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    interrupt Quotes

    I can never understand why I should eat at one or sleep at eleven, if it is, as it often is, my one and my eleven and nobody else's. For, as between the clock and me alone, one and eleven and all other o'clocks are mine and I am not theirs. But I have known men and women living in hotels who would interrupt a sunset to go to dine, or wave away the stars in their courses to go to sleep, merely because the hour had struck.
    — Zona Gale
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    Satan cannot deny but that great wonders have been wrought by prayer. As the spirit of prayer goes up, so his kingdom goes down. Satan's strategems against prayer are three. First, if he can, he will keep thee from prayer. If that be not feasible, secondly, he will strive to interrupt thee in prayer. And, thirdly, if that plot takes not, he will labour to hinder the success of thy prayer.
    — William Gurnall
    There's a lot of great stuff on television and that's very appealing to actors who want to work, who do good quality and high quality work. But you're always concerned that the time demands on television will interrupt or interfere with your film work.
    — Wesley Snipes
    tags: time  work  film  quality  interrupt 
    You're in the public eye and you just hope that people don't come up and interrupt you while your in the middle of a meal or a conversation or something like that.
    — Wayne Rogers
    tags: people  eyes  hope  interrupt 
    My philosophy is to "kill the monster while it's little." The best time to handle a "negative" emotion is when you first begin to feel it. It's much more difficult to interrupt an emotional pattern once it's full-blown.
    — Tony Robbins
    The Patriot Act was used against me in total contradiction to its stated purpose. Or perhaps it was the most logical use of the law, since it establishes a legal framework to crush free thinking and interrupt individual questioning of the government. It is the beginning of all dictatorship in America.
    — Susan Lindauer
    Cutting through the acronyms and argot that littered the hearing testimony, the Internet may fairly be regarded as a never-ending worldwide conversation. The government may not, through the CDA, interrupt that conversation.
    — Stewart Dalzell
    The Internet may fairly be regarded as a never-ending worldwide conversation. The government may not, through the C.D.A., interrupt that conversation. As the most participatory form of mass speech yet developed, the Internet deserves the highest protection from governmental intrusion.
    — Stewart Dalzell
    The theatre is not the place for the musician. When the curtain is up the music interrupts the actor, and when it is down the music interrupts the audience.
    — Sir Arthur Sullivan
    tags: music  interrupt 
    I think everyone thinks their dad is a little bit odd or crazy. As they get older, they develop their own little habits. They have a certain way that they like to live their life, and nothing is going to interrupt that.
    — Simon Bird
    tags: live  crazy  interrupt 
    Um, guys, I hate to interrupt whatever weirdness you two are partaking in, but we have a situation in here you might want to check on. (Phobos)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: hate  interrupt 
    I was taught not to confront and interrupt people, but that's what I do every day on 'The View.'
    — Sherri Shepherd
    tags: people  interrupt 
    Love has no limits. Compassion has no party. It is the responsibility of every human being and every institution to end poverty and to interrupt injustice.
    — Shane Claiborne
    Whoever interrupts the conversation of others to make a display of his fund of knowledge, makes notorious his own stock of ignorance.
    — Saadi
    Never interrupt me when I'm eating a banana.
    — Ryan Stiles
    tags: interrupt 
    Sorry to interrupt myself, but it's the only way I stop talking.
    — Rush Limbaugh
    tags: interrupt  sorry 
    When I write a song today, basically it goes on the stage tomorrow. That's the way it works. You cannont interrupt your consciousness; it all comes from the subconscious, it can happen anywhere. It could be in a telephone booth.
    — Richie Havens
    tags: work  song  write  interrupt  tomorrow 
    I have a suggestion: When a temple is conveniently nearby, small things may interrupt your plans to go to the temple. Set specific goals, considering your circumstances, of when you can and will participate in temple ordinances. Then do not allow anything to interfere with that plan.
    — Richard G. Scott
    tags: goal  interrupt 
    I'm being ironic. Don't interrupt a man in the midst of being ironic, it's not polite. There!
    — Ray Bradbury
    tags: men  interrupt 
    Don't ever interrupt me again. And next time you do, show me the proper respect.
