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    guilt Quotes

    The most outstanding manifestation of negative growth in the spiritual, mental and physical health of the human race through eons of evolution is the pride of place that has been given to Guilt.
    — Zeina
    Do not pour guilt into someone's psyche, and don't let anyone tamper with your conscience.
    — Zeina
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    It is music that welds spiritual and sensual, that can convey ecstasy free of guilt, faith without dogma, love as homage, and a person at home with nature and the infinite.
    — Yehudi Menuhin
    It doesn't promote your life to reduce unearned guilt... You should get rid of that guilt. It's unearned. You don't deserve it. So when we guilt businessmen into giving, it's not in their self-interest.
    — Yaron Brook
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    Its guilt therefore in these cases, is not to be measure by its effects on the happiness of mankind; nor is it to be denominated true or false glory, accordingly as the ends to which it is directed are beneficial or mischievous, just or unjust objects of pursuit; but it is false, because it exalts that which ought to be abased, and criminal, because it encroaches on the prerogative of God.
    — William Wilberforce
    tags: happiness  true  guilt  god  criminal 
    If the guilt of sin is so great that nothing can satisfy it but the blood of Jesus; and the filth of sin is so great that nothing can fetch out the stain thereof but the blood of Jesus, how great, how heinous, how sinful must the evil of sin be.
    — William Throsby Bridges
    tags: evil  guilt  blood  jesus  sin 
    My kids say if there's any family dinner that doesn't result in somebody crying, it's not a good dinner. They cry because it helps relieve them of a guilt or some onerous emotional burden. It's like a family tradition.
    — William Shatner
    tags: guilt  help  crying  emotional  kids 
    Pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don't want my pain taken away! I need my pain!
    — William Shatner
    tags: pain  magic  guilt 
    In brainwashing and the eliciting of confessions, the physiological importance of inducing a sense of guilt and conflict can hardly be over emphasized.
    — William Sargant
    tags: guilt  conflict 
    Responsibilites and expectations are the basis of guilt and shame and judgement, and they provide the essential framework that promotes performance as the basis for identity and value.
    — William P. Young
    The gospel proceeds on the basis of universal depravity; the gospel assimilates all varieties of human nature into one common experience of guilt and need and helplessness; and this is just what you do not like about it.
    — William Morley Punshon
    All our salvation consists in the manifestation of the nature, life and spirit of Jesus Christ in our inward new man. This alone is Christian redemption, this alone delivers from the guilt and power of sin, this alone redeems and renews.
    — William Law
    the act does not create guilt unless the mind is also guilty.
    — William Landay
    tags: guilt  mind 
    By right, as the word is employed in this subject, has always been understood discretion, that is, a full and complete power of either doing a thing or omitting it, without the person's becoming liable to animadversion or censure from another, that is, in other words, without his incurring any degree of turpitude or guilt. Now in this sense I affirm that man has no rights, no discretionary power whatever.
    — William Godwin
    tags: men  power  guilt  right 
    No punishment is so terrible as prosperous guilt.
    — William Ellery Channing
    tags: guilt  punishment 
    Glory, built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt.
    — William Cowper
    tags: guilt  shame 
    I always take blushing either for a sign of guilt, or of ill breeding.
    — William Congreve
    tags: guilt 
    Guilt is ever at a loss, and confusion waits upon it; when innocence and bold truth are always ready for expression.
    — William Congreve
    God hath yoked to guilt her pale tormentor,-misery.
    — William C. Bryant
    tags: guilt  god 
    There appears to be a deeply embedded uneasiness in our culture about throwing away junk that can be reused. Perhaps, in part, it is guilt about consumption. Perhaps it also feels unnatural. Mother Nature doesn't throw stuff away. Dead trees, birds, beetles and elephants are pretty quickly recycled by the system.
    — William Booth
    tags: nature  culture  guilt  mother 
    Shame and guilt are noble emotions essential in the maintenance of civilized society, and vital for the development of some of the most refined and elegant qualities of human potential.
