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It's indispensable to fully understand the basis and modus operandi of the Law of Karma to orientate the ship of our life in a positive and exemplary way.
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— Samael Aun Weor
Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it.
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— Sakyong Mipham
Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results.
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— Sakyong Mipham
If you give a good thing to the world, then over time your karma will be good, and you'll receive good.
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— Russell Simmons
Just as an age was ready to receive the Copernican theory of the universe, so is our own age ready for the ideas of reincarnation and karma to be brought into the general consciousness of humanity. And what is destined to happen in the course of evolution will happen no matter what powers rise up against it.
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— Rudolf Steiner
I have learned of this great force and will never test the boundless energy of what is karma.
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— Ronnie Radke
Karma is real, it balances the universe.
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— Ronnie Radke
Your karma should be good, and everything else will follow. Your good karma will always win over your bad luck.
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— Rohit Shetty
On one occasion I got this really bizarre horoscope thing from someone. It was a full-on zodiac reading, charting and intersecting all this stuff. It was over 20 pages long and said we're destined to be together. That was totally bizarre. I don't really believe in that stuff anyway, although I do believe in Karma because it's already bitten me on the ass so many times.
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— Robert Pattinson
Karma is not just about the troubles, but also about surmounting them.
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— Rick Springfield
In contrast to reincarnation and karma, all other views seem petty and narrow
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— Richard Wagner
When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it's because of karma, some past connection.
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— Richard Gere
Karma Repair Kit Items 1-4. 1.Get enough food to eat, and eat it. 2.Find a place to sleep where it is quiet, and sleep there. 3.Reduce intellectual and emotional noise until you arrive at the silence of yourself, and listen to it. 4.
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— Richard Brautigan
Follow your passions, believe in karma, and you won't have to chase your dreams, they will come to you.
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— Randy Pausch
It's not about how to achieve your dreams, it's about how to lead your life, ... If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.
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— Randy Pausch
You can't get there alone. People have to help you, and I do believe in karma. I believe in paybacks. You get people to help you by telling the truth, by being earnest.
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— Randy Pausch
Truth burns up all karma and frees you from all births.
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— Ramana Maharshi
One has to reap the fruits of his karma. The law of karma is inevitable and is accepted by all the great philosophies of the world: 'As you sow, so shall you reap.'
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— Rama Swami
So somebody comes along and gets to me. They get me angry or uptight or they awaken some desire in me, wow am I delighted. They got me. And that's my work on myself. If I am angry with you because your behavior doesn't fill my model of how you should be, that's my problem for having models. No expectations, no upset. If you are a liar and a cheat, that's your Karma. If I'm cheated, that's my work on myself.
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— Ram Dass
I have written and spoken my thoughts over many years. Now I'm on new ground and spirit. I want to bring these together. Things like karma yoga, bhakti yoga, conscious dying, conscious aging. Consciousness.
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— Ram Dass
Effortlessness means not doing anything, inactivity - AKARMA. Effort means doing much, activity - KARMA. Both have to be there. Do much, but don`t be a doer - then you achieve both. Move in the world, but don`t be a part of it. Live in the world, but don`t let the world live in you. Then the contradiction has been absorbed. Then you are not rejecting anything, not denying anything. Then the whole God has been accepted.
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— Rajneesh
Understand suffering is a part of my karma, otherwise you will spoil your future karma also.
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— Radhanath Swami
Whatever our destiny is, whatever our Karma is, if we simply accept the mercy of Guru, "Guru Kripa", it can completely liberate us from all of our previous Karmic bondage.
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— Radhanath Swami
It's these small differences in people's karma that determine if we get up or remain lying on the ground.
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— Peter Høeg
"Be grateful to everyone" is about making peace with the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected... If we were to make a list of people we don't like - people we find obnoxious, threatening, or worthy of contempt - we would discover much about those aspects of ourselves that we can't face... other people trigger the karma that we haven't worked out.
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— Pema Chodron
The idea of karma is that you continually get the teaching that you need to open your heart.
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— Pema Chodron
Karma is an energy debt which you owe or an energy credit which is owed you. Both involve compound interest that is added to the equation making it either a burden or a blessing.
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— Paul Russo
Every single unfortunate thing that happens, including, for instance, the murder of my parents, I am responsible for. I am responsible for being the son of two people who got murdered. I didn't cause their murder. But if I'm suffering because of it, it's my karma that I have manifested in this lifetime in this particular set of circumstances.
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— Patrick Duffy
We're importing Hinduism into America. The whole thought of your karma, of meditation, of the fact that there's no end of life and there's this endless wheel of life, this is all Hinduism. Chanting too. Many of those chants are to Hindu Gods - Vishnu, Hare Krishna. The origin of it is all demonic. We can't let that stuff come into America. We've got the best defense, if you will - a good offense.
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— Pat Robertson
The universal law of karma ... is that of action and reaction, cause and effect, sowing and reaping. In the course of natural righteousness, man, by his thoughts and actions, becomes the arbiter of his destiny.
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— Paramahansa Yogananda
Bernie Sanders is a disappointment on foreign policy, totally doesn't think about it. But he has the possibility to be more isolationist, which would be good for us actually. We manage to kill several million people on this planet without taking any credit for it or blame. It's a heavy karma we have.
— Oliver Stone
Rest in natural great peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought, like the relentless fury of the pounding waves in the infinite ocean of samsara.
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— Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche
As long as karma exists, the world changes. There will always be karma to be taken care of.
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— Nina Hagen
Karma, ahhh. We sow what we reap... We reap what we sow! We reap what we sow. The law of cause and effect. And we are all under this law.
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— Nina Hagen
Action is called karma. And that's your continuation. When this body disintegrates, you continue on with your actions. It's like the cloud in the sky. When the cloud is no longer in the sky, it hasn't died. The cloud is continued in other forms like rain or snow or ice.
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— Nhat Hanh
Lifes strange ,times change, but karma always finds the way. Stay strong, hold on. Don't let all your dreams fade away. Yeah life can beat you down, what goes it comes around It's not how you hit the ground, it's how fast you get back up. And go, keep going ,till it feels like I'm giving my life away Gets hard,and harder, happiness is worth the wait.
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— Nelly
I'm probably my biggest critic. I worry that if you spend any quality time reveling in good things then karma will slap you upside the head, so I try to stay as even keel as I'm able.
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— Neil Patrick Harris
See God in everyone. It is deception to teach by individual differences and karma.
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— Neem Karoli Baba
I try to live with the idea that karma is a very real thing. So I put out what I want to get back.
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— Megan Fox
The development of personal awareness is the only thing the human person can control, and once we understand that, a lot of the appendages fall away, and we look at purpose and karma and not get besotted by the karmas of other people because we carry them from life to life and year to year and day to day.
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— Maya Tiwari