humour Quotes

While the eyes of the world will be on us let's show everyone that we have a great sense of humour.
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— Yahoo Serious
When I feel well and in a good humour, or when I am taking a drive or walking after a good meal, or in the night when I cannot sleep, thoughts crowd into my mind as easily as my mind might wish.
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— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I have never understood why it should be considered derogatory to the Creator to suppose that he has a sense of humour.
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— William Ralph Inge
I have tried to improve telescopes and practiced continually to see with them. These instruments have play'd me so many tricks that I have at last found them out in many of their humours.
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— William Herschel
A story, in which native humour reigns, Is often useful, always entertains; A graver fact, enlisted on your side, May furnish illustration, well applied; But sedentary weavers of long tales Give me the fidgets, and my patience fails.
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— William Cowper
The interesting thing is that you don't often meet a poet who doesn't have a sense of humour, and some of them do keep it out of their poems because they're afraid of being seen as light versifiers.
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— Wendy Cope
People who know me know that theres a light-hearted side, humour... But you could easily say I am cheeky.
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— Waris Ahluwalia
It is the privilege of tale-tellers to open their story in an inn, the free rendezvous of all travellers, and where the humour of each displays itself, without ceremony or restraint.
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— Walter Scott
Relationship humour gets the most laughs. If I'm able to get the women laughing, men will have to laugh along because they would be scared to death.
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— Vir Das
I like a twisted sense of humour. On 'A History of Violence,' David Cronenberg and I would be doing the grimmest scenes and laugh a lot.
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— Viggo Mortensen
The difference between farce and humour in literature is, I suppose, that farce strums louder and louder on one string, while humour varies its note, changes its key, grows and spreads and deepens until it may indeed reach tragic depths.
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— V. S. Pritchett
But I still read Shaw on a regular basis. What I love is the nakedness of the polemic and the irresistible good humour. For me, 'Major Barbara' is the greatest of all the plays in that it starts from the rational and proceeds to the ecstatic in a spectacular way, and leaves you very confused if you cling to Euclidean logic.
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— Tony Kushner
A British villain never loses their sense of humour.
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— Tom Hooper
Humour is God's special gift to humanity. Handy, because it turns out to be necessary.
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— Tim Winton
Humour's the pay-off for all that existential horror.
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— Tim Winton
You should never try irony or self-effacing humour.
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— Tim Robbins
I went to a British Council event a while back and there were lots of German professors of literature. About half of them were convinced I had a German sense of humour and the other half were sure it was British. They are probably still arguing about it now.
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— Tibor Fischer
Where I cannot satisfy my reason, I love to humour my fancy.
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— Thomas Browne
At home I've got a very puerile, juvenile sense of humour.
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— Thom Yorke
The hardest part about being in radiohead is being inside a giant head that is a radio. Ha ha, little english humour there, or is it a hammer?
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— Thom Yorke
The British have turned their sense of humour into a national virtue. It is odd, because through much of history, humour has been considered cheap, and laughter something for the lower orders. But British aristocrats didn't care a damn about what people thought of them, so they made humour acceptable.
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— Theodore Zeldin
The English reputation for humour is a way by which people avoid revealing themselves and have superficial relationships, so that you can engage in banter without making yourself vulnerable.
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— Theodore Zeldin
I think that Americans find the Australian humour and the energy of Australians very refreshing - we are quite self-deprecating, we're light-hearted and can have a laugh.
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— Teresa Palmer
I'm always impressed by confidence, kindness and a sense of humour.
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— Tamara Mellon
People don't get my sense of humour.
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— Tamara Ecclestone
Humour is like violence. They both come to you unexpectedly, and the more unpredictable they both are, the better it gets.
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— Takeshi Kitano
Cling tight to your sense of humour. You will need it every day.
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— T. E. Lawrence
I think of myself as a writer with a sense of humour rather than a comedy writer. Happy to tell a story with lots of jokes in it - I wouldn't know how to do jokes without the story.
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— Steven Moffat
My wife is way funnier than I am. As much as I don't really feel I share a sense of humour with my family, I definitely share one with her - we find the same things funny.
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— Steve Carell
I was trying for years to woo people through humour, but it seems flash cars are much easier.
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— Stephen Merchant
Humour is essentially a comforter, reconciling us to things as they are in contrast to things as they might be.
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— Stephen Leacock
All Dickens's humour couldn't save Dickens, save him from his overcrowded life, its sordid and neurotic central tragedy and its premature collapse. But Dickens's humour, and all such humour, has saved or at least greatly served the world.
tags: humour world tragedy
— Stephen Leacock
Any man will admit if need be that his sight is not good, or that he cannot swim or shoots badly with a rifle, but to touch upon his sense of humour is to give him mortal affront.
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— Stephen Leacock
Humour in its highest reach mingles with pathos: it voices sorrow for our human lot and reconciliation with it.
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— Stephen Leacock
I have a naturally camp sensibility and a camp sense of humour. I love the icons that gay people love.
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— Siobhan Fahey
Humour is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them.
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— Simon Wiesenthal
Sometimes humour is all we have to say the things that can't be said.
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— Simon R. Green
While it is entirely untrue that Canadians lack a sense of humour, the funniest ones tend to head south: Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox.
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— Simon Hoggart
The thing about humour is that the super-ego is also at play, so what interested me, particularly in the last chapter which is key to the book -and no one seems to have picked this up in writings on Freud - is that, in the later Freud, the essence of humour is the ability to look at myself and find myself ridiculous. That makes me laugh.
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— Simon Critchley
My favourite writer is Beckett and I keep going back to wallow in his work like a deep pool of dark humour or like an oxygen tank when you can't breath in a world consumed by piety, hypocrisy and self-satisfaction.
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— Simon Critchley