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    humility Quotes

    It's a good thing I learned some humility and perspective as I got older.
    — Zoe Kazan
    When I would get close on a part but wouldn't get it, I would be like, "They made a mistake," which is not how I think about things now. I both admire it and I'm grateful for the modicum of health, knowledge, and humility that I have acquired over the last 10 or 15 years.
    — Zoe Kazan
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    I am sympathetic to the kind of faith that does not evangelize or raise banners but is the faith drawn on by a lone human being as a means of support or as an organizing principle or even as mere practice. It is faith that is born of humility and an understanding of one's own frailty. I can recognize it because I have met many people who exhibit this kind of faith.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    The mathematical tilt remains basic to my epistemological perspective, my howling plea in the still of night for epistemic humility. Mathematics gave me that as, also, did the difficulty I had in talking to my parents. How proofs are conceived is unfathomable. Clearly, there are certain conditions in which the revelation takes place.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    Ibn Ata' Allah said: "God may open up for you the gates of obedience, but without opening up for you the gates of acceptance. On the other hand, He may Allow you to fall into disobedience which happens to lead you to the right path. DISOBEDIENCE that teaches you HUMILITY is better than PIETY that fills you with VANITY and ARROGANCE.
    — Yusuf al-Qaradawi
    Humility is a great quality of leadership which derives respect and not just fear or hatred.
    — Yousef Munayyer
    I think any artist that's going to become anything in this world faces humility: with great humility comes great success.
    — Yelawolf
    In all teaching there must be a fusion of authority as an adult providing a stable framework for the children in one's care, and humility as another human being ready to educate an equal who may turn out to be a superior.
    — Yehudi Menuhin
    Why is compassion not part of our established curriculum, an inherent part of our education? Compassion, awe, wonder, curiosity, exaltation, humility - these are the very foundation of any real civilization, no longer the prerogatives, the preserves of any one church, but belonging to everyone, every child in every home, in every school.
    — Yehudi Menuhin
    Never curse a fall. The ground is where humility lives.
    — Yasmin Mogahed
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    Therefore, a person should first be changed by a teacher's instructions, and guided by principles of ritual. Only then can he observe the rules of courtesy and humility, obey the conventions and rules of society, and achieve order.
    — Xunzi
    Humility is the doorway 2 truth & clarity of objectives... it's the doorway 2 learning.
    — Wynton Marsalis
    For me, a good portrait shows the fragility and humility of the person, and at the same time a strength, a resting in themselves.
    — Wolfgang Tillmans
    Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all.
    — William Temple
    Many persons, when exalted, assume an insolent humility, who behaved before with an insolent haughtiness.
    — William Shenstone
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    Mackenzie, you cannot produce trust, just as you cannot 'do' humility. It either is or is not. Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved. Because you do not know that I love you, you cannot trust me.
    — William P. Young
    You cannot produce trust just like you cannot 'do' humility. It either is or is not.
    — William P. Young
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    Acquire the art of detachment, the virtue of method, and the quality of thoroughness, but above all the grace of humility.
    — William Osler
    There is no disease more conducive to clinical humility than aneurysm of the aorta.
    — William Osler
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    It is from out of the depths of our humility that the height of our destiny looks grandest. Let me truly feel that in myself I am nothing, and at once, through every inlet of my soul. God comes in, and is everyone in me.
    — William Mountford
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    If anybody here has trouble with the concept of design humility, reflect on this: It took us 5,000 years to put wheels on our luggage.
    — William McDonough
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    People often ask themselves the right questions. Where they fail is in answering the questions they ask themselves, and even there they do not fail by much...But it takes time, it takes humility and a serious reason for searching.
    — William Maxwell
    If you manipulate, coerce, and bully your children, you will have no power at all. If you lead with humility, gentleness, and by example, you will need no power at all.
    — William Martin
    If our life is not a course of humility, self-denial, renunciation of the world, poverty of spirit, and heavenly affection, we do not live the lives of Christians.
    — William Law
    Let every creature have your love. Love, with its fruits of meekness, patience, and humility, is all that we can wish for ourselves and our fellow creatures. For this is to live in God, united with him, both for time and eternity. To desire to communicate good to everyone, in the degree that we can and to which each person is capable of receiving from us, is a divine temper, for thus God stands unchangeably disposed towards the whole creation.
    — William Law
    You have no questions to ask of any body, no new way that you need inquire after; no oracle that you need to consult; for whilst you shut yourself up in patience, meekness, humility, and resignation to God, you are in the very arms of Christ, your heart is His dwelling-place, and He lives and works in you.
    — William Law
    In learning to pay respectful attention to one another and plants and animals, we relearn the acts of empathy, and thus humility and compassion - ways of proceeding that grow more and more necessary as the world crowds in.
    — William Kittredge
    When grace changes the heart, submission out of fear changes to submission out of love, and true humility is born.
    — William Hendriksen
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    Humility is a necessary veil to all other graces.
    — William Gurnall
    tags: grace  humility 
    True love is the parent of humility.
    — William Ellery Channing
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    Six essential qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity.
    — William C. Menninger
    Success is ninety-nine percent mental attitude. It calls for love, joy, optimism, confidence, serenity, poise, faith, courage, cheerfulness, imagination, initiative, tolerance, honesty, humility, patience, and enthusiasm.
    — Wilferd Peterson
    The art of humility begins with a recognition of our dependence on others and an appreciation of God's gift of life.
    — Wilferd Peterson
    Love is down to earth and it reaches to the highest star; it is the valey of humility and the mopuntaintop of ecstasy.
    — Wilferd Peterson
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    I had a brief experience in the food industry. I was a bus boy in a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, scraping re-fried beans off people's plates. It teaches you a bit of humility and the importance of a good deodorant.
    — Wentworth Miller
    It is possible, I think, to say that... a Christian agriculture [is] formed upon the understanding that it is sinful for people to misuse or destroy what they did not make. The Creation is a unique, irreplaceable gift, therefore to be used with humility, respect, and skill.
    — Wendell Berry
    We must learn to acknowledge that the creation is full of mystery; we will never entirely understand it. We must abandon arrogance and stand in awe. We must recover the sense of the majesty of creation, and the ability to be worshipful in its presence. For I do not doubt that it is only on the condition of humility and reverence before the world that our species will be able to remain in it.
    — Wendell Berry
    It is only with total humility, and in absolute stillness of mind that we can know what indeed we are.
    — Wei Wu Wei
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    God will not give me humility, or patience, or holiness, or love as separate investments of His grace. He has given only one gift to meet our need, His Son Christ Jesus.
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: grace  humility  patience  gift  god  jesus  christ  son 
    Humility is also a healing virtue; it will cicatrize a thousand wounds, which pride would keep forever open.
    — Washington Allston
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