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I find the female tragedy of insecurity to be hilarious. We get obsessed over issues like the tiny skin tags on our backs or that we're fat. You read one line in a magazine and it sends you into a tailspin.
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— Lake Bell
Royal Young has accomplished a rare feat in his fresh and riveting debut: he manages to recount his fascinating youth and unconventional family with a mixture of humor, scathing honesty and tenderness. Much more than simply a book about a kid who dreams of stardom, Fame Shark is a thoughtful, hilarious and moving love letter to his family and the Lower East Side of New York City.
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— Kristen Johnston
My favorite lie was the online rumor that Bruce Willis was my uncle. That's hilarious.
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— Kreayshawn
I could party in a cardboard box with people who are funny and don't care. For me, it's really about who I surround myself with, so I just try to always be with hilarious people.
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— Kesha
I was a huge fan of 'Arrested Development,' and there's just something it tickles in me and it's bright and it's hilarious.
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— Keri Russell
I would love to work with Kristin Wiig one day. I find her hilarious, and I totally idolize her.
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— Kelli Berglund
Amy [ Schumer] is a really, really hilarious writer.She's super funny, and I feel like the core of our senses of humor is really similar.
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— Katie Dippold
Free Agents' was an awesome experience. I never play the glam girl in anything, so that was a new experience. I would walk into one of my trailers and it would be like Spanx, a spray-tan gun, and chicken cutlets. I would have hair extensions. It was hilarious. Every day felt like I was turning into an awesome drag queen.
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— Kathryn Hahn
What I really want to do is to write a hilarious farce.
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— Katherine Paterson
My folks are hilarious extroverts and have always been very supportive of all my artistic endeavors. I'm really lucky to come from such an encouraging family.
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— Kate Brown
Not to get too depressing, I've always been a slight whirling dervish in my life. I've always been at once a very spritely and energetic hilarious lady, but at the same time there is an equal dark side that's as comparable to the jovial - constantly walking on the high wire trying to figure out who to be each day.
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— Karen Elson
In my third husband I had discovered a blissfully laid-back type who thought it nothing less than hilarious when I misread the map on the way to Wales, so it took us an extra three hours, or when I was sick in a plastic carrier bag during much of the drive back from Devon - a bag that turned out to have a hole in it.
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— Julie Burchill
How many times can you say, "No yanking on one another's genitals?" Everything is hilarious until someone starts crying.
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— Julie Bowen
At the Golden Globes, they put all the bigger stars in the front; the movie stars in the front, TV actors in the back. But even as a movie star, you can be outseated by a bigger star in any given year. It's kind of hilarious. You have to take it in stride.
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— Julianne Moore
There are only so many hilarious actors so when they cross-pollinate, people assume it's always the same actors and directors.
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— Judd Apatow
Humor is his defense mechanism, so that would allow me to talk about some serious subjects, but get a lot of hilarious jokes in.
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— Judd Apatow
Just trying to tell the truth about, you know, the struggle of - being alive is funny, it's just inherently tragic and also hilarious - in a fun way and in a sad way. That seems to connect with people.
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— Judd Apatow
I guess I just use the word vibe in pretty much everyday context and every sentence I possibly can. Some people find it hilarious, some people find it cool, some people find it infuriating, but ultimately it's coming out of my mouth so as long as i I like the sound of it who cares too much what anyone else thinks?
tags: people care hilarious
— Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
I know my life is full of awkward pauses, and I think it's hilarious.
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— Josh Hutcherson
We have North Shore, Hawaii and Lost all there, so they have softball tournaments between the casts. It's hilarious.
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— Josh Holloway
I've always found it sort of hilarious, and occasionally horrifying, how these images [in mass media] impact us, and especially when it comes to love and sex and relationships, I think we sometimes develop unrealistic expectations.
— Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Fascinating, often hilarious, always devastatingly truthful, The Inconvenient Indian is destined to become a classic of historical narrative. For those who wish to better understand Native peoples, it is a must read. For those who don't wish to understand, it is even more so.
tags: wishes hilarious read historical fascinating
— Joseph Boyden
From the opening lines, Sleeping with Schubert is a hilarious, whimsical romp through the looking glass of a great musical mystery. The writing snaps, crackles, and pops with humor as Bonnie Marson makes Schubert a sexy, happening kind of guy who gives new meaning to our dreaming the impossible.
tags: humor meaning mystery dreaming impossible hilarious writing sexy
— Jonis Agee
I haven't changed - the public has. I'm an insider now, which is hilarious.
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— John Waters
I find Lady Gaga hilarious. And I kind of like her. My heart's warmed to her.
tags: heart hilarious
— John Lydon
There's so much joy in doing comedy work, and that's one of the reasons I like to do it - because it's just a hilarious day at work.
tags: work joy comedy hilarious
— John C. Reilly
Maybe I don't have the same sense of humor. Maybe people aren't comfortable gauging a painting that way. They think that if it's a painting then it must be serious. I think Picasso can be hilarious, to name one example.
tags: humor people hilarious painting example
— Joe Bradley
Because I'm the only performer who comes out and says I've had plastic surgery, I've become the plastic surgery poster girl, which is hilarious, because everybody has done it and they all deny it. They stand there, like the Bride of Frankenstein, they've all got stitches, and they all say, 'I've done nothing.' I talk about it.
tags: girls hilarious
— Joan Rivers
I am so out of the loop. I am never honored. My career is hilarious to me. I am either under the radar or over the radar.
tags: career hilarious
— Joan Rivers
Regular panelists on shows can be terrifying. They own that space, and many guest comics suspect they are favoured in the edit, while their own hilarious jokes end up being ejected into the ether.
tags: space hilarious
— Jo Brand
The thing I thought about doing it was it's Comic Relief and you've got to be funny. So although I did try to sing properly it obviously has hilarious results when you can't sing.
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— Jo Brand
This week Bill Clinton tweeted a photo of himself reading George W. Bush's new book '41.' Then George W. Bush responded to that post on Instagram. Then John McCain said 'You two are hilarious' by telegraph.
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— Jimmy Fallon
I'm not always looking for the laugh. I'm not the guy who sits in and listens to conversations and wants to jump in with something hilarious every two seconds. I actually do listen to people.
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— Jim Carrey
For years, I always thought it was hilarious that I was this fitness guru, because fitness was just a tool I utilized to help people improve their confidence. For me, it's never been about fitness. It's always been about helping to empower people.
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— Jillian Michaels
It's something that people relate to - and I hope my kid doesn't relate to - but there's a level of believability in playing complex characters. You know, Christopher Walken has done some hilarious comedies, De Niro. There's great room for complexity and darkness to do well in comedies.
tags: character people darkness comedy hilarious hope kids complex
— Jeremy Sisto
Well, I would definitely give up performing... But I would still sit down in an office and pretend to write with Dawn, even if we never produced anything, because it's just hilarious. I would miss that.
tags: hilarious write
— Jennifer Saunders
As soon as somebody farts around me, I think it's hilarious. This is something my brothers did that now the boys at work are obsessed with. You cup it, and then you throw it in someone's face and say, "Take a bite out of that cheeseburger!'
tags: work hilarious boys
— Jennifer Lawrence
This is hilarious. First, people say how so many actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticizing me for looking normal. Body images are too often adopted by young girls and women - thanks to what they are constantly being shown as being attractive.
tags: people women young body girls hilarious
— Jennifer Lawrence
The thing I'm obsessed with is really great bad paintings. I have a storage locker full of them and I want to give them their own museum. You don't even know who these artists are - you can buy them at garage sales, antique stores and places like that. They're brilliant because they were done with the intention of being great, but the artist sort of made a wrong turn. Some of them are hilarious and I can't get enough of them.
tags: wrong bad hilarious artist painting
— Jennifer Coolidge
Quinn Cummings is a master story-teller and her book is nothing short of delightful. Her insights into topics like celebrity, parenting, and cats with a taste for homicide are pithy and uproarious and not to be missed. Notes from the Underwire is charming, hilarious, and just snarky enough to be ultimately satisfying.
tags: master insight hilarious celebrity cat book parenting
— Jen Lancaster