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    integrity Quotes

    All my integrity seemed to lie in saying No.
    — Susanna Kaysen
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    The number one thing I look for in a man is integrity. A man who does what he says he's going to do.
    — Summer Glau
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    We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race.
    — Strom Thurmond
    tags: integrity  race 
    Integrity is better capital than money. You can accumulate it just like money, and you can use it just like money, but it goes further, and is enduring.
    — Strive Masiyiwa
    tags: integrity  money 
    Integrity is not what you APPEAR to be when all eyes are on you. It is who you ARE when no one is looking.
    — Stormie Omartian
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    In my career, I learned that giving your services for free gives you a good return on your investment, not just financially but morally. It supplements your personal integrity.
    — Stevie Wonder
    Everything sells. Like integrity. Like democracy. Like truth. Like deeds.
    — Steven Weber
    Try to find the path of least resistance and use it without harming others. Live with integrity and morality, not only with people but with all beings.
    — Steven Seagal
    We are all warriors. Each of us struggles every day to define and defend our sense of purpose and integrity, to justify our existence on the planet and to understand, if only within our own hearts, who we are and what we believe in.
    — Steven Pressfield
    In other words, any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term grown, health, or integrity. Or, expressed another way, any act that derives from our high nature instead of our lower. Any of these will elicit Resistance.
    — Steven Pressfield
    tags: health  integrity  nature 
    I think leadership is more than being able to cross the t's and dot the i's. It's about character and integrity and work ethic.
    — Steve Largent
    It seems to me as I reviewed the literature that, with few exceptions, the more confident were the prescriptions about how to behave with ethics and integrity, the further removed was the author from the life and work of the everyday manager.
    — Steve Kerr
    Boy Scouts does very well in making Scouts aware of character and integrity and " virtues and incorporate [them] in their lives so that they carry themselves as [those] kind of [people] for the rest of their [lives].
    — Steve Fossett
    Actors say they do their own stunts for the integrity of the film but I did them because they looked like a lot of fun.
    — Steve Coogan
    tags: integrity  fun  film 
    I wish I could blame my failure on my integrity & refusal to play bullshit games. But the truth is I just play them really badly.
    — Stephen Schneider
    The Fishable Waters Act shares the same intent of the Clean Water Act by proposing to fulfill goals that have not yet been met to restore and maintain the biological integrity of the nation's waters. The intent of the bill is to enhance the Clean Water Act instead of undercutting it.
    — Stephen Moyer
    tags: integrity  water  goal  shares 
    Love softens everything except our sense of integrity.
    — Stephen Mitchell
    tags: integrity 
    What may appear to be proud ungrateful and headstrong fron the outside may from the inside express an unshakable integrity of character. Pride, if it doesn't step over the line into arrogance, is simply an unprejudiced self-esteem. Ingratitude is the appropriate response to a kindness that has hooks on it. Headstrong is another word for trusting your own heart.
    — Stephen Mitchell
    Integrity is a life where your beliefs and intentions are aligned with your words and actions.
    — Stephen Lovegrove
    tags: belief  integrity  action 
    Eternal vigilance, as they say, is the price of freedom. Add intellectual integrity to the cost basis.
    — Stephen Jay Gould
    tags: integrity  freedom 
    If any issue should unite liberals and conservatives, anyone who cares about the integrity of human achievement or respect for human accomplishment, may we not all pledge to avoid the silly censoring that can lead to a codification of Orwell's Newspeak? Consider John Milton's reasons for why good arguments are often lost: 'For want of words, no doubt, or lack of breath!'
    — Stephen Jay Gould
    The truly awesome intellectuals in our history have not merely made discoveries; they have woven variegated, but firm, tapestries of comprehensive coverage. The tapestries have various fates: Most burn or unravel in the footsteps of time and the fires of later discovery. But their glory lies in their integrity as unified structures of great complexity and broad implication.
