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Do not place hope in finding a secret technique. Polish the mind through ceaseless training; that is the key to effective techniques.
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— Kyuzo Mifune
Getting married and staying married is a wonderful way to increase your wealth - but the key is stay married.
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— Kyra Zagorsky
The key is to do your own work.
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— Kyle Bass
I think freestyling is very important. That's the key to the game, if you wanna be in the MC crowd, freestyling is important.
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— Kurupt
It's much easier when your team's winning. When your team starts to lose, that's where a lot of these quarterback controversies divide a locker room. The key, as a pro, is to be a pro.
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— Kurt Warner
The key reason why we are richer than our ancestors is that these ancestors have bequeathed us buildings, factories and machines that have given us a high living standard to start with. Driven by irresponsible policy makers, America's present generation is consuming the nation's capital.
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— Kurt Richebacher
What Bernie Sanders is calling for is incredibly important. Things like a $15/hour minimum wage, single-payer healthcare, taxing the rich, and free education. The radical reforms he has popularized are a key part of any socialist program today.
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— Kshama Sawant
Part of the adventure in life is not always knowing what's going to happen next, and the next part may be grander than your original plan. The key to enjoying the journey is being open to the unknown.
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— Kristine Carlson
The key to enjoying the journey is being open to the unknown
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— Kristine Carlson
Living a lie - pretending everything is fine when we areactually discontented - is hard work and, in the long run, even bad for our health. We pay a high pricefor compromising on this honesty - and neglecting ourselves. Finding our inner passion, our missionin life, and connecting with who we really are, our spiritual being or our higher self - this is the key to success and fulfilment. Our 'soul' purpose is our sole purpose in life.
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— Kristiane Backer
I think maybe the key to having a long relationship is really appreciating that person's life and not trying to own it. It's like just stop trying. We all do it.
tags: key relationship
— Kristen Stewart
When I'm about to blow the candles on my birthday cake and everybody is telling me I must make a wish, I just go into a tailspin. I'm thinking: what do I wish?, and I just can't seem to think about anything. Then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and there comes my wish. I don't know how to explain what goes on inside of me, but that's what happens: breathing is the key to understand what's really important to me.
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— Kristen Stewart
Gut health is the key to overall health.
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— Kris Carr
For the first month of school, writing is its own upper. Pounding on my computer keys feels like playing the piano, like arranging words into harmony that sings back to me.
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— Koren Zailckas
Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace.
tags: peace people development young key innovation
— Kofi Annan
From this vision of the role of the United Nations in the next century flow three key priorities for the future: eradicating poverty, preventing conflict and promoting democracy.
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— Kofi Annan
It is true that the principle of national citizenship, associated with rights, and the control of a country's borders are two key aspects of modern 'sovereign' nation states as they emerged in the Westphalian order. But there has been much progress since 1648.
tags: progress control key true right
— Kofi Annan
I realize now that there's a strength in dunking that I can use to my advantage. When you dunk all the time it isn't as demoralizing to the opponent, but when you dunk at a key moment in the game you can use it to change the momentum.
tags: time key moment strength games advantage
— Kobe Bryant
The key issue is the shift of the centre of gravity from the West to the East, the rise of China and India.
tags: key india
— Klaus Schwab
In the fairy tale the painting represents the here and now. The book is actually divided into five sections, through which the key character, the muse, leads us.
tags: character key book painting
— Kit Williams
I believe transparency in government is key to restoring our nations faith in its elected leaders.
tags: believe key faith government leader
— Kirsten Gillibrand
I really think the key to a film is the chemistry of people.
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— Kirsten Dunst
If at first you don't succeed, try management. Indecision is the key to flexibility. If at first you don't succeed, take the tax loss.
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— Kirk Kirkpatrick
I gotta pound the keys for the ideas to flow.
tags: key ideas pounds
— Kirby Larson
Young people are the key to this election.
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— Kinky Friedman
. The key to all of that is keeping hold of humility and keeping hold of the people around you, and making sure you stay grounded with your family and friends.
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— Kimbra
He fished in his pocket for his keys and instead pulled out the last geode, gray and smooth, earth-shaped. He held it, warming in his palm, thinking of all mysteries the world contained: layers of stone, concealed beneath the flesh of earth and grass; these dull rocks, with their glimmering hidden hearts.
tags: heart world mystery earth key thinking
— Kim Edwards
Pedestrian accessibility is the key.
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— Kim Delaney
I hold the Key to my Own Success! (You do too!)
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— Kid Rock
I think the key difference between the web and print medium is, on the web or any digital medium, you're dealing with this added element of behavior.
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— Khoi Vinh
The international community has been extracting concessions from the weaker side suffering under the occupation. For decades, this strategy has done absolutely nothing for the Palestinians. Now they are demanding that Hamas go the same route. We will not accept that. Extracting concessions is not the key to achieving peace. Pressure must be exerted on the occupier.
tags: peace suffering key community strategy occupation
— Khaled Mashal
A couple of clues came my way of what I might be getting myself into when I sat down with a number of actors who had played Richard III in the past. And I was hoping of course, that one of them or all of them were gonna give me the magic key, the secret way in to play Richard III but none of them did that.But every one of them did say the following, "Be careful."
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— Kevin Spacey
The key to making money in angel investing is saying no. You meet with 100 companies and say no to 99 of them.
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— Kevin Rose
For our past can be a prison we are locked in permanently, or it can be the key to our freedom if we glean the lessons from it and deal with it directly.
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— Kevin Powell
The key to social engineering is influencing a person to do something that allows the hacker to gain access to information or your network.
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— Kevin Mitnick
When an attacker fails with one person, they often go to another person. The key is to report the attack to other departments. Workers should know to act like they are going along with what the hacker wants and take copious notes so the company will know what the hacker is trying to find.
tags: people key company fail
— Kevin Mitnick
Telling your story out loud is the way human beings communicate. We don't normally think up words, translate how to spell them and then move our fingers up and down over this randomly arranged set of keys to make the same letters appear on a screen.
tags: human key stories
— Kevin J. Anderson
The real key is time management and being able to focus on what you need to, on using every available minute to accomplish something that needs to be done.
tags: time focus key real management
— Kevin J. Anderson
Depression is a prison to which you have the key except you never think to look for it.
tags: depression key prison
— Kevin Hearne
My life is great because I made it that way. Anything other than happiness doesn't get a pass key.
tags: happiness key
— Keshia Chante