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    invent Quotes

    I'm trying to discover - invent, I suppose - an architecture, and forms of urban planning, that do something of the same thing in a contemporary way. I started out trying to create buildings that would sparkle like isolated jewels; now I want them to connect, to form a new kind of landscape, to flow together with contemporary cities and the lives of their peoples.
    — Zaha Hadid
    What's invaluable about actually going to the places you want to write about are the random accidental things that happen. Random, accidental detail is the best way to make a setting convincing. You can of course invent your own random details, and sometimes I will also mash up real incidents.
    — Zachary Lazar
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    If you look at the world's top 50 drugs being sold today, they are being marketed and sold by companies that did not invent them. I respect patents. I'll pay a royalty. But I shouldn't be denied the right to produce drugs for poor people at reasonable prices.
    — Yusuf Hamied
    If we have no heretics we must invent them, for heresy is essential to health and growth.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: health  growth  invent 
    My father used to tell me stories before I fell asleep. When the children would gather, at a certain point, I had a tendency to make up my own elementary variations on stories I had heard, or to invent totally new ones.
    — Wole Soyinka
    If a good word already exists, there is no need to invent something painful.
    — William Zinsser
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    I will not avoid doing what I think is right, though it should draw on me the whole artillery that falsehood and malice can invent, or the credulity a deluded population can swallow.
    — William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield
    tags: right  invent 
    God is very precise in this point; he will say to such as invent ways to worship him of their own, coin means to mortify corruption, obtain comfort in their own mint: 'Who hath required this at your hands?' This is truly to be 'righteous over-much,' as Solomon speaks, when we will pretend to correct God's law, and add supplements of our own to his rule.
    — William Gurnall
    tags: law  comfort  rules  god  worship  precise  invent 
    People everywhere are about the same, but ... it did seem that in a small town, where evil is harder to accomplish, where opportunities for privacy are scarcer, that people can invent more of it in other people's names. Because that was all it required: that idea, that single idle word blown from mind to mind.
    — William Faulkner
    No matter how skillful you are, you can't invent a product advantage that doesn't exist. And if you do, and it's just a gimmick, it's going to fall apart anyway.
    — William Bernbach
    tags: advantage  invent 
    I'm a task-oriented actor. A pretender. And I try to invent my process anew each time I make a new project. So I frown on any method.
    — Willem Dafoe
    tags: time  process  invent 
    THE ACT OF KILLING invents a new form of cinematic surrealism.
    — Werner Herzog
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    I've been thinking about that question about what city people can do. The main thing is to realize that country people can't invent a better agriculture by ourselves. Industrial agriculture wasn't invented by us, and we can't uninvent it. We'll need some help with that.
    — Wendell Berry
    There is no need to invent an ego that is separate from the divine if our basic human nature is trusted. If we trust ourselves, we know how to avoid interfering with nature and how to live in harmony. When we know God as an unseen, loving, and accepting power at the heart of everything, allowing us to make our own choices, then God is a trusted part of our nature.
    — Wayne Dyer
    You are your own raw material. When you know what you consist of and what you want to make of it, then you can invent yourself.
    — Warren G. Bennis
    tags: invent 
    People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out.
    — Warren G. Bennis
    tags: people  ideas  invent 
    It's just that I landed up in a terrific capitalist system. One that pays people who allocate capital extraordinarily well. Intrinsically, I'm not worth as much as somebody who invents something that could improves people's life, or health or whatever.
    — Warren Buffett
    tags: health  people  invent  worth 
    When I was at Tek, I was frustrated that computer hardware was being improved faster than computer software. I wanted to invent some software that was completely different, that would grow and change as it was used. That's how wiki came about.
    — Ward Cunningham
    tags: computer  invent 
    Unless the reformer can invent something which substitutes attractive virtues for attractive vices, he will fail.
    — Walter Lippmann
    Working within the limitations of the shared world generally made the writing easier, because I didn't have to invent any of the characters or background, which is usually the hardest part.
