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    hilarious Quotes

    Lebanese freedom of speech : You get to say whatever you like as long as the authorities approve of it... Hilarious.
    — Ziad K. Abdelnour
    As I get older, I think I'm more interested in comedy that doesn't take cheap shots. But I watched some of that Justin Bieber "roast" and I thought it was hilarious.
    — Zach Woods
    Inappropriateness is funny to me. Rudeness is hilarious.
    — Zach Galifianakis
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    Fat jokes to me are always, always hilarious, as long as they're done towards yourself.
    — Zach Galifianakis
    tags: hilarious 
    My dog has a cough. If you've never seen a dog with a cough, I recommend trying to find one. It's hilarious.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: hilarious  dog 
    In black neighborhoods, everybody appreciated comedy about real life. In the white community, fantasy was funnier. I started looking for the jokes that were equally hilarious across the board, for totally different reasons.
    — Will Smith
    But I think frustration is hilarious. One of my missions is to bring humor into fine art. It's sacred.
    — Wayne White
    tags: humor  hilarious  sacred 
    If flatness were funny, a dinner plate would be hilarious.
    — Walter Moers
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    Normal people with normal problems can be hilarious.
    — Tommy Lee Jones
    In a press conference, everyone is required to be like, "I'm just trying to do what's best for the team," but really?! It's a hilarious lie that everybody allows to be told.
    — Tommy Dewey
    tags: lies  hilarious 
    If you play it straight it's funny - the best comedy is always played straight down the middle. The adjustment is understanding from the screenplay that a moment is hilarious.
    — Tom Hiddleston
    One lion thinks it's just hilarious to tackle us. He's very funny about it... and we always know when it will happen.
    — Tippi Hedren
    tags: funny  hilarious 
    In my mind, I'm hilarious, so I would love to do some comedy. But, I'm not exactly sure my perspective is a healthy one.
    — Timothy Olyphant
    The band name came about when the original vocalist died when a huge radio fell on his head. He trotted about for a while dancing with the radio on his head, before he died of asphyxiation and blood loss. *Laughs* it was hilarious
    — Thom Yorke
    tags: loss  hilarious  blood 
    I sometimes have birthday parties for the kids in my neighborhood and then pretend to suggest that I am going to molest them to the parents. It's a hilarious prank even though I am not a paedophile.
    — Thom Yorke
    tags: hilarious  parent  kids 
    A friend told me about the casting notice for 'Queer Eye.' I was in Chicago and I had a contract with 'Esquire' magazine, so had been coming to New York City regularly and thought I'd catch a cheap flight, crash on a friend's sofa and do this hilarious audition that I had no chance of winning.
    — Ted Allen
    I've seen people who are not very likeable but hilarious. I think comedians get to a point where they know they're funny, so they don't care - in the sense that they know what they're doing. They have a skill.
    — Ted Alexandro
    tags: people  funny  care  hilarious 
    I love satire. Evelyn Waugh is one of my favorite writers of all time. He's hilarious. He's so wicked. He's so great. On the other hand, pure satire is an imitation. It doesn't really have any heart. It only holds things up to ridicule.
    — T.C. Boyle
    tags: time  heart  satire  hilarious 
    I loved this smart, funny, big-hearted novel. As hilarious and wise as early Philip Roth, The Mathematician's Shiva will delight and move you.
    — Steven Strogatz
    tags: smart  funny  hilarious  wise  novel 
    When you're surrounded by friends and exes, there's a whole lot of stuff that starts crawling out. But however serious and traumatic those experiences may be to the participant, to the onlooker they're hilarious.
    — Steven Moffat
    It's hilarious, because my guitar has what's known as a tremolo bar or a whammy bar. And the whammy bar is probably the most alien thing on my guitar that could possibly relate to a classical guitar.
    — Steve Vai
    tags: hilarious 
    Steve Buscemi is hilarious. He's really, really good with improv.
    — Steve Carell
    tags: hilarious 
    Solitude is rich but seldom hilarious.