    — Randy Orton
    tags: time  respect  interrupt 
    That's sort of what I try to do with music: to harness whatever energy is already there and see where that momentum takes me. Sometimes you're spinning that oncoming momentum in a different direction, or sometimes you're coercing it to consider itself, or sometimes you're holding it up to a mirror. But I don't really like to interrupt and come in and destroy everything and start all over. I'm not that kind of guy.
    — Pharrell Williams
    tags: energy  interrupt 
    Ordinarily we are swept away by habitual momentum and don't interrupt our patterns slightly. When we feel betrayed or disappointed, does it occur to us to practice?
    — Pema Chodron
    tags: interrupt 
    Never interrupt your opponent when he's destroying himself.
    — Paul Begala
    tags: interrupt 
    My strategy is pretty straightforward, which is to go after the bad guys, to make sure we do our very best to interrupt them, to - to kill them, to take them out of the picture. But my strategy is broader than that. That's - that's important, of course. But the key that we're going to have to pursue is a - is a pathway to get the Muslim world to be able to reject extremism on its own.
    — Mitt Romney
    tags: world  key  strategy  bad  interrupt 
    Americans different in some maybe thoughts or emphasis still have the same ideas. They want a government that lets them be free, that leaves them alone, that doesn't interrupt and interfere with every aspect of their life, that lets them go to work and keep more of what they've worked hard to have.
    — Mike Huckabee
    Sitting down for dinner not only helps you learn, but also teaches you how to listen - which I feel is the most important skill to have. I remember as a kid going around the table listening to everyone's day. It was hard to have the manners not to interrupt back then.
    — Michael Symon
    If I want to have a conversation, I can't have a list of questions, because the second question on the list is going to interrupt the conversation.
    — Michael Silverblatt
    I do what I can to sort of just stave off the clock - walk, swim, try and smoke an electric cigarette. I mean it's all bad for you. Life is bad. We're all dying. We're all in the process of oxidizing. Everyone of us is in the process of oxidizing so to sort of interrupt one aspect of that while everything else goes on, it's a freak show.
    — Mel Gibson
    tags: dying  process  bad  interrupt  smoke 
    What I like to do when I go out is enjoy my friends and the food around it. If we have to stop and give five minutes to the chef, then I'm down with that. But if the chef has to interrupt every course to tell us how important this new revolution that's happening is, then I'm not so much interested in that.
    — Mario Batali
    Business is all about focus. But with focus comes myopia and to conquer that, I come in to shake things up. To be invited as a keynote speaker is to have a license to interfere and interrupt.
    — Magnus
    Women have to be active listeners and interrupters - but when you interrupt, you have to know what you are talking about.
    — Madeleine Albright
    tags: women  interrupt 
    You have to learn to interrupt because you aren't going to get called on.
    — Madeleine Albright
    tags: learn  interrupt 
    It is a matter of life and death for married people to interrupt each others stories; for it they did not, they would burst.
    — Logan Pearsall Smith
    tags: death  people  interrupt 
    Likewise, I would never be so rude as to not interrupt a friend. How else would she know I was listening?
    — Lisa Scottoline
    tags: friends  interrupt 
    Gardening is a kind of disease. It infects you, you cannot escape it. When you go visiting, your eyes rove about the garden; you interrupt the serious cocktail drinking because of an irresistible impulse to get up and pull a weed.
    — Lewis Gannett
    tags: eyes  drinking  interrupt 
    As an actor, the last thing you ever want to end up on is just a procedural show where you're just a talking head. There's nothing worse than just spitting out words. Words interrupt performance. Performance is king in my world, when it comes to why I'm in this business.
    — Laz Alonso
    Did ever woman, since the creation of the world, interrupt a man with such a silly question?
    — Laurence Sterne
    tags: men  women  world  creation  interrupt 
    Change no man's religion, change no man's politics, interrupt the sovereignty of no nation. Instead, teach Man to use what he has and what he knows to the factual creation, within any political reference, of a civilization on Earth for the first time.
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the Tone Scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    tags: society  interrupt 
    Everyone wants a conversation. They want inspiration. Inspire people with your website. Don't just interrupt, but interact. Asking about Return on Investment is the wrong question today. You should be asking about Return on Involvement.
    — Kevin Roberts
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