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    imagine Quotes

    Transhumanist technology will do much for the world that the world can't really imagine yet, including overcome some of the climate issues the world is facing.
    — Zoltan Istvan
    Bullies generally were bullied and are hurting inside much more than you could ever imagine.
    — Zoey Deutch
    tags: imagine 
    As an artist, I like working with filmmakers that have the balls to kind of imagine the unimaginable. Those are kind of the radicals that I identify with.
    — Zoe Saldana
    tags: artist  imagine  radical 
    I'm always learning. I can't imagine doing anything else.
    — Zoe Leonard
    tags: learning  imagine 
    A lot of people do what their families do. Imagine if everyone in the family is a doctor and they decide to become an actor. Then people have to make those choices for themselves and their art and what they believe in.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    Half the fun is getting to play dress-up and imagine what it's like to be this other person. If you're not excited about a part where you get to use your imagination, then what's the point in doing it? It'll be just another job. Also, Director Michael Pressman and I see eye-to-eye with Marie.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: people  fun  job  imagination  imagine 
    There are certain people in whom you can detect the seeds of madness - seeds that have remained dormant only because the people in question have lived relatively comfortable, middle class lives. They function perfectly well in the world, but you can imagine, given a nasty parent, or a prolonged bout of unemployment, how their potential for craziness might have been realized.
    — Zoë Heller
    Messi does not need his right foot, though. He only uses the left and he's still the best in the world! Imagine if he also used his right foot... Then we would have serious problems!
    — Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    tags: right  imagine 
    By delivering experience, novels can alter the stance we adopt toward news - not much, I'm sure, but they can make it a little more difficult for us to consign "other people" to our tidy boxes. Widening our imaginative life might - it's not hard to imagine - also develop our ability to contemplate counterfactuals and our capacity to speculate about how things might differ from how they're being represented.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    Only fools imagine they are already awake. How clearly they understand everything! How easily they distinguish this deception from that reality!
    — Zhuangzi
    Creativity is essential to any kind of joyful living. Sometimes I act, sometimes I draw, I paint, I write poems. I can't imagine living without it.
    — Zephyr Teachout
    The more frequently you focus on your appreciation and gratitude for each breath, the greater will be your sense of daily gratitude... Now say, 'I am joyfully grateful for each and every breath.' If you have any doubt of your gratitude, just imagine the alternative for a moment - not being able to breathe!
    — Zelig Pliskin
    What would you love to achieve and accomplish? What would you feel great about doing in your life? What meaningful goals would you wish to reach? Imagine achieving and accomplishing everything that you would wish [dream] for. Picture yourself reaching your highest aspirations and your most meaningful goals. Visualize yourself speaking and acting the way you would wish with the highest and best character traits.
    — Zelig Pliskin
    A vacuum can only exist, I imagine, by the things which enclose it.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    tags: imagine 
    There's nothing on earth to do here but look at the view and eat. You can imagine the result since I do not like to look at views.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    tags: earth  imagine 
    The Sunnis continue to see themselves, possibly for nostalgic reasons, as the most influential group and want a stronger central government - quite unlike minorities in other countries. The circumstances here are far more complex than many people in Washington imagine.
    — Zalmay Khalilzad
    The thing about 'Dark Knight' is its objective is to set Batman into your world, so that you can imagine the moral dilemmas he faces are exactly parallel to moral dilemmas that you would face in this world, today, if you were out there fighting crime dressed like a bat.
    — Zack Snyder
    We can deny angels exist, convince ourselves they can't be real. But they show up anyway, at strange places and at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They'll shout through demons if they have to. Daring us, challenging us to fight.
    — Zack Snyder
    tags: character  time  fight  real  demon  angel  imagine 
    I imagine the film ["300"] as if I was a Spartan and I had never seen an immortal or a Persian, or an elephant or a rhino for that matter.
