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    job Quotes

    A reliable assurance of the right and ability to dismantle the constructed structure must be offered, before the job of construction starts in earnest.
    tags: right job
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    There were so many bands in New Orleans. But most of the musicians had day jobs, you know - trades. They were bricklayers and carpenters and cigar makers and plasterers. Some had little businesses of their own - coal and wood and vegetable stores. Some worked on the cotton exchange and some were porters. They had to work at other trades 'cause there were so many musicians, so many bands. It was the most musical town in the country.
    tags: work job business cigar
    — Zutty Singleton
    We are not perfect. None of us is. I apologize for that flaw. I thank the governor for giving me a job with a driver.
    tags: giving job
    — Zulima Farber
    Tikka Khan was a soldier doing a soldier's job.
    tags: job
    — Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
    I put myself out there; it's part of my job, and I get it: people will attack me. At first I was thrown off, but now I have a pretty thick skin about it.
    tags: people job
    — Zooey Deschanel
    The red-carpet thing of premieres and parties is probably my least favourite part of my job.
    tags: job
    — Zooey Deschanel
    When you work on a movie, especially an independent movie, it's a lot of work to make it! It's not just our job as actors - so many people are working so hard, and even the littlest movie takes a lot of work.
    tags: people work job movie
    — Zooey Deschanel
    If you can make a character likable that's not very nice, that's the challenge of the job.
    tags: character challenge job
    — Zooey Deschanel
    Making movies, you're like an independent contractor - you come in, you have a specific job, and a lot of what you do is completely manipulated, which is good and bad.
    tags: job bad movie
    — Zooey Deschanel
    I've personally never wanted to be 'the babe', and refuse to let vanity get in the way of my acting because I don't see my job as being a beautiful person.
    tags: people beautiful job
    — Zooey Deschanel
    My favorite part about my job is not that it is never boring; it is that it is always exciting. There is always something new to learn. There is always something interesting to get from someone else. Whether it is an actor, or a sound engineer, there is so much to learn and there will never be nothing to learn. There is always something there.
    tags: job learn
    — Zoey Deutch
    When you look cakey, or you have too much on, and you actually see the makeup, the makeup isn't doing its job. When you use the makeup in a way where the people aren't thinking about the makeup, and they're looking at you, that's what we want.
    tags: people job thinking
    — Zoe Kravitz
    I never had a real job. I started acting in high school, and then I started working. So, I never got to have that experience.
    tags: experience job real school
    — Zoe Kravitz
    I took a writing class in college, liked it, and my first year out of school I couldn't get a job, so I wrote a play.
    tags: job school college writing year
    — Zoe Kazan
    I think a large part of an actor's job in preparation is just making the words feel organic to them, and obviously they came out of me, so they felt organic to me already. And then I think then it was all about clearing away all the other voices.
    tags: job
    — Zoe Kazan
    Half the fun is getting to play dress-up and imagine what it's like to be this other person. If you're not excited about a part where you get to use your imagination, then what's the point in doing it? It'll be just another job. Also, Director Michael Pressman and I see eye-to-eye with Marie.
    tags: people fun job imagination imagine
    — Zoe Kazan
    Most adults get to a point in their careers where they feel secure, where they have a body of work behind them that will ensure longevity, and for actors, it's just not like that. You're basically always a temp, going from job to job.
    tags: work adult body job career
    — Zoe Kazan
    When you create, it comes from this deep part of you, and your job is you, and so when you don't get heard it can feel bad and frustrating and you have to somehow keep the confidence up.
    tags: job bad confidence
    — Zoe Cassavetes
    Having been a stunt girl for so long, a big part of my job was to not just make the other person look as cool as they could, but also to act as a support. My job was to make them as safe as they could be, so that they could be as explosive and as emotionally engaged as they could be.
    tags: people girls job
    — Zoe Bell
    Whatever my job description consists of, becomes my job. Maybe it's just the way I tackle work, in general.
    tags: work job
    — Zoe Bell
    In my career as a double, a lot of my job is to not just do the fights to make them look cool, but also to appear as the same person as the actor I am playing.