    — Stephanie Mills
    It's the originality of Pauls Toutonghi's voice and vision that makes this such a remarkable novel. Toutonghi is a true daredevil of a writer, and this fantastically hilarious and affecting book will have you on the edge of your seat.
    — Skip Horack
    tags: true  hilarious  novel  book  vision 
    I think there is some truth to publicity stunts that might get you press like that. It's so hilarious because now every time I walk by the tabloid stands and look at the tabloids it makes me kind of wonder like what's really going on.
    — Simon Rex
    tags: time  truth  wonder  hilarious 
    You're so hilarious. You know, if this whole Daimon-slaying gig doesn't work out for you, you should really consider being a comedian. The bright Barney hair color would just add to the overall entertainment factor.
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: work  hilarious 
    Stamps from Afghanistan are hilarious. You can tell when the revolutions are because suddenly they stop having pictures of the mullahs and the independence monument and they start having fish on them.
    — Samuel West
    The people I really feel sorry for are all the writers out there who wrote these outrageous comedic romps about a grossly unqualified person who goes on to become a Vice Presidential candidate in a hotly contested presidential race. With hilarious results. They must be so bummed.
    — Samantha Bee
    tags: people  hilarious  race  sorry 
    [Hunt for the Wilderpeople] people seem to be just finding it hilarious in Sundance. I would think that judging on the feedback I get; it's a very warming film. It's not sentimental, but people are sort of heart warmed by a message that's pretty rare.
    — Sam Neill
    tags: people  heart  hilarious  film 
    David Arnold's writing is both heartfelt and hilarious. You will fall in love with Mim, even as her grand journey will keep you guessing. Mosquitoland reminds us that sometimes imperfect is just perfect.
    — Ruta Sepetys
    My guiltiest pleasure in life is 'America's Funniest Home Videos.' I watch them all - old, new - I don't care. Despite how bad the writing is on the show. The people getting hit and hurt, that's hilarious.
    — Russell Peters
    If I don't wear a wig, I'm called a nasty f*g, if I do wear a wig, I'm hilarious.
    — Roy Haylock
    tags: hilarious 
    I have never liked Morrissey, and I still don't. I think it's hilarious, actually, what things I've heard about him, what he's really like, and his public persona is so different. He's such an actor.
    — Robert Smith
    tags: hilarious 
    It was hilarious [last scene with Edward Cullen] considering we'd spent the entire series filming in the most miserable conditions, and then we end on the beach in the Caribbean filming for two days in the sea. That was fun. We literally did the last shot as the sun was coming up in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. It was a nice way to end it, because they were considering shooting it in the sea in Vancouver, which would not have worked at all.
    — Robert Pattinson
    tags: fun  hilarious 
    That's a very nice, generic-sounding question: "When did you know you were funny?" But it pre-supposes that I think I'm really hilarious. So that's kind of a loaded question.
    — Rob Huebel
    I'm crazy about Shakespeare, who was a notorious word inventor. And my wife is an English teacher, and she's hilarious.
    — Rob Delaney
    tags: crazy  hilarious  wife 
    Its just I fell into a bunch of movies that kind of fit in my life. It made sense to do them in the 80s. Folks who know me think its hilarious.
    — Rick Moranis
    tags: hilarious  movie 
    My parents played by parents, in the second season [of Suits]. We had a Skype scene and they were my real parents. My parents are cartoons. When they come up and visit, they're hilarious. My mother somehow finds a way to get in the way of everything.
    — Rick Hoffman
    tags: real  hilarious  mother  parent 
    At the risk of appearing disingenuous, I don't really think of myself as 'writing humor.' I'm simply reporting on the world I observe, which is frequently hilarious.
    — Richard Russo
    tags: humor  world  risk  hilarious  writing 
    I want that which is hilarious and that which is heartbreaking to occupy the same territory in the book because I think they very often occupy the same territory in life, much as we try to separate them.
    — Richard Russo
    tags: hilarious  book 
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