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    intelligence Quotes

    Being able to embrace contradictions is a sign of intelligence. Or insanity.
    — Richard Kadrey
    This also turned out to be negative, so there is no material in the Central Intelligence Agency, either in the records or in the mind of any of the individuals, that there was any contact had or even contemplated with him.
    — Richard Helms
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    Yes; we have a specific procedure which we follow in all cases where the Agency is in contact, for the purposes of acquiring intelligence or whatever the case may be, with an individual.
    — Richard Helms
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    Man is a fire-stealing animal, and we can't help building machines and machine intelligences, even if, from time to time, we use them not only to outsmart ourselves but to bring us right up to the doorstep of Doom.
    — Richard Dooling
    I was born with a lot of horsepower. There was a lot cooking inside me, a lot of energy, and Dad was a strong man by will and by intelligence, and the combination of us was almost bound to result in periodic explosions. He and I disagreed politically, very violently, and things would get hectic around the house.
    — Richard Boone
    Instead of our drab slogging forth and back to the fishing boats, there's reason to live! We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can learn to be free! we can learn to fly!
    — Richard Bach
    Evolution made civilization steward of this planet. A hundred thousand years later, the steward stood before evolution not helper but destroyer, not healer but parasite. So evolution withdrew its gift, passed civilization by, rescued the planet from intelligence and handed it to love.
    — Richard Bach
    Seduction is about intelligence and wit. Someone who makes me laugh has every chance to seduce me.
    — Riccardo Tisci
    We are rapidly moving into the post-industrial age, when we must redefine what is "productive" work, as more and more jobs are being replaced by automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.
    — Riane Eisler
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    You are God in a physical body. You are Spirit in the flesh. You are Eternal Life expressing Itself as You. You are a cosmic being. You are all power. You are all wisdom. You are all intelligence. You are perfection. You are magnificence. You are the creator, and you are creating the creation of You on this planet
    — Rhonda Byrne
    I think that villains who are just brawn, muscles and weapons are boring. So I always try to find intelligence in my villains and also a sense of humor whenever that is possible.
    — Renny Harlin
    I'm attracted to intelligence and creativity and passion - and not necessarily the romantic kind. I want to learn from someone who is greedy for information and light and laughter and the whole world. Someone who celebrates their days and finds inspiration in what other people accomplish.
    — Renee Zellweger
    The radical intelligence in the moderate position is the only place where the center holds. Or so it seems.
    — Renata Adler
    Science is the only truth and it is the great lie. It knows nothing, and people think it knows everything. It is misrepresented. People think that science is electricity, automobilism, and dirigible balloons. It is something very different. It is life devouring itself. It is the sensibility transformed into intelligence. It is the need to know stifling the need to live. It is the genius of knowledge vivisecting the vital genius.
    — Remy de Gourmont
    We live less and less, and we learn more and more. Sensibility is surrendering to intelligence.
    — Remy de Gourmont
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    Intelligence, that sublimation of the sensibility, that organ of the need to know, is sterilized sensibility.
    — Remy de Gourmont
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    Since inequalities of privilege are greater than could possibly be defended rationally, the intelligence of privileged groups is usually applied to the task of inventing specious proofs for the theory that universal values spring from, and that general interests are served by, the special privileges which they hold.
    — Reinhold Niebuhr
    Instead of talking about accomplishments, we are talking about stupidity and intelligence reporting that is based on facts that's not coming out of the actual heads of these intelligence agencies. And we are sitting here talking about it. And it is a shame, and it needs to end.
    — Reince Priebus
    When you think about being contrarian, you have to think about"Š-"Šhow is it that smart people will disagree with me, disagree with me ...from a position of intelligence, and there is something that I know that they don't know, that will actually in fact play out to be true.
    — Reid Hoffman
    Everyone loves a hero. What we differ on is the question of who the heroes are, because we differ over what matters. And who matters is a function of what matters. [If] what matters is intelligence, the people who matter are the intelligent, and the people who matter the most, the heroes, are the geniuses.
    — Rebecca Goldstein
    Never place a time limit on the healing. That is dictating to the spiritual intelligence that does its perfect work when it is not impeded by your questions and false beliefs.
    — Raymond Charles Barker
    Intelligence is important in psychology for two reasons. First, it is one of the most scientifically developed corners of the subject, giving the student as complete a view as is possible anywhere of the way scientific method can be applied to psychological problems. Secondly, it is of immense practical importance, educationally, socially, and in regard to physiology and genetics.
    — Raymond Cattell
    The game of football really is more cerebral than most people think. To be successful, it takes more than just strength and speed; it takes versatility, intelligence, and ability to think quickly and calmly, to adapt to every situation.
    — Ray Rice
    This was the ethos of the intelligence analysis directorate during most of the 27 years I spent there.
    — Ray McGovern
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    When an administration embarks on a war justified by little or no intelligence, speaking the truth can be regarded as treachery. The country could use more of that kind of "treachery".
    — Ray McGovern
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    As we gradually learn to harness the optimal computing capacity of matter, our intelligence will spread through the universe at (or exceeding) the speed of light, eventually leading to a sublime, universe wide awakening.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    When you talk to a human in 2035, you'll be talking to someone that's a combination of biological and non-biological intelligence.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    Within a few decades, machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence, leading to The Singularity - technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history. The implications include the merger of biological and nonbiological intelligence, immortal software-based humans, and ultra-high levels of intelligence that expand outward in the universe at the speed of light.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    Emotional intelligence is what humans are good at and that's not a sideshow. That's the cutting edge of human intelligence.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    Intelligence is: (a) the most complex phenomenon in the Universe; or (b) a profoundly simple process. The answer, of course, is (c) both of the above. It's another one of those great dualities that make life interesting.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    By the time we get to the 2040s, we'll be able to multiply human intelligence a billionfold. That will be a profound change that's singular in nature. Computers are going to keep getting smaller and smaller. Ultimately, they will go inside our bodies and brains and make us healthier, make us smarter.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    [In] 2029, I think, computers will match and exceed human intelligence in the ways we're now superior, like being funny, where we still have an edge.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    I'm working on artificial intelligence. Actually, natural language understanding, which is to get computers to understand the meaning of documents.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence and be convincing as people.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    A lot of movies about artificial intelligence envision that AIs will be very intelligent but missing some key emotional qualities of humans and therefore turn out to be very dangerous.
    — Ray Kurzweil
    By the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate.
    — Ray Kurzweil
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    Intelligence is just one dimension of ability. Don't limit yourself to it. Open up to instinct, intuition, creativity and thus possibility
    — Rasheed Ogunlaru
    You want to know why I am the perfect champion? Because you can take the strength of John Cena; the intelligence of Triple H; the desire of Cena; the athleticism of Triple H; the determination of Cena; the ruthlessness of Triple H... and if you combine these attributes into one person, you get Randy Orton. The only difference is that I have one thing that neither Cena nor Triple H has: the WWE Championship.
    — Randy Orton
    The hijab, or sikh turban, or Jewish skullcap are all explicit symbols, but they do not represent a threat or affront to others, and have no bearing on the competence, skills and intelligence of a person.
    — Randa Abdel-Fattah
    Truth knows no color; it appeals to intelligence.
    — Ralph Wiley
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