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Horror is a totally different animal. It's intense. You can do drama or comedies, but in horror, you really have to trick yourself into believing a lot of unbelievable phenomena.
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— Kyle Gallner
After having edited numerous shorts, earning award nominations for it, and then 4 features edits, the director inside me is now burning to share its voice. Thriller, Horror, zany Comedy.
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— Kyle Cassie
The main thing I like about New Yorkers is that they understand that their lives are a relentless circus of horrors, ending in death. As New Yorkers, we realize this, we resign ourselves to our fate, and we make sure that everyone else is as miserable as we are. Good town.
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— Kyle Baker
Asian horror is really setting a trend. The Pang brothers are from Hong Kong, so they just bring a whole different sensibility to a horror movie. In Hong Kong, they're actually doing stuff that's very artistic and pushing boundaries.
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— Kristen Stewart
When you write a scene where somebody is afraid of something you instantly go to decades of genre cinema: horror, suspense, and thrillers. Those are very cinematic genres, when you shoot a close-up of someone and you can see fear in the person's face, or anticipation, or some kind of anxiety, it's a very cinematic image.
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— Kleber Mendonca Filho
I'm mad, true. But only about one thing. Horror movies. I love spooks. They are a friendly fearsome lot. Very nice people, actually, if you get to know them. Not like these industry chaps out here
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— Kishore Kumar
Ecstasy is a glimpse of the infinite; horror is full disclosure.
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— Kirk J. Schneider
I think it goes without saying that a lot of big horror fans are just nerds and geeks.
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— Kirk Hammett
I love horror movies in space. I love it when the genre switches over and what was sci-fi becomes horror.
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— Kirk Hammett
For me, one of the most perfect times to watch a horror movie is when it's cold and raining outside and there's pretty much no outdoor activity to be done. It kind of sets the mood.
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— Kirk Hammett
I've been into horror movies ever since I was five years old.
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— Kirk Hammett
The same sensations that you get in heavy metal are in horror movies. Heavy metal sounds evil and horror movies are evil, ha ha!
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— Kirk Hammett
Musically, there's a movement called the flatted fifth that's really evil-sounding. It was outlawed by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. That movement is what gives you a real evil sound that conjures up dark, fantastic images. It's like an audio horror movie. It personifies what a horror movie is about.
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— Kirk Hammett
One of my favorite horror films of the Nineties was 'Event Horizon.'
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— Kirk Hammett
Horror movies started to wane around the onset of World War II, and after World War II, when all the troops came home, people weren't really interested in seeing horror movies, because they had the real horror right on their front doorsteps.
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— Kirk Hammett
A lot of the main characters in horror movies are outsiders as well, so that outsider syndrome reverberates within horror fans and geeky collectors. It's kind of a rallying call that brings fans and collectors together who are a little socially retarded, maybe.
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— Kirk Hammett
It is true that I grew up in an affluent neighborhood and went to a prestigious school. But there were horrors that went on behind closed doors.
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— Kirby Wright
A good horror film is something that taps into something absolutely truthful about us - about what we want, about what we're terrified of - and brings that to life on screen in such a way that we can get close enough to that character to let our defenses down and want them to be safe.
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— Kimberly Peirce
Horror movies are hard work. Why don't we make a horror workout?
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— Kevin Peter Hall
I think [Doctor Strange] it is - it does tap into a supernatural type of genre that is not horror.
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— Kevin Feige
If you can get the audience to talk to the screen, I just thought that was so cool, and I wanted to do that. And I just leaned towards the scary and the thriller. I find it very emotional. I want to make emotional horror. If I can make you cry, than you have a full experience.
— Kevin D. Williamson
Horror films had died a little bit before Scream came around. That was one of the reasons I wrote it. I wanted to write something that wasn't being made right now and maybe sell if I come up with a new horror film. Because no one is watching those movies. Let's do it. That was my whole goal, and it paid off. I feel like it's never stopped.
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— Kevin D. Williamson
I'm a huge fan of horror. I can't handle all the blood and gore, but that's what The Following was meant to be. It was meant to be a genre show, a little movie, a little scary genre film every week. That was our goal. That's what Kevin Bacon and I wanted to do.
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— Kevin D. Williamson
The condition of visibility as it relates to black people was crucial. Connected to that, I've always been interested in science fiction and horror films and was acutely aware of the political and social implications of Ralph Ellison's description of invisibility as it relates to black people, as opposed to the kind of retinal invisibility that H.G. Wells described in his novel Invisible Man.
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— Kerry James Marshall
You two were in a cave together?' said Miss Simpkins in horror. "Yes,' said Kate, "and it was very, very dark.
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— Kenneth Oppel
The drama can only be brought to its climax in one of two ways - through the selective brutality of terrorism or the impartial horrors of war.
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— Kenneth Kaunda
I loved horror movies, and I loved movies like that - stuff with an anarchy to them, with chaos. Stuff that glorified violence and whatnot. It's not as entertaining now. It effects me now in a way that it didn't then.
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— Ken Marino
Since I've had children I don't really like horror movies.
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— Ken Marino
I love horror comedies, and I love horror movies. In particular, I love horror movies from the '80s that have practical monsters in them. They're not just slasher movies with people going to kill people in people's houses. I do like these ridiculous monster movies. They're scary, but they're absurd. I had a lot of fun in my 20's, watching a lot of these movies late at night.
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— Ken Marino
They did type me as a horror writer, but I have been able to do all sorts of things within that framework.
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— Ken Kesey
I ain't gonna get this, it's a horror movie, it's hard to act scared.
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— Kelly Rowland
The look she gave me reminded me of when is was seven and I'd proudly informed out housekeeper that I'd donated half my clothing to a charity drive at school. It had seemed perfectly sensible to me-I didn't need so much stuff-but she'd stared at me like Margaret was now, with a mix of horror and disbelief.
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— Kelley Armstrong
The scariest movie I have ever seen, and my favorite horror film is, 'The Exorcist.' It is a must-see horror/thriller classic. I watch it every couple of years.
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— Keegan Allen
With Wings of the Butterfly, John Urbancik infuses his tale of shapeshifters, romance and pack rivalry with some unexpected and welcome surprises. Fluid prose, gore galore and all-too human characters make this unusual, fast-paced novella a must for fans who like their horror served blood-rare.
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— Kealan Patrick Burke
I love doing horror with comedy twists and I think it's a really fun genre.
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— Katrina Bowden
I'm not a huge fan of horror movies myself because I'm a big baby and I get too scared to watch them.
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— Katrina Bowden
I find that usually when I watch something like horror film, I'm constantly thinking no, it's not going to happen.
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— Katie Holmes
I don't love horror movies with something surreal happening. That doesn't work for me. What's terrifying is something that could actually happen to me and what I would do. I don't know how to throw a punch, and I've never had to do it.
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— Katie Aselton
I'm a horror movie fan to begin with, so to come back to the genre, I feel like horror has been very good to me.
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— Kathy Bates
 My 14-year-old grandniece is not allowed to watch 'American Horror Story' yet.
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— Kathy Bates