    — Walter Jon Williams
    Each generation seems to invent its own reasons for war.
    — Walter Dean Myers
    tags: war  invent 
    Art is not truth. Truth conforms to reality. Art invents reality.
    — Walter Darby Bannard
    tags: truth  reality  invent 
    All great works of literature either dissolve a genre or invent one.
    — Walter Benjamin
    tags: work  literature  invent 
    The essential fault of surrealism is that it invents without discovering. To make a clam play an accordion is to invent not to discover. The observation of the unconscious, so far as it can be observed, should reveal things of which we have previously been unconscious, not the familiar things of which we have been conscious plus imagination.
    — Wallace Stevens
    Most people write a lot of autobiography, but when I came to write autobiography I discovered that nothing interesting had ever happened to me. So I had to take the situation and invent stories to go with it.
    — W. P. Kinsella
    tags: people  stories  write  invent 
    Does the customer invent new product or service? The customer generates nothing. No customer asked for electric lights. There was gas and gas mantles, which gave good light.
    — W. Edwards Deming
    tags: invent 
    The customer invents nothing. New products and new services come from the producer.
    — W. Edwards Deming
    tags: service  invent 
    I have certain signatures, certain cutting principles. It could be a raw-edged seam; it could be leaving the lining of sheepskin exposed so it's not perfectly finished. I invent new ways to do it, but the end goal is always the same.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    tags: goal  invent 
    You have to invent the future you want.
    — Vinod Khosla
    tags: future  invent 
    True philosophy invents nothing; it merely establishes and describes what is.
    — Victor Cousin
    tags: true  philosophy  invent 
    I didn't invent the rainy day, man. I just own the best umbrella. That's one of my favorite lines of all time. It's from a movie called Almost Famous. I think what it means is that life is going to throw all kinds of stuff at you, good and bad. But all you can do is get out there and try to stay dry.
    — Valerie Thomas
    tags: time  men  bad  movie  invent 
    In actual fact, the female function is to explore, discover, invent, solve problems crack jokes, make music - all with love. In other words, create a magic world.
    — Valerie Solanas
    tags: world  magic  problem  facts  music  invent 
    But mainly I learned, in approaching the measurement of new phenomena, not just to consider using existing apparatus but to allow the mind to wander freely and invent new ways of doing the job.
    — Val Logsdon Fitch
    tags: job  mind  invent 
    It is not enough to invent new machines, new regulations, or new institutions. We must understand differently and more perfectly the true purpose of our existence on this earth.
    — Vaclav Havel
    It cannot suffice to invent new machines, new regulations, new institutions. It is necessary to change and improve our understanding of the true purpose of what we are and what we do in the world. Only such a new understanding will allow us to develop new models of behavior, new scales of values and goals, and thereby invest the global regulations, treaties and institutions with a new spirit and meaning.
    — Vaclav Havel
    Whenever I have had to write fiction, I've always had to invent a character who roughly has my background.
    — V. S. Naipaul
    As long as you've got slightly more perception than the average wrapped loaf, you could invent something.
    — Trevor Baylis
    tags: perception  invent 
    Dogs may have kept us company on the hunt, but it was the cats who insisted we invent houses and discover fire.
    — Tran Thien Khiem
    tags: fire  cat  dog  company  invent 
    I don't think generally speaking, there are a lot of innovators and inventors. Many of the designers take what exists already and update it or make it relevant for today. But true inventors have never been seen before. Bill Gates is a real inventor. I don't think fashion designers invent anything new. They innovate new ways to make fashion.
    — Tommy Hilfiger
    tags: fashion  true  real  designer  invent 
    The cry that 'fantasy is escapist' compared to the novel is only an echo of the older cry that novels are 'escapist' compared with biography, and to both cries one should make the same answer: that freedom to invent outweighs loyalty to mere happenstance, the accidents of history; and good readers should know how to filter a general applicability from a particular story.
    — Tom Shippey
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