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    humorous Quotes

    Life is too transcendentally humorous for a man not to take it seriously. Compared with it, Death is but a shallow jest.
    — William John Locke
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    Poetry, I think, intensifies the reader's experience. If it's a humorous facet of the story, poetry makes it more exuberant. If it's a sad facet, poetry can make it more poignant.
    — Vikram Seth
    The profoundly humorous writers are humorous because they are responsive to the hopeless, uncouth, concatenations of life.
    — V. S. Pritchett
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    I love sharing my stories and experiences with people and connecting to them on both a humorous and emotional level.
    — Tori Spelling
    I really like the Observer. I think I'd love to have a column with a broad reach that would enable me to do some proper reporting, but keep it on sort of a humorous level. I've always had a very happy experience writing for them.
    — Toby Young
    Acid is not for every brain .... Only the healthy, happy, wholesome, handsome, hopeful, humorous, high-velocity should seek these experiences. This elitism is totally self-determined. Unless you are self-confident, self-directed, self-selected, please abstain.
    — Timothy Leary
    My dad is a very quick-witted, sarcastic, dry, humorous guy, whereas my mom's very silly, and that side of the family is very musical.
    — Tim Heidecker
    tags: humorous 
    I've always tried to explore the humorous aspects of life.
    — Ted Lange
    tags: humorous 
    I like Bret Easton Ellis' sense of humor. I feel like mine is sometimes similar to his. And how his characters sometimes seem really confused in a humorous manner. I like that. And I have that sometimes in my characters.
    — Tao Lin
    THE NAME OF THE WIND has everything fantasy readers like, magic and mysteries and ancient evil, but it's also humorous and terrifying and completely believable. As with all the very best books in our field, it's not the fantasy trappings (wonderful as they are) that make this novel so good, but what the author has to say about true, common things, about ambition and failure, art, love, and loss.
    — Tad Williams
    Get your mind unbound and free; and then from the loosest, highest, best place you have, with the fastest and most humorous mind you can get together, you can reach out and make a try at understanding Spirit.
    — Stephen Gaskin
    It's been part of my signature to incorporate my humor with my dance, or even just how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling humorous, which I am, most of the day, I tend to incorporate that. If I'm dancing freestyle, if I feel like I've gotten too serious, while I'm moving, I'll think, "All right, it's time to lighten up a little bit," and I do. It just feels good.
    — Stephen Boss
    tags: humor  time  right  humorous  dance 
    A God who cannot smile, could not have created this humorous universe.
    — Sri Aurobindo
    tags: smile  humorous  god  universe 
    I was on Batman with "Superheavy" or "Zero Year" where there was a lot of fun and bombast, but it was also personal. [In All-Star], I wanted to take that to its complete extreme, like the end of the Earth extreme, where it's over-the-top humorous, yet at the same time really deeply about what I think is of this particular moment in time, at least for me. The things I'm terrified of and the things I'm hopeful about. My life is the page.
    — Scott Snyder
    We thought there was also something that was humorous but at the same time powerful and deep about naming the album, 'Modern Vampires Of The City'.
    — Rostam Batmanglij
    I wanted to do an hour-long show, and I wanted to something that was dramatic and sometimes funny and humorous, as well. I'm just delighted to have this opportunity to be a part of this project.
    — Ron Glass
    I'm really interested in the link between creativity and humor because humor is a type of creativity, and I do think that humorous people and humorous health helps creativity.
    — Robert Mankoff
    Though philosophers like to define poetry as irrational fancy, for us it is practical, humorous, reasonable way of being ourselves.
    — Robert Graves
    I was voted Most Humorous in my senior class in high school, and I was a fan of comedy, my whole life. I never got into the horror genre, and action was fine, but I just loved comedy. Any comedy I could get my hands on, I would. I watched Saturday Night Live religiously. I've just been a fan of comedy, my whole life.
    — Rob Riggle
    The most colossal display of wise, inspiring,and humorous metaphors ever exhibited in one place.
    — Richard Lederer
    tags: humorous  metaphor  wise 
    ['Dad's Army' show]was a military thing but also very funny, so it's kind of the two things that I experienced by being a soldier, and I found it very humorous then and there, because of the juxtapositions [and] me and my emotional state.
    — Rhys Darby
    When I started writing this, I found that I simply couldn't take fantasy seriously, so it became humorous, and continued from there.
    — Piers Anthony
    Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, humorous ... this is how I see my duty as a designer.
    — Philippe Starck
    In my serious work I am striving for the essence of things and for goals which are possibly unobtainable. On the other hand, everything humorous has great attraction for me, and a childish streak leads me into all kinds of frivolous endeavour.
    — Philippe Halsman
    I've spent enough time with soldiers to know that once they get to know you and they loosen up and become themselves, they are some of the biggest hams and most charismatic, cocky, fun, humorous guys I've ever met.
    — Peter Berg
    tags: time  humorous  fun 
    I try to sing many different kinds of songs. If I sing a batch of humorous songs, I'll throw in a deadly serious song. Or if I'm singing too many serious songs, I'll throw in a ridiculous song, to mix it up.
    — Pete Seeger
    tags: humorous  song 
    A clever, imaginative, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds.
    — Percy Ross
    tags: humorous  mind 
    We need time to relax and enjoy ourselves too, no matter how dark the story. The occasional humorous moment helps with that. That's one of the things that Joss Whedon excels at in his storytelling.
    — Patrick Rothfuss
    If you are watching my films and wondering, am I missing humorous speak because I'm not Korean? Am I missing out? You don't have to worry, because you're only missing probably about a few cents worth out of your ticket price.
    — Park Chan-wook
    In my creative films, if there was something, some humorous moment that is lost to a non-Korean speaking audience, I'll be very sad.
    — Park Chan-wook
    tags: sad  moment  lost  humorous  film  creative 
    For those who believe in the quote, Laughter is the best medicine and are looking for a divorce quote on the lighter side, the following divorce sayings range from mildly humorous to outrageously funny:Men are just like a book - with a beginning, middle and an end.
    — Pamela Anderson
    If there was sadness in this creative world of mine, it was a pleasant sadness. If there were problems, they were humorous problems.
    — Norman Rockwell
    I don't think women's prisons are environments for dance routines, and I don't think mass murder is humorous.
    — Natalie Merchant
    I have a humorous side but these days humour can be a risky thing.
    — Narendra Modi
    tags: humour  humorous 
    There's a few tunes of mine that don't have jokes, but most of them have a joke and they have a humorous point of view somewhere.
    — Mose Allison
    tags: humorous 
    The world is an infinitely fascinating, tragic and humorous place.
    — Mike Figgis
    Back in the late '90s, I put together a humorous newsmagazine program called 'The Awful Truth' for Bravo. We helped one guy get an organ transplant whose insurance company had refused to pay. I thought, if we could save a guy's life in a 10-minute segment on cable, what could we do if we devoted a whole movie to a whole bunch of people?
    — Michael Moore
    Comedy is to force us to observe ourselves in ways that are humorous and yet, at the end of the day, that cause us enough discomfort with the status quo to make a change.
    — Michael Eric Dyson
    tags: comedy  humorous 
    I think there are two prevailing views of the suburbs in the States: either they're this sort of tedious place, where everyone is the same, buys the same food and drives around in their little minivans, or the view is that the suburbs are extremely perverse in a humorous way.
    — Megan Abbott
    tags: food  humorous 
    I'm just trying to portray what I find ironic or humorous.
    — Max Cannon
    tags: humorous 
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