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Rhyme written in graffiti xeroxed on blueprints, students influenced are now a nuisance.
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— Louis Eric Barrier
To me, that's the biggest problem with hip-hop today is the fact that everyone believes that all of hip-hop is rap music, and that, when you say "hip-hop," it's synonymous with rap. That when you say "hip-hop," you should be thinking about breakdancing, graffiti art, or MCing - which is the proper name for rap - DJing, beat-boxing, language, fashion, knowledge, trade. You should be thinking about a culture when you say, "hip-hop.".
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— KRS-One
Everybody's trying to leave their mark on the world. That's why there's graffiti and babies.
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— Kristen Schaal
The idea is to use minor events that are believed to be related to a terrorist organization, so graffiti is one of them, banners and leaflets are others, but also a lot of minor crimes if you can connect them with the group - credit card fraud, thefts - these types of things have been used to support them.
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— Kim Rossmo
In some places - particularly in Asia and Europe - you often see anti-government graffiti, seditious slogans, banners, leaflets, in certain neighbourhoods. The idea is that rather than wait for an explosion to occur from a bomb, it would be useful to gather intelligence on the location of these incidents.
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— Kim Rossmo
One piece of graffiti doesn't mean much. Forty pieces of graffiti might mean something... It's all about connecting the dots.
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— Kim Rossmo
The difference between what we see and a sheet of white paper with a few thin lines on it is very great. Yet this abstraction is one which we seem to have adopted almost instinctively at an early stage in our development, not only in Neolithic graffiti but in early Egyptian drawings. And in spite of its abstract character, the outline is responsive to the least tremor of sensibility.
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— Kenneth Clark
I didnt start doing graffiti until two years after I got to New York. Jean Michel Basquiat was one of my main inspirations for doing graffiti. For a year I didnt know who Jean Michel was, but I knew his work.
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— Keith Haring
It's strange with graffiti. You put a lot out, but you don't get that much back because not many people know who's doing it. You have your peers of about 10 guys who know you are the one painting.
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Graffiti is like building a career. And there is a dialogue with the other artists out there mostly fellow writers because a lot of people who don't paint just see a blur when they look at it.
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I know about hip-hop culture, whether it's graffiti writing or DJ-ing or being an MC.
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— Josh Peck
When you've got Jews and Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus removing graffiti from buildings, or getting drug dealers off the street, that's side by side. When you do that, you take it from the very elevated level of interfaith dialogue to the street level of neighbors. You get them working side by side, and they become friends. Friendship sometimes counts for more than interfaith agreement or understanding. Friendship is deeply human.
— Jonathan Sacks
His achievements read like the graffiti on the walls of a hangman's changing room.
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— Jonathan Larson
Companies like Nike already use Graffiti as a standard variety in their marketing campaigns and the first people who read Naomi Klein's 'No Logo' were marketing gurus who wanted to know what they shouldn't do.
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— Johannes Grenzfurthner
Violence has been a necessary component of every serious liberation struggle...Violence is not the only path to liberation, but likely an indispensable one...the Press Office would like to be clear on this matter: we support all the liberationists ­ from the graffiti artists and ALF liberator to the Animal Rights Militia, Justice Department and Revolutionary Cells.
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— Jerry Vlasak
Graffiti doesn't exist unless someone got a photo, because it's gone immediately.
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— Jeffrey Deitch
One of the interesting things about skateboarding and graffiti is that skateboarding exists in the documentation of an act.
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— Jeffrey Deitch
After pop art, graffiti is probably the biggest art movement in recent history to have such an impact on culture.
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— Jeffrey Deitch
Skateboarding, like graffiti, will never be tamed. No matter how much they monetize it, no matter how big it gets, no matter how many companies are putting millions and millions of dollars into marketing it, it's always going to be some Mexican kid on a corner in Echo Park that changes the rules of the game.
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— Jeffrey Deitch
Street culture is punk, hip-hop, skateboarding, surfing, graffiti. It's like a massive global culture that is all tied together. But for so many years it was very geographic.
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— Jeffrey Deitch
A digital sound sample in angry rap doesn't correspond to the graffiti but the wall.
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— Jaron Lanier
I got arrested for graffiti. I got arrested - a lot of, like, underage drinking, drunk in public, shoplifting, you know, your various, like, suburban arrests, I guess.
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— James Franco
You know, you'd hide behind a Public Enemy or Ice Cube, or Bruce Springsteen, or U2, because they spoke for you. But now everybody's bloggin'. I heard somebody say, "Blogging is just graffiti with punctuation." Everyone's an authority so there's nobody in power, 'cause everyone thinks they're in power.
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— Ice T
Now everybody's bloggin'. I heard somebody say, "Blogging is just graffiti with punctuation." Everyone's an authority so there's nobody in power, 'cause everyone thinks they're in power.
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— Ice T
The trick with hip-hop-hip-hop is a sport. The only music that's really, really close to a sport. It starts off, "My DJ's better than yours. I can out-rap you, I can out-dance you, my graffiti piece is better than you." It's very competitive.
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— Ice T
Hip-hop is a competition culture. It's based around, "My DJ is better than you. My graffiti artist is better than you."
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— Ice T
I think graffiti is part of Berlin culture. You think about what the Berlin wall meant and how visible that was in everyone's life. How it was a part of their very identity.
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— Ian Bremmer
As a matter of fact, that was a bit of a problem for me at the beginning of my career - the problem of identification. In The Conversation I played a character who was gay, so nobody recognised me from American Graffiti. When I did Apocalypse Now, after Star Wars, I played an intelligence officer of the American army. George Lucas saw the footage I had done and didn't recognise me until halfway through the scene.
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— Harrison Ford
None of the films I've done was designed for a mass audience, except for 'Indiana Jones.' Nobody in their right mind thought 'American Graffiti' or 'Star Wars' would work.
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— George Lucas
'American Graffiti' was unpleasant because of the fact that there was no money, no time, and I was compromising myself to death.
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— George Lucas
Take two paintings by the same artist, one has a signature and the other doesn't. The signed picture is generally more valuable. The signature is almost graffiti or a tagging system, yet it can become more important than the subject.
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— Gavin Turk
Think of these pages as graffiti maybe, and where I have scratched up in a public place my longings and loves, my grievances and indecencies, be reminded in private of your own. In that way, at least, we can hold a kind of converse.
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— Frederick Buechner
Law breaking, graffiti artist, dumb jock that I am, I'm pretty socially conscious.
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— Duff Goldman
In fact, if you look at the root word of phonograph it just means phonetics of graphology, phono-graph, writing with sound, so graphology. You know graffiti, same root word.
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— DJ Spooky
I used to breakdance, be a b-boy. I love hip-hop from back in the graffiti days, growing up listening to Michael Jackson. Loved it from birth. I know it all, from Afrika Bambaataa, the roots and the beginning. I came up in a good era.
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— DJ Khaled
Across town, over in the East Village, the graffiti was calling for the rich to be eaten, imprisoned, or taxed out of existence. Though it sometimes seemed like a nice idea, I hoped the revolution would not take place during my lifetime. I didn't want the rich to go away until I could at least briefly join their ranks.
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— David Sedaris
Aristotelian logic is massive and marmoreal, but every monument accumulates graffiti.
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— David Berlinski
Graffiti is linear and it's done with a pencil, and it's like writing on walls. But in my paintings it's more lyrical.
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— Cy Twombly
When you can't think of anything else, photograph graffiti, nudes, or plants.
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— Bill Jay
Graffiti writers will never stop. They'll just evolve. It's interesting what ideas people come up with and how it all extends forward.
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— Ben Eine