    — Willard Gaylin
    Hitler gave us orders - and we believed in him. Then he commits suicide and leaves us to bear the guilt. He should have remained alive to bear his share.
    — Wilhelm Keitel
    tags: suicide  guilt  shares 
    Experience had taught me that innocence seldom utters outraged shrikes. Guilt does. Innocence is a mighty shield, and the man or woman covered by it, is much more likely to answer calmly: 'My life is blameless. Look into it, if you like, for you will find nothing.' That is the tone of innocence.
    — Whittaker Chambers
    Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.
    — Whittaker Chambers
    tags: guilt  innocence 
    The enormous success of 2009's 'The Blind Side,' in which Sandra Bullock makes a black teenager one of the family, demonstrates that America isn't post-racial. It is thoroughly mired in race - the myths that surround it, the guilt it inspires, the discomfort it causes, the struggle to transcend it.
    — Wesley Morris
    I have felt over the years a definite progression or arc from feeling guilty about what I had done with the first one [film], because certainly there was all that fundamentalist guilt that came pouring back in.
    — Wes Craven
    tags: guilt  year 
    I don't care whether the person is guilty or not guilty. It's not my business to establish guilt or innocence. It's a court of law that does that and a jury does that, but not me.
    — Werner Herzog
    Unchain yourself from the guilt that you aren't doing something right, that you're not leaving the "right" legacy, and BE your real self. Just that. That's all the legacy you're here to give - the genuine best of you.
    — Wendy Keller
    tags: self  guilt  right  real 
    Guilt lies in the past, worry lies in the future.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: future  past  lies  guilt  worries 
    Even if you are loaded down with guilt about everything you did in the past, you still are experiencing the guilt in the moment.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: past  moment  guilt 
    The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help. All therefore that need aid have a right to ask it from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt.
    — Walter Scott
    tags: power  mankind  guilt  right  help  race 
    He claims he has never known fatigue while obeying the law, but when he does break it he feels a sense of guilt in discovering the slightest evidence of fatigue which tells him that he has broken it.
    — Walter Russell
    tags: law  guilt  broken 
    If mythic violence is lawmaking, divine violence is law-"‹destroying; if the former sets boundaries, the latter boundlessly destroys them; if mythic violence brings at once guilt and retribution, divine power only expiates; if the former threatens, the latter strikes; if the former is bloody, the latter is lethal without spilling blood
    — Walter Benjamin
    tags: power  violence  guilt  divine  blood 
    To have a sense of sin means to feel guilty at there being an ethical choice to make, a guilt which, however "good" I may become, remains unchanged.
    — W. H. Auden
    tags: choice  guilt  sin 
    I want to love you without clutching, appreciate you without judging, join you without invading, invite you without demanding, leave you without guilt, criticize you without blaming, and help you without insulting. If I can have the same from you, then we can truly meet and enrich each other.
    — Virginia Satir
    tags: guilt  help  appreciate 
    I want to appreciate you without judging. Join you without invading. Invite you without demanding. Leave you without guilt.
    — Virginia Satir
    tags: guilt  appreciate 
    Before any final solution to American history can occur, a reconciliation must be effected between the spiritual owner of the land - American Indians - and the political owner of the land - American Whites. Guilt and accusations cannot continue to revolve in a vacuum without some effort at reaching a solution.
    — Vine Deloria Jr.
    Self-confidence is not pride. Just the contrary: only a person or a nation that is self-confident, in the best sense of the word, is capable of listening to others, accepting them as equals, forgiving its enemies and regretting its own guilt.
    — Vaclav Havel
    How extraordinary it is that one feels most guilt about the sins one is unable to commit.
    — V. S. Pritchett
    tags: guilt  sin 
    You don't have to be at every volleyball game. We can't guilt ourselves.
    — Ursula Burns
    tags: guilt  games 
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