    tags: people fight job career
    — Zoe Bell
    My job has always been to not only make my character look like a badass but to also make the actor I am fighting opposite to be the character they need to be too.
    tags: character job fighting
    — Zoe Bell
    When being a stunt double, my job has always a supportive role, which is interesting, really. Part of what I really like about it is making a situation where people can just come out of their shell and be super bad-ass. That's exciting!
    tags: people job
    — Zoe Bell
    I had to paint the picture that I was never scared, otherwise I couldn't do my job. But now, as an actor, I'm literally paid to look emotionally accessible.
    tags: job
    — Zoe Bell
    My job as a double was always to put [actors] at ease. My job was to make my character, or the actress that I was doubling, look as badass as possible by being there.
    tags: character job
    — Zoe Bell
    Nations with too many laws, endless regulations, just cannot grow or generate enough jobs. Wake up.
    tags: law job
    — Ziad K. Abdelnour
    Most people spend their whole lives looking for the right job. There are others who never get an opportunity to do work that fulfils them.
    tags: people work live right job opportunities
    — Zhang Ziyi
    It is important in this journey to remember that just because someone has inflicted hurt upon us, it does not give us the right to do the same. Body shaming and hurtful tactics will never get the job done.
    tags: journey hurt body right job
    — Zendaya
    I use my platform for more than just myself. Art is a reflection of human emotions. To neglect the political is to neglect what essentially is your job of storytelling. I would rather be known for the content of my character than for the project that I did.
    — Zendaya
    I have a job that allows me not to look perfect all the time. I can just go looking the way I look, have my hair just any old type of way.
    tags: time job
    — Zendaya
    In my job I do my best to look forward.
    tags: job
    — Zalmay Khalilzad
    Anyone can like their job... To love your job is not enough, you must give your passion to your job.
    tags: job passion
    — Zahi Hawass
    Good education is so important. We do need to look at the way people are taught. It not just about qualifications to get a job. It's about being educated.
    tags: people job education
    — Zaha Hadid
    I always say, thank god I have this job or I don't know what I'd be doing. It'd be sad. I've always felt like I have been trying to brand a world for a quite a long time. You know what though, I feel no different. I feel like I'm doing the exact same thing I did in high school. Only I have more people helping me out now. And we have to take it all the way.
    tags: time people world sad job god school
    — Zack Snyder
    Does anybody has President Obama's phone number? 'Cause I have figure out why the unemployment rate in the United States is so high. Because Zack Ryder's doing all the jobs.
    tags: job
    — Zack Ryder
    I remember standing outside of the dorm by the little terrace. I was going to do this job that I wasn't 100 percent certain of, which ended up being much more fun than I expected [in So Notorious].
    tags: fun job
    — Zachary Quinto
    I didn't get a chance to meet Glen [Beck] for this movie. I did meet him a few years ago, coincidentally, before any of this happened. But I've been familiar with his work, so I felt I wanted to get it right. I wanted to honor him. I respect him and I think the way he does his job is admirable. Yeah, there was an added incentive. I wouldn't call it pressure, but incentive perhaps.
    tags: chance work respect right job movie year honor
    — Zachary Quinto
    I remember having to hit a mark and having no idea how to do it, real childlike stuff, because Carnegie Mellon didn't do an extensive job preparing us for film and television. It was very much a theater program. That was my first job. It was cool. I was glad it was.
    tags: job real film ideas
    — Zachary Quinto
    I also feel like the kinds of jobs I want right now - I consider them aspirational. I want to raise the bar for myself, and I am in this interesting spot where I do get offered a lot of things, but frankly, the majority of the things I get offered I'm not really interested in doing. I want to do the things that I have to fight for.
    tags: fight right job majority
    — Zachary Quinto
    I loved auditioning because it was just an opportunity to act. Whether or not I got the job was the next hurdle, but the idea that I would get to act that day was the thing that excited me the most about it.
    tags: job opportunities ideas
    — Zachary Quinto
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