hunger Quotes

It's hard to believe that, in the 1970's, America was virtually hunger-free. During the past two decades, we have allowed hunger to attack our most precious resource, our children. We must reinstate and strengthen programs to eliminate this blight on our society.
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— Kurtwood Smith
I think that the invisibility of hunger in America - to the eye - is what's keeping it invisible politically and to America at large.
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— Kristi Jacobson
Love me or hate me. It's one or the other. Always has been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my fadeaway, my hunger. Hate that I'm a veteran, a champion. Hate that. Hate it with all your heart. And hate that I'm loved for the exact same reasons.
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— Kobe Bryant
The hunger [to success] is the same, no matter what it is that you're doing. It's like an unquenchable thirst to learn more, or to feel like you could have done more, and to be brutally honest and self critical, which is very hard to do. It's easy, and human nature is to just blame somebody else. It's very, very hard to self assess.
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— Kobe Bryant
I am your fairy tale. Your dream. Your wishes and desires, and I am your thirst and your hunger and your food and your drink.
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— Klaus Kinski
I am dying of hunger.
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— Klaus Kinski
My time in the World Rally Championship has been a useful stage in my career, but I can't deny the fact that my hunger for F1 has recently become overwhelming.
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— Kimi Raikkonen
Where hunger is imposed by external circumstances, the act of starvation remains literal, a tragic biological event that does not serve metaphoric or symbolic purposes. It is only in a country where one is able to choose hunger that elective starvation may come to express cultural conflict or even social protest.
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— Kim Chernin
For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger.
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— Khalil Gibran
It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.
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— Khalil Gibran
O love, whose lordly hand Has bridled my desires, And raised my hunger and my thirst To dignity and pride, Let not the strong in me and the constant Eat the bread or drink the wine That tempt my weaker self. Let me rather starve, And let my heart parch with thirst, And let me die and perish, Ere I stretch my hand To a cup you did not fill, Or a bowl you did not bless.
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— Khalil Gibran
...unless the exchange be in love and kindly justice, it will but lead some to greed and others to hunger.
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— Khalil Gibran
Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil. For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst? Verily when good is hungry it seeks food even in dark caves, and when it thirsts it drinks even of dead waters.
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— Khalil Gibran
Virtue tested: "Have I not survived hunger and thirst, suffering, and mockery for the sake of the truth which heaven has awakened in my heart?
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— Khalil Gibran
It is unconscionable for children in our prosperous country, or anywhere for that matter, to go without food. I implore everyone to contact their local and state representatives to encourage action to end hunger.
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— Kevin Nealon
I think you can see the evolution of me as an artist, and just becoming confident and coming into my own and becoming my own person throughout each mixtape. One thing I could learn from looking back at my old mixtapes, what I could learn from my old self, is just to keep that hunger and that drive and that feeling of an underdog and also the feeling of being a fan, still lookin up to people - you just want to impress them.
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— Kevin McCall
"The people" is that massive portion of a society that lives by its pathetic subjection to sheer immediacy or self-obviousness, and that therefore uncritically seizes upon the most simplistic and abstract ways of filling its vacuous self-consciousness. Not philosophy but dogma and rhetoric, not rationality but indoctrination and conditioning, provide the cultural junkfood by which the Many perfunctorily slake their thirst and hunger.
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— Kenny Smith
It's somewhat disquieting that the same parents and educators who are horrified by the notion of child soldiers have bestowed upon 'The Hunger Games' a double mantle of critical praise and global bestsellerdom.
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— Kenneth Oppel
The world of 'The Hunger Games' is a paranoid survivalist's dream.
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— Kenneth Oppel
Hunger is the best seasoning.
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— Ken Follett
I still have the same hunger like I did 20 years ago but it's a different sort of reflection when you lose. It doesn't hurt you as much because I feel like I've had a good career.
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— Ken Doherty
There's nothing like a little fear or hunger to motivate one's inspiration. To take that away from a young artist can offer quite a disservice.
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— Ken Danby
I would like to end world hunger and create world peace, stop corruption, stop drugs getting to kids.
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— Kelly Preston
Our country also hungers for leadership to ensure the long-term survival of our Social Security system. With 70 million baby boomers in this country on the verge of retirement, we need to take action to shore up the system.
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— Kay Bailey Hutchison
Twelve million children in the United States face hunger every day. Bringing an end to this terrible situation is a passion I share with my friends in the entertainment industry. Together we can end hunger.
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— Kathy Ireland
So if you're rooting around for something to eat, grab an apple while you're looking, and usually by the time you're finished eating it, your hunger will have been sidelined; it's crowding out at its best!
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— Kathy Freston
Hunger and self-control do not go hand in hand.
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— Kathy Freston
Those who are driven by poverty, those who're free from material worries hunger exhausting labor a joyless existence ask the same question, the question of meaning.
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— Kathy Acker
If I were a supervillain, I would end capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia... but I guess that's a little too obvious and not villain-y enough. Because that's actually being a superhero. I would break down poverty with my machete; I would end world hunger.
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— Kathleen Hanna
I cannot, will not, withhold from my young readers the harsh realities of human hunger and suffering and loss, but neither will I neglect to plant that stubborn seed of hope that has enabled our race to outlast wars and famines and the destruction of death.
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— Katherine Paterson
It goes in streaks. But some things never go out of fashion.' Hunger artists, fat folks, giants, and dog acts come and go but real freaks never lose their appeal.
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— Katherine Dunn
But hunger, like food, comes in many shapes and colors.
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— Katherine Applegate
You see, that hunger inside us, that ambition, or whatever you may choose to call it, is a compass really, a compass of true desire. And if you will be happy, you must follow that desire, no matter which way the needle points.
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— Kathe Koja
Your life's work begins when your great joy meets the world's great hunger.
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— Kate Bornstein
We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It's like hunger and thirst - you need them both.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
Passion for God is not youth thing. It is a hunger thing.
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— Karen Wheaton
I feel like there's a hunger in the culture now for the live experience maybe as a counterpoint to the more sort of synthetic lives that we've been living.
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— Karen O
One day you do meet a man who kisses you and you can't breathe around it and you realize you don't need air. Oxygen is trivial. Desire makes life happen. Makes it matter. Makes everything worth it. Desire is life. Hunger to see the next sunrise or sunset. To touch the one you love. To try again.
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— Karen Marie Moning
People who are hungry don't have the heart to think about others. Sometimes they can't even care for their own family. Hunger quashes man's will to help his fellow man. I've seen fathers steal food from their own children's lunchboxes. As they scarf down the corn they have only one overpowering desire: to placate, if even for just one moment, that feeling of insufferable need.
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— Kang Chol-hwan
There's been a problem, a problem eating away at me from the inside out. I've become weak, I've shown human compassion, and it has weakened me. But no more. Tonight I will once again feast on fear and suffering. My appetite for agony will be awakened. I will once again taste the pain of others. I will feast on the fear of the innocent, and that is the sweetest taste of all. Tonight I hunger for a sacrifice.
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— Kane