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Folks working late, I had a babysitter. I ain't about to sit here and name her. I was almost 8 when she came in late, woke me up with a game to play. Did a few things that it's hard to say. Told me to keep that secret safe. I'm trying to act like it ain't real. Had my innocence just stripped from me, and I still don't know how to feel.
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— LeCrae
I was first sexually exploited when I was seven, by a distant cousin at a family wedding. Even after that I was routinely molested by older cousins and their friends. See, my innocence was taken away and I became mature at one bloody incident. I believe I never had a childhood. I grew up as an elderly person. And that's what my femininity brought upon me. Of course, in a patriarchal society, hijras' bodies are thought of as toys.
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— Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
One of the small consolations of old age, if you are lucky, can be at least a partial recovery of innocence.
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— Lawrence Fagg
We are born in innocence. ... Corruption comes later. The first fear is a corruption, the first reaching for something that defies us. The first nuance of difference, the first need to feel better than the different one, more loved, stronger, richer, more blessed - these are corruptions.
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— Laura Z. Hobson
But you were a goody-goody, you said.' 'Even goody-goodies think about such things. In fact, I would say that's what defines us. We're always thinking about the things we don't dare do, figuring out where the lines are drawn, so we can go right up to the edge of things, then plead innocence on the ground of a technicality.
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— Laura Lippman
UG staff is patching up wargs, and all surviving Guardians are tied up," Wraith said, "But they could probably use some medical attention. Especially the one dipshit with the idiotic Mohawk. He lost a lot of blood." "Because you ate him," Sin said wryly. Wraith blinked with exaggerated innocence. "Fighting makes me hungry.
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— Larissa Ione
I think there's an innocence to me.
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— Krista Allen
What makes life complicated is the things that are on me and it is very hard to keep things simple. I see it as I am complicated and there is innocence to this.
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— Klaus Nomi
The presumption of innocence is not just a legal concept. In commonplace terms, it rests on that generosity of spirit which assumes the best, not the worst, of the stranger.
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— Kingman Brewster, Jr.
A villain who shares one's guilt is inevitably more attractive than a hero convinced of one's innocence.
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— Kenneth Tynan
The thing I deplore the most is, anyone who rapes anyone's innocence, in anyway. So a guy who physically rapes a woman or a child or physically hits a child. When that period of innocence is raped - that person loses something that they can never get it back. To me when innocence is raped, that is the sickest and filthiest thing.
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— Kelly Cutrone
I want to savor the aging process. As you get older, you trade your innocence for wisdom and the wisdom is your reward.
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— Kathy Mattea
It is, I suppose, the common grief of children at having to protect their parents from reality. It is bitter for the young to see what awful innocence adults grow into, that terrible vulnerability that must be sheltered from the rodent mire of childhood.
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— Katherine Dunn
We survive until, by sheer stamina, we escape into the dim innocence of our own adulthood and its forgetfulness.
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— Katherine Dunn
The Indian criminal justice system was a market like garbage, Abdul now understood. Innocence and guilt could be bought and sold like a kilo of polyurethane bags.
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— Katherine Boo
I do think that there is an innocence to people who are searching for things. It's a beautiful thing when you leave yourself vulnerable to discover anything and everything.
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— Kate Hudson
I love the whirling of the dervishes. I love the beauty of rare innocence. You don't need no crystal ball, Don't fall for a magic wand. We humans got it all, we perform the miracles.
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— Kate Bush
Prudishness is pretense of innocence without innocence. Women have to remain prudish as long as men are sentimental, dense, and evil enough to demand of them eternal innocence and lack of education. For innocence is the only thing which can ennoble lack of education.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
I forget nothing and then, one day, there will be revenge. Innocence isn't exactly everywhere. But I will say innocence also takes you far in photography.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
My innocence didn't always help me, but it did preserve something in me that maybe others don't have anymore. I'm inside my bubble, you could say, and thankfully so, because I don't think daily life is always great. It protects me.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
The writer cannot abandon himself simply to inspiration, and feign innocence vis a vis language, because language is never innocent.
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— Juan Goytisolo
Throughout the play everything possible was done to show the virtue, innocence and helplessness of the poor, and the abandoned cruelty, the heartless self-indulgence of the rich.
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— Joyce Cary
The innocence of such children doesn't answer our deepest questions about this vale of tears to which we are condemned, but it helps to dispel them. That is the secret to family life.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
Back then they had Elvis and they thought Elvis was so risqué. So everyone has their perception to what innocence is.
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— Josh Brolin
The early and the latter part of human life are the best, or, at least, the most worthy of respect; the one as the age of innocence, the other of reason.
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— Joseph Joubert
Innocence is always unsuspicious.
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— Joseph Joubert
My detention has been worth every second if only to prove my innocence to those who truly matter most my countrymen.
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— Joseph Estrada
I will prove my innocence, ... I guarantee the Filipino people that I will be vindicated because the truth is on my side.
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— Joseph Estrada
Virtue is not to be considered in the light of mere innocence, or abstaining from harm; but as the exertion of our faculties in doing good.
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— Joseph Butler
A cheerful temper, joined with innocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit good-natured.
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— Joseph Addison
We find that Good and Evil happen alike to all Men on this Side of the Grave; and as the principle Design of Tragedy is to raise Commiseration and Terror in the Minds of the Audience, we shall defeat this great End, if we always make Virtue and Innocence happy and successful.
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— Joseph Addison
There are a sort of knight-errants in the world, who, quite contrary to those in romance, are perpetually seeking adventures to bring virgins into distress, and to ruin innocence. When men of rank and figure pass away their lives in these criminal pursuits and practices, they ought to consider that they render themselves more vile and despicable than any innocent man can be, whatever low station his fortune or birth have placed him in.
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— Joseph Addison
There is nothing which one regards so much with an eye of mirth and pity as innocence when it has in it a dash of folly.
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— Joseph Addison
Ignorance is learned; innocence is forgotten.
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— Jose Bergamin
Innocence is drowned in anarchy. The best lack conviction given time to think, and the worst are full of passion without mercy.
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— Joni Mitchell
We call for the three great stimulants of the exhausted ones, artifice, brutality, and innocence.
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— Joni Mitchell
I think you lose your innocence when you have kids, because the world suddenly becomes a much more dangerous place.
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— Jon Stewart
I was loved as a kid; I was raised with more love and emotional support than most folks could wish for my memories aged nought to ten are all bound up together in a mesh of innocence and fun.
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— Johnny Vegas
Love, the most generous passion of the mind The softest refuge innocence can find
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— John Wilmot
Christian morality (so called) has all the characters of a reaction; it is, in great part, a protest against Paganism. Its ideal is negative rather than positive; passive rather than action; innocence rather than Nobleness; Abstinence from Evil, rather than energetic Pursuit of Good: in its precepts (as has been well said) "thou shalt not" predominates unduly over "thou shalt.
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— John Stuart Mill