kind of book you can't put down.
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— Kyle
It is a kiss that, once begun, never really ends. Interrupted, yes. Paused, certainly. But from that very moment onward, Vera sees the whole of her life as only a breath away from kissing him again. On that night in the park, they begin the delicate task of binding their souls together, creating a whole comprising their separate halves.
tags: soul moment night kiss kissing
— Kristin Hannah
And before you barrel through some idiotic Cosmo girl list of how-well-do-you-know-your-man questions, let me say that I don't know squat about him except that he kisses like a god and screws like a devil.
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— Kristin Hannah
Tell me what I can do to help you feel better." Well...I always like when you kiss me... "Do you?" You're good at it. "Well, that's lucky. Because I'll always be kissing you.
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— Kristin Cashore
Love is having endless support from my husband and the hugs and kisses from my kids.
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— Kristen Taekman
A kiss is like a fight, with mouths.
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— Kristen Schaal
He'd wanted his first kiss to be with me.
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— Kiera Cass
America Singer, one day you will fall asleep in my arms every night. And you'll wake up to my kisses every morning.
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— Kiera Cass
The world is a mess. It seems that life gets harder on a personal level each and every day. Hug and kiss those you love every day. You never know when the tragedies of this world may visit your life.
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— Kevin Nash
Don't kiss a man who hasn't shaved.
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— Kevin Kline
I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.
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— Kevin Costner
I can't do it, Gideon! I can't make out the way you kiss me one moment and then act as if you loathed me like poison the next!" Gideon said, after a brief pause, "I'd much rather be kissing you the whole time than loathing you, but you don't exactly make it easy for me.
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— Kerstin Gier
Kiss the blackest part of my behind.
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— Kenya Moore
it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!
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— Kenny Chesney
People who can't kiss had everything given to them.
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— Kenny Chesney
The job of the writer is to kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy and white and tempting and powerful.
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— Ken Kesey
We're all good when it suits us, he used to say: that doesn't count. It's when you want so badly to do something wrong-when you're about to make a fortune from a dishonest deal, or kiss the lovely lips of your neighbor's wife, or tell a lie to get yourself out of terrible trouble-that's when you need the rules. Your integrity is like a sword, he would say: you shouldn't wave it until you're about to put it to the test.
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— Ken Follett
I stand before you and my heart is in your hands, And I don't know how, I'd survive without your kiss, 'cause you've given me a reason to exist
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— Kelly Clarkson
I thought rock and roll was an unassailable outlet for some pure and natural expression of rebellion. It used to be one channel you could take without ever havin' to kiss arse, you know?
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— Keith Richards
In each of us lies sleeping beauty, wasted potential, dying dreams. We sleep and live in dormant twilight, never knowing what it means to live, to love the bits of heaven that we can unearth deep in our hearts; not recognizing that our salvation is ever-present in those parts that we have disowned, denied, forgotten. The thorns of fear thwart faint attempt. The prince is courage, the kiss believing and then with these our life begins.
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— Kay Thompson