    — Stephen Jay Gould
    tags: integrity  time  lies  fire  discovery 
    To preserve the integrity of the tradition, we have to distinguish between what is central to that integrity and what is peripheral. We have to discern between what elements are vital for the survival of dharma practice and what are alien cultural artefacts that might obstruct that survival.
    — Stephen Batchelor
    Each time the dharma moved into a different civilization or historical period, it faced a twofold challenge: to maintain its integrity as an internally coherent tradition, and to express its vision in a way that responded to the needs of the new situation.
    — Stephen Batchelor
    Integrity is unity of the personality; it implies being brutally honest with ourselves about our intentionality. Since intentionality is inextricably bound up with the daimonic, this is never an easy, nor always pleasant pursuit. But being willing to admit our daimonic tendencies - to know them consciously and to wisely oversee them - brings with it the invaluable blessing of freedom, vigor, inner strength, and self-acceptance.
    — Stephen A. Diamond
    I raise this objection to debate the process, and protect the integrity of the true will of the people.
    — Stephanie Tubbs Jones
    I refuse to let the standards of evil people chip away at my capacity for integrity.
    — Stefan Molyneux
    To live with integrity in an unjust society we must work for justice. To walk with integrity through a landscape strewn with beer cans, we must stop and pick them up.
    — Starhawk
    A well-read fool is the most pestilent of blockheads; his learning is a flail which he knows not how to handle, and with which he breaks his neighbor's shins as well as his own. Keep a fellow of this description at arm's length, as you value the integrity of your bones.
    — Stanislaw I Leszczynski
    Among the real heroines in the world who will come into the Church are women who are more concerned with being righteous than with being selfish. These real heroines have true humility, which places a higher value on integrity than on visibility. Remember, it is as wrong to do things just to be seen of women as it is to do things to be seen of men. Great women and men are always more anxious to serve than to have dominion.
    — Spencer W. Kimball
    We pray for a generation of girls who will display their wit, their intelligence, their modest charm, their integrity, their loveliness rather than their bodies and their sexual possibilities.
    — Spencer W. Kimball
    Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.
    — Spencer Johnson
    One of the tragic ironies of history is that such original and creative geniuses as Buddha and Jesus have been extolled as perfect patterns for all to emulate. In the very struggle to be like someone else rather than to be one's own true self, or to do one's own best in one's own environment, a child is in danger of losing the pearl that is really beyond price - the integrity of his (or her) own soul.
    — Sophia Lyon Fahs
    Requiring valid, photographic identification is a common sense step to ensure voter integrity and sound elections.
    — Sonny Perdue
    tags: integrity 
    Freedom is necessary for honesty, honesty for integrity, integrity for power, power for creativity, and all of them for intimacy.
    — Sonia Johnson
    There is indeed something deeply wrong with a person who lacks principles, who has no moral core. There are, likewise, certainly values that brook no compromise, and I would count among them integrity, fairness, and the avoidance of cruelty. But I have never accepted the argument that principle is compromised by judging each situation on its own merits, with due appreciation of the idiosyncrasy of human motivation and fallibility.
    — Sonia
    Trust and integrity are precious resources, easily squandered, hard to regain. They can thrive only on a foundation of respect for veracity.
    — Sissela Bok
    tags: integrity  trust  respect 
    Integrity has a high psychological and philosophical value, for many people it is a highest value, it associate with health of soul. Dualism, contradiction, torments of hesitation - is something of illness, integrity is health, people strive for it instinctively.
    — Simon Soloveychik
    Trust has two dimensions: competence and integrity. We will forgive mistakes of competence. Mistakes of integrity are harder to overcome.
    — Simon Sinek
    There are normal times when it is wholly admirable to be steadfast, resolute, unconflicted, and therefore when integrity is unmistakenly a virtue. The person of integrity knows what to do, and does it. But as we have been exploring, there are also times when certainty and single-mindedness indicate something less admirable: a deafness to voices that should be heard or a blindness to aspects of a situation that need to be considered.
    — Simon Blackburn
    tags: integrity  time  people  virtue 
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