karma Quotes

A saint is someone who has been very selfless and, over a period of lifetimes, generated a tremendous amount of good karma, which has caused them to enter into very lovely states of mind.
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— Frederick Lenz
To encounter such a being is considered the ultimate karmic blessing in the sense that your life will be so configured that every single variant problematic karma will surface, which means you have the opportunity of passing through them all correctly, going over the ocean of the samsara and reaching nirvana yourself.
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— Frederick Lenz
The role of the Buddhist teacher is to explain your options and to show you what creates karma. All our discussions are basically karmic until you're fully engaged in samadhi.
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— Frederick Lenz
If even one woman in the West were to become enlightened, it would change karmas on this planet.
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— Frederick Lenz
What a man must do is realize that his continued belief in the inferiority of women is going to produce a type of karma that is going to hold him back, and already has.
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— Frederick Lenz
This is what Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita - Karma Yoga. If you can't avoid action, you might as well act.
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— Frederick Lenz
Selfless giving has a lot to do with what happens to you in the future. There is karma, both good and bad.
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— Frederick Lenz
It's always said that when one is a soldier who dies in battle, you go to a very high world. There's a great and good karma for the soldier who dies in battle because it's an extended selfless giving.
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— Frederick Lenz
Even a good self will create another good self in the next life, and another one, and that good self will never be enlightened. You'll be bound, life after life, by good karma.
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— Frederick Lenz
The final battles are the samskaras of good karma. They prevent Samadhi. Naturally for a religious person the avoidance is intensive. They are so hung up on good karma and on method.
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— Frederick Lenz
Words like meditation, karma, samskaras, they're just words. You can get into the jargon, you can speak it, but that doesn't mean you'll be any freer.
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— Frederick Lenz
There are the samskaras, the tendencies from your other lifetimes, ways of seeing, habits that are so strong, they affect you now. They are the operative situations in your life that are created by karma.
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— Frederick Lenz
I like extreme athletics, extreme meditation and extremely beautiful women. Perhaps I'm an extreme person, or it's simply my Karma. But I must tell you, as if you hadn't read about me in a newspaper or seen me on a magazine format television show, there are extreme risks involved with all three.
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— Frederick Lenz
I may discuss contemporary cinema, how to shop at a mall without losing energy, how to use the power of mind to increase career and academic success, the Zen of sports, reincarnation, karma, sex, the experience of "suchness" or a new book by Stephen King.
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— Frederick Lenz
Many spiritual teachers have done this. They have disbanded their whole community because everyone got angry. The karma, at a certain point, has to go back to the person; it's intensified and hurts them spiritually.
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— Frederick Lenz
If I used justice, you'd all be dead. The karma that you throw at me when you don't like me - if I just let it come back, you'd all be destroyed in no time.
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— Frederick Lenz
How do you become enlightened? I don't know: Luck, karma, skill, friends in high places, friends in low places.
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— Frederick Lenz
It's considered very, very bad karma, if I can cut to the chase, to take power from a teacher and not use it for something very positive.
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— Frederick Lenz
Is there Chance? No. There is karma. Karma causes all things to happen. There is only one thing karma cannot decide, and that is how far you will evolve in this lifetime.
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— Frederick Lenz
Success will come about because you are in a higher state of mind. If you create good karma, then you will go into higher states of mind.
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— Frederick Lenz
How do you overcome the negative karmas and problems and misery that occur to people who abuse power? You stop abusing power.
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— Frederick Lenz
If we're distracted from the continual flow of perfect mind that we're in, suddenly everything configures, everything solidifies. Suddenly a shape appears out of flux, a world appears, karmas appear, pasts, futures, presents, time structures, ying and yang appear.
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— Frederick Lenz
There comes a time when a race of beings makes a decision. When they chose to reject enlightenment, it's the end of their world because the karma is inevitable. They have to destroy themselves.
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— Frederick Lenz
There are different pathways - be it Zen, tantra, karma yoga, or jnana yoga. Different ways have been devised to do the same thing for different types of people according to their temperament.
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— Frederick Lenz
So when we wake from the ignorance of this world, the dream of existence, all of the experiences that we have ever had fall away. The ideas of life and death, of rebirth, of reincarnation, karma, God, truth, knowledge - all these things fall away.
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— Frederick Lenz
People walking? Karma walking ... Buddha nature walking..!
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— Frederick Franck
Your believing or not believing in karma has no effect on its existence, nor on its consequences to you. Just as a refusal to believe in the ocean would not prevent you from drowning.
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— F. Paul Wilson
By approaching everything with a sense of suspicion and struggle, we like to think we're in control of things. But in truth our past karma is simply playing itself out. Instead of struggling with it, however, we can choose to dance.
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— Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche
Forgiveness is the key to breaking the cycle of karma and reincarnation. Forgiveness doesn't mean: "What you did was okay." It simply means, "I'm no longer willing to carry the heavy toxic burdens of anger, resentment, and victimhood in my soul." You can work on healing, uplifting, and changing situations from a place of forgiveness, instead of from a place of resentment. Forgive yourself and everyone, and you are free!
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— Doreen Virtue
When we choose the path of love, we grow spiritually, help others, and balance our karma.
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— Doreen Virtue
Those who have not become enlightened will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity, to work out their remaining karma.
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— Dolores Cannon
Do I believe in reincarnation? Well, let's say that I believe in karma. I think you make your own karma.
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— Diane von Furstenberg
Being generous or doing things for others actually makes me feel good so I don't do it because I hope karma will come round and get me and I'll benefit from it.
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— David Schwimmer
I remember a Buddhist teachers reflections on the Holocaust...What terrible karma those Jews mustve had... This kind of fundamentalism, which blames the victims and rationalizes their horrific fate, is something no longer to be tolerated quietly. It is time for... modern Buddhism to outgrow it by accepting social responsibility and finding ways to address such injustices.
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— David Loy
I feel like karma is something that's real. I try and be the best possible person I can be, but not only that I try to help as many people as possible and influence others in a positive manner. And that's all stuff brought on by MMA because I want to be successful so want to be the best possible person.
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— Danny Castillo
I'm not a believer in predetermined fates, being rewarded for one's efforts. I'm not a believer in karma. The reason why I try to be a good person is because I think it's the right thing to do. If I commit fewer bad acts there will be fewer bad acts, maybe other people will join in committing fewer bad acts, and in time there will be fewer and fewer of them.
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— Daniel Handler
If you lie to a person at least tell someone else you've lied to the truth. It balances out your karma.
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— Dane Cook
The law of karma is neither fatalistic nor punitive; nor is man a hapless, helpless victim in its bonds. God has blessed each one of us with reason, intellect and discrimination, as well as the sovereign free will. Even when our past karma inclines us toward evil, we can consciously tune our inclination towards detachment and ego-free action, thus lightening the karmic load.
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— Dada Vaswani
Debts that must be paid ... that sums up the concept of karma. But I would add that karma is not a burden that you have to carry. It is also an opportunity to learn, a chance to practice love and forgiveness, a chance to learn lessons that are valuable to us. Karma offers us the chance to wipe our dirty slate clean, to erase the wrong doings of the past.
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— Dada Vaswani
When we begin to understand the concept of Karma we will never ever blame God for anything that happens to us. We will realise that we are responsible for all that happens to us. As we sow, so shall we reap. Rich or poor, saint or sinner, miser or philanthropist, learned or illiterate ... This is the Universal Law that applies to individuals, to whole communities, societies, nations and races. As we sow, so shall we reap.
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— Dada Vaswani