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I'm carded for R-rated movies. And I get talked down to a lot. When I try to go rent a car or buy an airplane ticket or other stuff adults do, I get 'Okaaaaaay, honey.' I remember when I was 18, getting crayons in a restaurant
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— Kristen Bell
She had brillant red hair, like honey and roses and the sun all together.
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— Kiera Cass
Sweet Honey of Dagda, now I was babbling.
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— Kevin Hearne
Honey, Maggie Jones said. Victoria. Listen to me. You're here now. This is where you are.
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— Kent Haruf
We are sitting on our honeymoon bed in the honeymoon suite. We are in a state of honeymoon, in our honey month. These words are so sweet: honey, moon. This bed is so big, we could live on it. We have been happily marooned - honey marooned - on this bed for days.
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— Kelly Link
Honey, I am the chief of my train. If critics want to hop on board, fantastic. There's plenty of room. The KP train is fun.
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— Katy Perry
You can't do Shakespeare with a Southern accent, honey.
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— Katy Mixon
No matter how your world falls apart-and honey, that's what happens: we all build ourselves a world, and then it falls apart-but no matter how that happens, you still have the kind heart you've had since you were a child, and that's all that really counts.
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— Kate Bornstein
Like a horse, honey, somebody's gonna break you.' 'Never. Going. To. Happen.
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— Karen Marie Moning
If you wanna find the honey / You can't be scared of the bees,
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— Kacey Musgraves
As the bee collecteth honey with great zest, so the fool collecteth wealth.
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— Kabir
I was 18 years old when I did the pilot [of Hi Honey, I'm Home], so I was a freshman at NYU, and it was one of my first professional auditions in New York City. And I somehow booked the job. I have no idea how.
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— Julie Benz
It was a really wonderful experience [at Hi Honey, I'm Home show]. I loved Nick At Nite at the time, and I was obsessed with watching it, so just to meet some of the more experienced stars of the older shows was a real treat and a thrill for me.
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— Julie Benz
I remember Gale Gordon was in the pilot [of Hi Honey, I'm Home], and it was one of my very first professional gigs without having an adult take me to the job.
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— Julie Benz
I felt like Eartha Kitt. I'm serving fish, honey, and this ain't trout.
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— Jujubee
It feels good, honey, but it isn't love.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
The honey is guarded by bees.. The rose has thorns.. To enjoy the sweet & beautiful you can NOT be cowardly.
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— Joseph Simmons
When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.
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— Joseph Joubert
It is not the bee's touching on the flowers that gathers the honey, but her abiding for a time upon them, and drawing out the sweet.
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— Joseph Hall
Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I knew there was milk and toast and honey and a bowl of oranges, too.
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— Joni Mitchell
There is a difference between having a rational judgment that honey is sweet, and having a sense of its sweetness
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— Jonathan Edwards
Buckminster Fuller himself was fond of stating that what seems to be happening at the moment is never the full story of what is really going on. He liked to point out that for the honey bee, it is the honey that is important. But the bee is at the same time nature's vehicle for carrying out cross-pollination of the flowers. Interconnectedness is a fundamental principle of nature. Nothing is isolated. Each event connects with others.
tags: time nature moment flowers stories honey fundamental
— Jon Kabat-Zinn
My little children, your hearts, are small, but prayer stretches them and makes them capable of loving God. Through prayer we receive a foretaste of heaven and something of paradise comes down upon us. Prayer never leaves us without sweetness. It is honey that flows into the souls and makes all things sweet. When we pray properly, sorrows disappear like snow before the sun.
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— John Vianney
Bread of flour is good; but there is bread, sweet as honey, if we would eat it, in a good book.
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— John Ruskin
Jerusalem the golden, with milk and honey blessed, beneath thy contemplation sink heart and voice oppressed.
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— John Mason Neale
I can't describe the feeling when I go down - it's down down down and there's never going to be an up again. And whatever was good isn't good any more; white becomes grey, music becomes dictionaries, honey becomes beer and the sky a curdled lemon. There's no caramel anymore.
tags: sky music honey
— John Marsden
The bee that hath honey in her mouth hath a sting in her tail.
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— John Lyly
I go to books and to nature as the bee goes to a flower, for a nectar that I can make into my own honey.
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— John Burroughs
Temptations, when we meet them at first, are as the lion that reared upon Samson; but if we overcome them, the next time we see them we shall find a nest of honey within them.
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— John Bunyan
Your lips, beloved, are like a honeycomb: honey and milk are under the tongue. And the smell of your clothes is like the smell of my home.
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— John Berger
And pray, who are you?"Said the Violet blueTo the Bee, with surprise,At his wonderful size,In her eyeglass of dew."I, madam," quoth he,"Am a publican Bee,Collecting the taxOf honey and wax.Have you nothing for me?
tags: pray honey
— John B. Tabb
The evening light was like honey in the trees When you left me and walked to the end of the street Where the sunset abruptly ended. The wedding-cake drawbridge lowered itself To the fragile forget-me-not flower. You climbed aboard. Burnt horizons suddenly paved with golden stones, Dreams I had, including suicide, Puff out the hot-air balloon now. It is bursting, it is about to burst
tags: suicide flowers dreams honey
— John Ashbery
When you're out to get the honey you don't go killing all the bees
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— Joe Strummer
You guys might be surprised but I am not Honey Boo Boo Child.
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— Jodie Foster
If you just stop and think, baby, honey, love is a funny thing. Whatever you put in, thats what you expect to gain.
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— Jimmy Reed
Director Ken Burns revealed that his next documentary is about Franklin Roosevelt, and it's fourteen hours long...which sounds like too much, until you realize there's been over thirty hours of TV dedicated to Honey Boo Boo.
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— Jimmy Fallon
Barmaid, bring a pitcher, another round of brew. Honey, why don't we get drunk and screw?
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— Jimmy Buffett
I'd have to say Sunset Salsa. Nothing against Honey Lime, but it's for losers.
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— Jim Gaffigan
Honey is hydrating and antiseptic. It really clears your skin, and its moisturizing. You can use it every day if you want. Its so gentle.
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— Jessica Pare
I would do Winnie the Pooh. We would live in the tree house. We would hunt for honey.
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— Jerusha Hess