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The internet, Facebook and Twitter have created mass communications and social spaces that regimes cannot control.
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— Shimon Peres
People make up rumors and put them on the Internet.
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— Shiloh Fernandez
For a long time at Nintendo we didn't focus as much on online play because for many years doing so would have limited the size of the audience that could enjoy those features. But certainly now we see that so many people are connected to the Internet. It opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities.
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— Shigeru Miyamoto
We don't pay a whole lot of attention to the Internet until people have played the game - then we pay a lot of attention to whether people liked it. We read through it and see it, but we don't take it into consideration. ... [The Internet] is not going to dictate the direction of where the game goes.
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— Shigeru Miyamoto
If you're happy with where the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter have taken you, I'm not the Grinch. Someone called me Sherry Turkle's "evil Luddite twin." I'm not that. I enjoy the bounties of this technology. But if you fear that your connected life is running away with you, read the book, reflect, talk to your family and friends. I think we deserve better than some of the places that we've gotten with this technology.
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— Sherry Turkle
The great thing about the Internet is, it has made it easier for people who are clever and resourceful to promote themselves.
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— Shepard Fairey
I've never had an original thought in my lifeand there's tons of people on the internet happy to tell me just that.
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— Shepard Fairey
The Internet hasn't had a chance to really get to where people look at it with the proper level of scrutiny. There's so much bullshit on the Internet. It doesn't get filtered out because it's such a new medium.
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— Shepard Fairey
What excites me is that, when things are tough, people become resourceful, and now with the Internet, social networking and the ability for people who in the past had been relatively powerless, they have tools to be able to spread ideas and organize. The urgency is there and the tools are there and I think that the possibility for really, really powerful results is there. I think it's all brewing, it's all bubbling up right now.
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— Shepard Fairey
I think the Internet has definitely made it easier for people to have stuff seen, but it's also encouraged a level of ADD, where you see so much that if it doesn't make an impact on you immediately, you don't look at it.
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— Shepard Fairey
The Internet wasn't even an option for me, so one of the reasons I was so motivated to do street art was because there was no other outlet. Maybe if the Internet had been around then, I would have tried to do stuff that went viral and was clever and got me a lot of hits.
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— Shepard Fairey
When it comes to the street-art world, there are a lot of people who realize if they go out and put up a few pieces of street art and photograph them really well, even if their locations weren't actually that high-profile or dangerous, with the level of exposure they get from the Internet, with a large audience, they can maintain that rebel cache by having it be theoretically documented street art.
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— Shepard Fairey
I am willing to spend whatever it takes " My moral standard compels me to speak out on this issue because I am the largest company by far in the industry and I am willing to speak out. I don't see any compelling reason for the government to allow people to gamble on the Internet and nobody has ever explained except for the two companies whose special interest is going to be served if there is gaming on the Internet, Caesars and MGM.
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— Sheldon Adelson
When I was in high school, and even to a degree while I was in university, I wasn't on the Internet. So it's not as embedded in my soul, that kind of way of being.
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— Sheila Heti
Lord knows, if it's on the internet, it's got to be true!
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— Shawn Michaels
You spend money on Internet connection for your employees. Why not spend money on the energy that fuels their brains?
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— Shawn Achor
The Internet is great for things, like finding the answers to things you pretended to know or stalking people.
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— Shaun Sipos
If I get that thing down there in that area, that's 67% lifetime. If you don't believe me, Google it. I'm on the Internet.
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— Shaquille O'Neal
I wanted people to know that I'm not just a guy who does weird videos on the Internet. I actually am a filmmaker, and I can tell stories, and I can create something that's 90 minutes long that feels just like any other movie you see in the theater, and hopefully enjoy.
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— Shane Dawson
Music videos are so incredibly relevant, but I don't think they're relevant on broadcast television anymore. I think they're much more about the power of the Internet. The stakes in advertising is a very different game. There's a lot of money involved and a lot of pressure. I miss the freedom and the rock-'n'-roll spirit of doing music videos
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— Samuel Bayer
I will check the internet for at least an hour every morning scanning worldwide news to do with child abuse. So if you're constantly putting yourself in an environment where you're checking up on social economics or homelessness problems, if you keep yourself aware of it, you don't really have a day off.
— Samantha Morton
I learned to stop looking on the Internet pretty early on.
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— Sam Riley
I've always thought that one of the things that the Internet and the gaming world permits as a narrative technique is to not tell the story from beginning to end - to tell stories sideways, to give alternative possibilities that the reader can, in a way, choose between.
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— Salman Rushdie
The world's gotten smaller by virtue of the Internet and new media.
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— Ryan Phillippe
Not surprisingly, the chief way self-published authors get the word out about their books is through the Internet.
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— Ruth Glick
Children are not being assaulted by images that appear on a computer screen. Any Internet user knows it is quite difficult to stumble across pornography.
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— Russ Feingold
That Bill Clinton. He probably doesn't know how to log on to the Internet.
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— Rush Limbaugh
People on welfare are getting a price cut to join Amazon Prime, which means you're paying for that. So the food stamp recipients will now get Amazon Prime for $5.99 a month. Free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, which means that these people have to have internet accessibility.
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— Rush Limbaugh
[Bill] Clinton's voice, his manner of speaking and his terminology, "Back in those days... Yeah, back those days... You know, we didn't have the internet back then." My grandfather said, "Back in those days, we didn't have automobiles".
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— Rush Limbaugh
Net neutrality is a big deal to the left because it puts the government in charge of the internet. It puts the government in charge of content. It lets the government choose what you can watch and what you can't watch and what you pay for it. And that's bogus. In the name of competition, they want to take competition away from the net. They're leftists. They lie to you about what they want to do.
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— Rush Limbaugh
There's a negative connotation to internet trolls, but at the same time this is becoming mainstream. This kind of speech pattern, the way people speak, this is common on the internet.
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— Rush Limbaugh
Trump is an internet troll.
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— Rush Limbaugh
The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. Someone the other day said, "It's the biggest thing since Gutenberg," and then someone else said "No, it's the biggest thing since the invention of writing."
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— Rupert Murdoch
All forms of government ultimately are not going to succeed in trying to control or censor the Internet.
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— Rupert Murdoch
The current days of the Internet will soon be over.
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— Rupert Murdoch
There is so much media now with the Internet and people, and so easy and so cheap to start a newspaper or start a magazine, there's just millions of voices and people want to be heard.
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— Rupert Murdoch
Size and synergies between the different segments of the company matter. As far as we are concerned, the Internet is broadening our opportunity, as well as for other big media companies with huge resources in sports, entertainment and news. There's just more opportunity.
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— Rupert Murdoch
I don't really use the Internet or the newspapers to find out about people.
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— Rupert Friend
I knew I was gay when I was around 13. There wasn't the internet, there weren't support groups, AIDS was everywhere. I mean, it was really dark.
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— Rufus Wainwright
Facebook has woven itself into the fabric of our lives and the foundation of the Internet. I think everything will be redefined because people are using their real identities on the Internet.
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— Ruchi Sanghvi