healing Quotes

As much as you can eat healthy, it's also important to remember to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing.
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— Kristin Chenoweth
Love is healing. Love is comforting. Love is holy. Food can be all those things, too.
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— Kris Carr
When we truly embrace acceptance, that's when our body exhales and can begin healing.
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— Kris Carr
When we're courageous enough to be with what scares us, we can awaken our intuition and create a new path for healing.
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— Kris Carr
I was not going to kick back and wait for the unknown. I was going to dive in and become a full-time healing junkie.
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— Kris Carr
There's a limit to my patience with anything that smacks of metaphysics. I squirm at the mention of "mind expansion" or "warm healing energy." I don't like drum circles, public nudity or strangers touching my feet.
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— Koren Zailckas
The ageless melody, unheard, heals; the healing vision, unseen, leads; the true leaders, immortal, know....
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— Khalil Gibran
I'd figure out ways to use role-playing in the healing of people.
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— Kerry Washington
And that is why I think that God has used it in churches because we have seen a lot of healing take place in churches and we have seen a lot of healing take place in families.
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— Kerry Shook
This is the front edge of the spiritual, psychological movement and is where the tools of psychology have finally come together to create a mass healing. I think spiritual psychology is the next wave.
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— Kenny Loggins
Organized medicine quickly adopted the stance that his alleged "cures" fell into three categories: those who never had cancer in the first place; those who were cured by prior radiation and surgery; and those who died. When Healing Becomes a Crime
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— Kenny Ausubel
Forgiveness offers the possibility of two types of peace: peace of mind - the potential healing of old emotional wounds, and peace with others - the possibility of new, more gratifying relationships in the future.
— Kenneth Pargament
You see more and more why healing is happening through music. It's because music causes a reorganization of the tonal structure, and Man in essence is a vibration
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— Kenneth G. Mills
Jesus, in His earth walk, was the will of God in action. If you want to know what God thinks about sickness - look at Jesus! He went about healing the sick!
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— Kenneth E. Hagin
God is glorified through healing and deliverance, not through sickness and suffering.
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— Kenneth E. Hagin
I like to make people laugh, and I definitely think laughter is healing. It's one of my favorite thing to do, so I'm attracted to it for many reasons.
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— Kelly Stables
My mother used to say, "When you can learn to laugh at yourself, a lot of healing comes from that."
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— Kelly Carlin-McCall
But that's the hardest part of healing.' What?' Realizing there's no one to hate.
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— Keith Ablow
When they say laughter is healing, it absolutely is the truth.
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— Katey Sagal
Music is such a healing thing, no matter who you are.
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— Kate Voegele
As for the healing, that comes from the writing, from living and writing. That's my catharsis. That's why I never regret sharing because it's part of my healing!
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— Karrine Steffans
Plant medicines work beyond the physical response; sometimes, it's your spirit or emotion that needs healing, and plant medicines can address that also.
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— Karen Rose
Plant medicine does not just improve symptoms; it approaches healing the whole of the body - as opposed to Western medicine, which may just approach the symptom.
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— Karen Rose
This album - Pain Medicine - is diverse enough and healing enough to help people get through real life sh*t whether it be through laughing at a dude because he's wack in the bed or it be through a record like when crying is easy where you explore what isn't in life that will make you happy. Real recognize real.
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— K.Michelle
Jesus' healings are not supernatural miracles in a natural world. They are the only truly 'natural' things in a world that is unnatural, demonized and wounded.
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— Jürgen Moltmann
Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.
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— Julia Cameron
The reward for attention is always healing.
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— Julia Cameron
Love is the greatest medicine. I ask to be healing medicine for others. I ask my heart to expand its boundaries and to love others as they wish to be loved. I ask my heart to expand its boundaries and open to my being loved as I wish to be loved.
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— Julia Cameron
An artist requires the upkeep of creative solitude. An artist requires the healing of time alone. Without this period of recharging, our artist becomes depleted. Until we experience the freedom of solitude, we cannot connect authentically. We may be enmeshed, but we are not encountered. Art lies in the moment of encounter. We meet our truth and we meet ourselves and we meet our self-expression.
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— Julia Cameron
Gravity is measured by the bottom of the foot; we trace the density and texture of the ground through our soles. Standing barefoot on a smooth glacial rock by the sea at sunset, and sensing the warmth of the sun-heated stone through one's soles, is an extraordinarily healing experience, making one part of the eternal cycle of nature. One senses the slow breathing of the earth.
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— Juhani Pallasmaa
I am more comfortable doing comedy, and I want to perform comedy. When you can really make someone laugh, that's a healing experience. It's like music. A lot of music is really healing.
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— Judy Tenuta
My book 'Trust Your Heart', which is the story of my life, will be followed by 'Singing Lessons', a memoir of love, loss, hope, and healing, which talks about the death of my son and the hope that has been the aftermath of the healing from that tragedy.
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— Judy Collins
When you consider how epidemic boredom is in our time, you have to concede that entertaining is a healing art.
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— Judith Martin
Danced healing rituals (in African village compounds, temple courtyards, dance-therapy studios, public theaters, and other social settings) reinvoke old traumas for exorcism and the transformation of fear, convince people that evil is gone or possible to dissipate, and reaffirm communal solidarity and a sense of well-being.
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— Judith Lynne Hanna
In the United States and other countries, there has been a decline in public and private support of the arts, including dance. Awareness that dance is not just entertainment but also a form of education and healing may reverse the trend.
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— Judith Lynne Hanna
An affirmation to say everyday: The healing power of God is working in me right now. Eveyr day I get better and better in every way.
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— Joyce Meyer
God's perfect, unconditional love and faithfulness are what brought me through all of the healing, restoration and breakthroughs I desperately needed so I could become what He created me to be!
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— Joyce Meyer
I believe that people need to get their worth and value from knowing that God loves them. I believe that all healing in our inner man and even, we know Christ also heals people's physical diseases, but the Bible says he heals our wounds and bruises. Don't worry about what's wrong with you right now, God accepts you just the way you are and he will help you be what he wants you to be.
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— Joyce Meyer
God has done so much in my life, and my desire is to help others who are hurting to receive His love and get the healing they need - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I know the Word works and total restoration is possible in Christ because I've experienced it myself.
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— Joyce Meyer
When it comes to my salvation, all I need is Jesus; after my salvation, everything is Jesus plus the church... When people preach that all you need is Jesus, they cut you and I off from one of the greatest sources of healing, which is the body of Christ. Dont go it alone - you wont make it.
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— Josh McDowell