    — Zack Snyder
    tags: immortal  film  imagine 
    I've never been in love... But I imagine it's similar to the feeling you get when you see your waiter arriving with your food
    — Zach Galifianakis
    tags: food  imagine 
    I find it hard to believe that so many people doubt the existence of God. I mean, seriously, I'm here, so is it such a stretch to imagine that another all-powerful being could exist somewhere in the universe?
    — Zach Braff
    The lack of insight to reality, life and history as well as into God's ways, or sunan in His creation, some people will continue to seek or demand the impossible. They will imagine what does not or cannot happen, misunderstand occurrences and events, and interpret them on the basis of cherished illusions which in no way reflect God's sunan or the essence of Islamic law.
    — Yusuf al-Qaradawi
    Nobody even imagines how well one can lie about the state of one's own heart.
    — Yukio Mishima
    tags: heart  lies  imagine 
    Imagine you are writing an email. You are in front of the computer. You are operating the computer, clicking a mouse and typing on a keyboard, but the message will be sent to a human over the internet. So you are working before the computer, but with a human behind the computer.
    — Yukihiro Matsumoto
    If you imagine that once you have accomplished your ambitions you will have time to turn to the Way, you will discover that your ambitions never come to an end.
    — Yoshida Kenko
    tags: time  ambition  imagine 
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: peace  imagine 
    Imagine painting all the statues in the world in the color of the sky
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: world  sky  painting  imagine 
    Imagine a dolphin dancing in the sky. Let it dance with joy. Think of yourself at the bottom of the ocean watching.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: joy  ocean  sky  dance  imagine 
    Your thoughts create reality. The most pragmatic way to create world peace is to use your power of visualization. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, Imagine Peace. Your thoughts will soon cover the planet. The most important thing is to believe in your power. It works.
    — Yoko Ono
    Imagine the clouds dripping Dig a hole in your garden to put them in
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: imagine  garden 
    I have no imagination about holidays, vacations, or retiring life. I can't imagine about those things.
    — Yohji Yamamoto
    We suffered a terrible blow on 11 September 2001. We responded with fear and anger. A fight-or-flight response is adaptive in any species. For us, given our power, fight was the only response we could imagine.
    — Yochai Benkler
    tags: fear  power  anger  fight  imagine 
    It is my hope that I could be not just a Prime Minister, but a Prime Minister for Aboriginal affairs, the first I imagine that we've ever had.
    — Yitzhak Rabin
    tags: hope  imagine 
    Don't forget that we lawyers, we're a higher breed of intellect, and so it's our privilege to lie. It's as clear as day. Animals can't even imagine lying: if you were to find yourself among some wild islanders, they too would only speak the truth until they learned about European culture.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: animals  truth  culture  lies  wild  imagine 
    If I wanted to play the violin, I had to work. Because anything that one wants to do really, and one loves doing, one must do everyday. It should be as easy to the artist and as natural as flying is to a bird. And you can't imagine a bird saying well, I'm tired today, I'm not going to fly!
    — Yehudi Menuhin
    tags: work  saying  artist  imagine 
    I imagine God to be like my father. My father was always the voice of certainty in my life. Certainty in the wisdom, certainty in the path, certainty always in God. For me God is certainty in everything. Certainty that everything is good and everything is God.
    — Yehuda Berg
    tags: god  wisdom  path  father  imagine 
    When we talk about contemporary art and contemporary artists, we usually imagine artists who are alive. But I feel very uncomfortable about placing a border between living artists and dead artists.
    — Yasumasa Morimura
    Once in 1979, [Zbigniew] Brzezinski gave an important slogan: "Bye-bye PLO." After two months, I was in Tehran saying to him: "Bye-bye Brzezinski." Who can imagine that America will lose one of its strongest bases?
    — Yasser Arafat
    tags: saying  america  imagine 
    I can't imagine playing a boring gig. Like, a boring audience without reaction, I will play against them.
    — Yann Tiersen
    tags: imagine 
    Will we be able to imagine a new culture of water?
    — Yann Arthus-Bertrand
    tags: culture  imagine 
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